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Athrun Zala Private Investigator

Chapter Four Love

There were two things that Athrun Zala knew he absolutely felt at this moment and those things were happiness and guilt.

He felt happy that he had Cagalli in his arms and beside him and he felt guilty that he had broken a promise he had made to his best friend on his death bed. But he definitely wasn't feeling guilty for sleeping with another man girlfriend because Shin doesn't deserve Cagalli. However he did feel extremely jealous that Cagalli maybe back by that guy side again.

At the current moment both he and Cagalli were laid on a couch in Athrun office, in there under garments.

Documents and office supplies scattered all over the office floor.

"Cagalli...." Athrun suddenly said turning to face the girl laid in his arms.

"Yeah..." Cagalli replied looking up at him.

"About Shin...." he started a little hesitant.

The golden haired girl raised an eyebrow "Shin..." she said.

Athrun nodded "you two did get back together didn't you?" He asked.

Cagalli lips twisted into a smile "I never thought you would be that stupid Zala..."

Athrun frowned and took his arm off Cagalli "well you too were holding hands and he did kiss you." he replied.

Cagalli giggled unexpectedly and then her face turned serious.

"Athrun..." she called softly. "What are we now?" she asked.

The blue haired man's eyes widen and then a thoughtful expression appeared on his handsome face. He understood what Cagalli meant by that, but he wasn't sure what they were himself.

Were they boyfriend and girlfriend now, or were they just close friends that have had a one brief fling with each other.

Or were they just adulterers now, not that Cagalli was Shin wife, but for Athrun it just felt like that.

It was a hard question for him to answer, seeing as Cagalli was with Shin.

"That's kind of hard to answer" he told her what he thought.

"Why?" Cagalli asked with a raised eyebrow.

The blue haired man smiled sadly "Because if you are still with Shin, I can't really put a status on our relationship." He replied.

Cagalli nodded in understanding "I guess you're right. But what if I wasn't with Shin?"

At her words Athrun smiled "if you wasn't with him then I would say that your mine and I am yours." He replied, placing a hand on Cagalli cheek.

"But..." he started and then he then bestowed a simple peck on her lips. "Sadly you are with that bastard..." he finished in an almost irritated tone.

Suddenly a giggle escaped her lips again and then her face turned serious again "Let me and Shin are not back together" she spoke suddenly.

Athrun's eyes widen in confusion "But I saw you two hold hands and he kissed you."

Another giggle escaped her lips "I guess he was right "she said confusing Athrun even more.

The blue haired looked at Cagalli with curiosity.

"Shin says that he wasn't the right person for me and that there had only been one guy for me and he wasn't that person." Cagalli said with a smile.

"And Shin was right, I only want out with him in first place because I was trying to stop thinking about you..." she spoke again, this time looking deeply into his eyes.

"Athrun, Shin was right I am deeply in love with you, and that's why he was holding my hand and kissing me to proof a point. And that point was that you were in love with me too."

Athrun's eyes widen again and he felt his stomach do a somersault in a good way.

Within seconds he had Cagalli pinned against his office couch in a embrace.

"You have no idea, how glad I am to hear that from you..." he uttered softly.

Cagalli smiled in the embrace "I guess we both have been idiots..."

Athrun broke from the embrace and nodded in reply "I guess we have...." he smiled gazing into her golden brown eyes. "I love you Cagalli..." he said suddenly.

Cagalli smiled "I love you too..." she said back before pressing her lips to his, he in return kissed her back.

The kiss of course was about to lead to another passionate session, until the sound of a voice popped into his head.

"ATHRUN ZALA!" the voice said and for some odd reason it sounded familiar.

"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY SISTER?" the voice spoke again, which happened to make Athrun jump away from Cagalli quickly.

"Are you okay Athrun?" he heard Cagalli asked, as he rapidly looked around the room expecting to see his dead friend standing somewhere.

"I'm losing my mind." he thought.

"Athrun..." Cagalli called again, this time distracting his thoughts. "Are you okay?" she asked again.

Athrun nodded "I'm fine." he replied looking back at Cagalli.

Cagalli smiled "You sure?" she asked.

Athrun smiled and nodded "Yes Cagalli, I am fine. I just thought I heard something that all." He told her.

He then leaned in to kiss Cagalli, pushing what he had heard out of his mind.

****************************************************Cagallina Rosette Zala*********************************************

The cold water from the shower brought on a cooling sensation on Athrun body on a hot humid day. A smile was etched on his lips as he thought of the young woman whom who was at the current moment asleep on his bed.

After another session of love making in his office, he and Cagalli made there way home for yet another session, until they both had fallen asleep, not that he was complaining. But now he was feeling the guilt again.

However despite all the guilt that was running through his mind, he felt happy that Cagalli felt the same for him.

But then it had been five years and now well wasn't it too late, now that he touched Cagalli.

Placing the thoughts at the back of his mind, he turned the shower off and got out wrapping a towel around his waist.

Leaving the bathroom, he entered his room and at the instant sight of Cagalli sleeping brought on a smile on his lips.

As quietly as possible he sat down on the bed next to her and stroked her hair softly, waking Cagalli from her sleep.

"Good morning. Sleeping beauty." Athrun smiled.

A smile touched Cagalli lips "Morning." she greeted back stretching.

Athrun chuckled "You want any breakfast?" he asked stroking her face with his thumb.

"That..." Cagalli began to say. "Would be lovely." she finished with a smile.

The blue haired man nodded and stood up from his the bed. "Would pancakes do?" he asked.

The golden haired young woman nodded with a smile still on her lips.

*************************************************Cagallina Rosette Zala*************************************************

Athrun smiled happily at the sight of his finished work, he had placed a single red rose into a small vase and placed it beside the pancakes he had made with a glass of orange juice and mug of coffee.

"Oh wow...." the voice of Cagalli came, along with a pair of arms wrapping around his waist from behind.

"Thank you...." she spoke again with smile embracing him softly from behind

"You're welcome." he replied back.

Cagalli smiled and then looked at Athrun closely, only just noticing that her new boyfriend had just cooked breakfast for her in just a towel around his waist.

"Athrun aren't you cold, just wearing a towel?" she asked, placing a kiss on his shoulder blade.

Athrun shook his head. "Not really, seeing as it quiet warm out there for a morning." He replied turning around with a smile.

He then wrapped his arms around Cagalli waist.

"But...." he began. "I think for my own safety and your insanity, in case you happen to jump me I'll get change." he grinned.

A blush formed on Cagalli cheeks at his words "whatever..." Was her reply, as her cheeks turned even brighter red.

A chuckle escaped Athrun lips "I am sorry Cagalli." He smiled.

Before placing kisses all over her, making Cagalli laugh hysterically "Stop it...." she giggled.

But Athrun of course didn't obey her, but continued to kiss her all over with a smirk on his lips.

"Hey I thought you were going to get change?" Cagalli giggled out.

"Nope..." Athrun whispered against Cagalli skin. "I actually rather be doing this." He whispered again this time against Cagalli lips.

Cagalli smiled happily against Athrun lips, before pushing him away.

"AWWWWW" Athrun pouted.

Cagalli couldn't help laugh, not once in her living in this apartment with him as she ever seen the Athrun Zala pout.

"You.... Mr, need to change." She told him, turning him in the direction of the bedroom "Go and Change." She said pushing him.

"Okay, Okay I am going." Athrun replied smiling. He then made his way his room to change.

After placing a pair of short on, he was just about to place a light t shirt on until the loud sound of something breaking and Cagalli voice made him dash out.

"ATHRUN HEL......"

***************************Cagallina Rosette Zala*************************************

End of Chapter Four

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