Drabble Challenge: Belly

Word Count: 100

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A /N: I'm posting way early because I won't be at home for the 6PM deadline tonight. Better to be early than late. I realize I'm behind responding to all those folks who were kind enough to read and respond to the drabble and the fic I posted last week. I apologize. As soon as I come back this afternoon I shall respond to everyone.

And once again, I blame Phoebe for this. Well, not for the delay, but for the drabble thing. Girl's evil, but in a GOOD way.

Dean lets out a low whistle as he holds the refrigerator door open and leans down. It's early, he's the only one up, and he's raiding the refrigerator wearing nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs.

Life is good.

There's bacon and milk, bread, red meat, fruit and beer.

He grumbles under his breath when he spots those damn vegetables, but…

There's pie.




Dean's relaxed and content for once. He hums Master of Puppets and leans further in. He taps out the beat on his taut belly and he's not even aware that he's doing it.