Drabble prompt: Pretty

A/N: This is a companion piece to Pretty (all of a Sudden) from Onyx Moonbeam's Drabble Challenge. It's not a part of the Challenge, but I wanted to post it anyway. I blame Phoebe. So there! She started me down this drabble path. Email her, why don't ya, and tell her how evil she is!

Disclaimer: You're gonna make me say it huh? Okay. I don't own Dean. Ya happy now?

It's not that he hates the word so much.

It's the tone of voice, the hungry looks that set Dean's teeth on edge.

When they stare at him like he's hamburger meat he feels like throwing punches.

One day one of Dad's hunting buddies said the damn word and made his move. Dean decided he'd had more than enough.

He grew the stubble, perfected the smirk and swagger, got loud, large and in charge.

Dean's seen pretty. Pretty was beautiful, safe, and warm.

He knows exactly what pretty looks like.

And he thinks of his Mom each and every day.