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Vergil's eyes snapped open. He looked around the darkened room. It was midnight and he was starving. He and Dante had point blank refused to eat Sparda's cooking. They had simply dumped it in the bin when their father wasn't looking. As a result, they were both very hungry.

The twins had formed an alliance before being sent off to bed at 8:30. If they were to survive this week, they would have to work as a team. Vergil had been trying to get to get some sleep but he had been disturbed by his twin, turning restlessly in the bed on the other side of the room.

"I'm hungry, Vergil…" Dante whined when his brother lobbed a pillow at him to make him shut up. "My stomach is going to go insane if I don't eat something soon."

Vergil sighed and rolled his eyes at the dark ceiling.

"Please Vergil? Can we, like, raid the fridge or something? You're hungry too right?"

At that moment, Vergil's stomach chose to launch its protest of no food by grumbling loudly. Dante snickered as Vergil threw another pillow.

"Fine." He replied grudgingly. Dante cheered with delight and immediately hopped out of bed. Onto a creaky floorboard.


Dante froze and Vergil strained his ears to see if Sparda had heard anything. The TV downstairs continued to blare its catchy theme tunes however, so the twins assumed that he had heard nothing.

But Sparda had heard. A smile crossed his face as he got up quietly and headed into the kitchen to set a trap. He had found the remains of his *ahem* wonderful cooking lying in the bottom of the bin and deduced that his sons hadn't eaten any of it. They would probably be very hungry. Dante at least would be suffering.

The fridge was obviously their target.

Sparda grinned. He had bought something especially from the shops in order to bribe his youngest son, but in this instance it would serve well as bait. He picked up the massive chocolate cake and carefully placed the see-through lid over it, making sure that the wires were set in place.

He slid the cake into the fridge and closed the door, smiling happily. They thought that they could outwit him? The great Sparda? Foolish children.

Meanwhile, Dante was creeping dramatically downstairs, back to the wall and placing his feet down carefully, listening for any noise from the front room. Nothing, only the TV. Vergil walked behind him, his movements considerably less theatrical. Dante made a series of complex hand movements, pointing at Vergil, the light fixture, himself and then the front door. Vergil blinked. It was Dante's turn to roll his eyes, before continuing to creep downstairs towards the kitchen.

They spied the fridge, standing innocently at the back of the kitchen. Vergil kept a look out for their father while Dante moved stealthily (as much as Dante can be stealthy) towards it. He cracked the door open slowly, eyes widening as he spotted the next best thing to pizza. A giant chocolate cake, the frosted icing untouched, a knife lying next to it under the transparent lid.

"Woah…" He breathed in awe. "Vergil, look."

Irritably, Vergil walked over. His eyes narrowed suspiciously at the chocolate cake. What was that doing there? Eva hadn't bought it…

Oblivious, Dante reached a greedy hand out for the lid, lifting it a split second before Vergil could warn him not to. Immediately, a giant net swooped down from the ceiling and caught Dante, dragging him back up with it. A loud siren started to go off and Vergil dived under the table.

There was a long moment of deafening noise before the siren was turned off and the kitchen lights switched on. Sparda sauntered in, grinning at his helpless son stuck to the ceiling by the demonically-enhanced net.

"Hello, Dante." Sparda waved cheerfully. "What are you doing up at this time of night? And in the kitchen no less?"

"Now if I was a betting man, I would say that odds are your brother is around here somewhere." He kicked the table leg. "Isn't that right Vergil?"

Reluctantly, Vergil climbed out from under the table and glared at Dante. This was all his fault. He shouldn't have fallen for the bait so easily. Dante just glared down at his father. Sparda gave a huge sigh.

"I'm very disappointed in you two." He murmured. "I'm going to let you off this one. But just this once. I won't be as forgiving next time. Is that understood?"

Vergil inclined his head. "Yes father." He muttered. Dante repeated it and Sparda smiled.

"Right then." He cut through the net with one sweep of his arm and watched as Dante plummeted to the floor. "Back to bed with you then."

Ignoring Dante's howls of pain, he strode back into the front room and sank down in front of the TV. Vergil looked at his brother before shrugging. They headed back upstairs, defeated, but only momentarily. They would have to come up with a plan to get Sparda back for this.

Sparda smiled to himself. Troublesome twins: 0. The most awesome demon ever to live: 1.


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