Some Ways to Know you watch Inuyasha to much 2

number 1

Ok everyone.I made another one with the help of my BFF Chibi's are Awesome and a friend you I hope you all who read this likes it.

Thse are from sesshy-and-rins-lil-gurl14774

Japanese characters on a piece of paper throw it at a person and then say "You have been purifid"

your allowence buying Inuyasha stuff (awesome stuff!) and then builind a shrine and make people pay to see your if they refuse say 'ill be one moment' and go get your Mirokue outfit on,come back out,hold out your right hand and yell 'WIND TUNNEL' and when it dosent work act all disappointed.

These are from my BFF Chibi's are Awesome

around two fans, saying you are the wind and oneday shall be free

are real to you

carrying around a sword more bigger than you, belieiving that you can defeat one-handed

purple rocks in your socks and start running around believing you've become faster.

your sword your baby

your cat in the air hoping it would fly.

your cat steroids hoping it would grow twice its size.

nothing to you.

gets you angry you yell OSUWARI! (sit)

all your friends to InuYasha characters, ex. "OMG stop acting so stubborn like InuYasha" or "he's hot like Bankotsu"

the anime more than once, even the fillers

,read, or review InuYasha fanfics (everyone here is guilty of this)

seven always reminds you of the Band of Seven

and have a major split personality.

two doll heads on a stick and say, "Behold the staff of two heads."

These are from me

all of the Inuyasha show's and movies and then go out and get some of your friends to help you make a movies.

your boyfriend or girlfriend come to your house and make then watch Inuayasha all of that they don't like it.

dressing like all the girls in the feudal era and everyone calls you a werido.

Ok everyone there it was number 1.I hope you all liked you di please review and tell me why.