Number 2

Well here it is everyone.I am going to be marking this story as if any of you have any of ideas for it.I will take them and make another chapter for them.

you can do is think about Sesshoumaru and you relise you could not live without him.

start beeting up people if they want to take your mate like Sesshoumaru.

This one is from my friend sesshy-and-rins-lil-gurl14774

fake fur and use it like fluff (like Sesshoumaru) theny buy a kimono that looks like Sesshoumarus and when people call you freak sey,in a clam voice 'poison claws' then scratch them.

These are from me

buy a Sesshoumaru doll and an Inuyasha doll and make a pretend fight between them.

start writting storys about sesshoumaru and Kagome even thought everyone tell's you that they will never happen but they are the biggest one out there.

really hate Kikyou and want Kagome to finally have her soul.

This is from my friend SeEmYaWaSoMeNeSs

a necklass like Inuyasha's and put it around your Boyfriend and sat sit.

a flea on one of your pets,and ask if its Myoga.

These are from me

call your date Sesshoumaru you know you are in love with him.

run around with people named Sango,Miroku,Inuyahsa,Shippo,and Killia all the time.

Well there it was everyone.I would like to thank my friends for telling me there ideas.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Your Friend