Okay, since the last epilogue got some much negative feedback I decided to write an alternate. This one's happier.

WAY happier.

"Good morning, Lillian," I greeted my youngest daughter as she came marching into the dining hall.

She grunted in response. Lillian was never one for mornings.

"Princesses do not grunt," I told her politely, delicately cutting up some sausage.

Lillian put on a brilliant smile. She had my smile. "Good morning, Mother," she said sweetly. She then wiped the smile off her face and reached for the fromage. I bit my lip to keep from laughing: I had a reputation to uphold, you see. My kids didn't have to know I secretly laughed at everything they did behind their backs.

Lillian reminded me so much of myself when I was her age. Lillian, my only daughter and youngest child, had just recently turned fourteen. William was my second child, and he was sixteen, while Bradley was my first born and now seventeen years of age.

Whenever I thought about my kids I thought about how old I was. Ugh. However, at thirty-eight, I must say I was still quite the looker and an amazing queen. The people of England loved me almost as much as the French did – but there was a bit of a rough patch right after Edward and I got married.

The English people had this crazy idea that I was using Edward to bring England down so France could rise to power. Now, really, would I ever do that? No. It had never even crossed my mind. Besides, at that point, the French had Napoleon. I hated Napoleon. I hated war and freakishly short people. So England had nothing to fear from me and I quickly wormed my way into their hearts.

I was just remarkable like that.

Since I moved to Britain with Edward to rule, Emmett immediately took control of the throne in France, with his wife Rosalie by his side. They seemed to be in love, I suppose, and I grew to like her after all those boring-to-tears dinner parties and balls.

Edward and I often skip out on aforementioned dinner parties and balls. We have, er, other things we'd rather take care of at nighttime that parties certainly don't allow.

Samantha and Perenelle were married four months after Edward and I were, and they still live at the French palace. Mother and Father provided them with a large room and serving leverages. They are quite happy, and don't plan of leaving the castle any time soon.

Mary Alice met an American servant named Jasper Whitlock, who came to work at the castle as a chef, and they were married two years after Edward and I. They live in a small cottage just outside Paris, and Jasper owns his own restaurant. La Gare, I think it's called? From what I hear, it is getting very popular.

Leah met a British Duke named Joe McClintock and they were wed a year after Alice and Jasper. Joe was quite the character, I have to say. Now that Leah didn't have to work for her money, she attended many of the same dinner parties and balls I did. She lives right off the edge of the London market in a big manor, and we visit one another often. I think I can see a little romance between my son William and her daughter Jessica.

Leah's brother, Seth, fell in love with a pheasant girl named Lizzie. Lizzie was lovely, but somewhat plain. That was fine with me, though. We've had them over for dinner many times before.

"Lillian, your tutors are upstairs," I told my daughter.

She gave me look that clearly stated she did not wish to go. I returned it with a look that clearly stated she had to or so-help-me. With a sigh, she crammed the rest of the fromage into her mouth and walked off, her curly brown hair bouncing along in her wake.

"Oh, and Lillian, dear," I called out. She turned, and I smiled. "Please wear shoes for your tutors today. I know you didn't last week."

Lillian blushed and headed up the stairs. That left me sitting in the dining hall alone, pondering where the boys had gotten off to (they were just here!) and what Edward might be doing.

Just as I thought this, two sets of pounding footsteps came crashing into the room, and my two sons appeared, red-faced and out of breath.

"Boys, what have I told you about running in the castle?" I scolded, trying to hide my smile. Why couldn't God have graced me with quiet, rule-abiding kids like Edward was? Why did they all have to have my personality?

"Sorry, Mother, it's just Bradley took my –"

" –What are you talk about, it was mine!"

"Was not!"

"William, Aunt Rosalie bought that for me! If you weren't such a prat I might share it with you – "

"Bradley!" I interrupted. "Watch your language!"

Bradley mumbled an apology, running a hand through his bronze curls. He looked exactly like Edward, except he had my nose. Cool.

"Now, what are you two bickering about?"

"William took my new gold pocket watch!" Bradley whined. Honestly. They acted like two-year-olds most of the time.

"I wanted it for the ball tonight!" William retaliated. "It matches my ensemble better –"

"William!" a male voice boomed from behind me. I didn't have to turn to know it was Edward using his King Voice. Even since the boys were born he's loved using that tone. It was just another thing we laughed about together when the kids weren't watching. "Give your brother his watch back. You can wear mine."

William shrugged and pulled a golden chain out of his pantaloons. He dropped it in Bradley's palm and they both walked away.

I looked at Edward and shook my head, sighing. "Those two," I said in exasperation.

Edward chuckled and he stepped forward to snake his hands around my waist.

"What do you say – skip the ball tonight?" he said, grinning.

I felt a coy smile play upon my lips. "I don't know… I know King Jacob will be there tonight and I was somewhat hoping that I –"

With a growl, Edward's lips came crashing down upon mine. I sunk into the kiss, sighing happily.

When Edward broke the kiss, he said, "Don't ever mention him in this castle. I've had you for twenty-eight years; no way in hell is Black going to change that." He kissed me again.

I broke it this time, laughing and slapping him playfully on his stomach, feeling the muscles tighten at the contact. "You're cute when you're jealous," I told him, smirking. I smoothly wormed my way out of his grasp and headed for the staircase, making sure to swing my hips a little bit.

Get some, thirty-eight-year-old-Bella!

I really made myself laugh sometimes.

When I reached the top of the staircase, I looked down at Edward, who was staring at me. "Well," I said brazenly, "are you coming or not?"

Edward walked up the stairs to where I was waiting.

"The kids can take the carriage – they know what to do," I continued once my husband had reached my side.

"So we are skipping the ball, then?" he confirmed.

In reply, I put his face in my hands and brought it down to meet mine. "I wouldn't have it any other way," I said, smiling. Then I kissed him soundly, and things just carried on from there.

A/N: I'm sorry about the last epilogue. Fanfiction readers like happy endings, and both the main characters died... and if I did really want them to die, I should have written it better. I apologize to everyone who was upset with me. I hope you enjoyed this quickly-assembled one better.