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Alice was beautiful, energetic, lively and lovely. She was different then the vampires he'd originally consorted with. She was pure, angelic, with an outlook at life that surprised him. She was quirky and weird and had could see into the future. She could dance, and twirl and her petite lithe body would twist into almost painful ways that made him grimace. They compared her to a pixie, but in his mind she was more like a fairy, strange and beautiful. In his mind, pixies were pesky; irritating little bugs but fairies were gorgeous, kind, compassionate everything she was. She was intelligent; sure of herself but sometimes she wasn't which made her all too real to him. She was sure of him, trusted him. She was his.

He didn't like to claim much, it wasn't his way. In his mind, everything that was his was anyone else's if they ask. Except her. Oh, he didn't mind if someone wanted to borrow clothes (not that they fit anyone else) or his books, or his baseball bat. Anything they wanted they could ask for, but not Alice. No. Alice was his and his alone. If Alice chose to go with the others, he'd let her but if Rosalie wanted to go shopping when Alice was with him, she'd have to wait if Alice chose to stay with him. If Edward wanted to read Alice's mind to see the future while she was outside in the trees with him, he'd have to wait. No, Alice wasn't like his useless materialistic things. Alice was his.

Alice was his as much as he was hers. If she wanted him to jump off a cliff (despite it not hurting him) he would. If she wanted him to kill a thousand innocent people (not that she would) he would have. If she asked him to kill all her animals so she didn't have to ruin her new clothes (not that it ever occurred to her) he would. If Alice asked him to leave, he would despite it killing him every second. Whatever Alice wanted, he would do his best to get for her. If she wanted him to hold her hand every second in public he would, or hold her shopping bags while she skipped around the mall or tell her the truth about the shoes she bought, he would. There was nothing he wouldn't do for her, nothing at all.

It was hard, at times; to do everything he could to make sure she remained his. Sometimes he felt doubts, that maybe he wasn't good for her that his weakness for human blood would hurt her. But every smile, every touch, every joke between them reminded him that she needed him as deeply as he needed her. Every memory in her mind of the beginning in seeing his face told him he helped keep her sane in the beginning when she was alone. Every sweet word she told him at night, every impish grin during the school day to distract him told him that while she was his in every way…just as much as he was hers.

So maybe they were different, the pair of them. Maybe he was weaker than her in some ways and maybe she was weaker than him in others. It was what made them, them. They weren't separate. She wasn't just Alice, and he was just Jasper. They were Alice and Jasper. Always.

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