My name is Sam Winchester. I used to be human, but now I am a demon, well according to my brother Dean, I still have human in me. I have a reason why I guess, I'm still somewhat human, I guess It's because I know that Dean is still willing to take care of me, still believe that I have good in me, even after I became the thing we hated the most….a demon. I don't mind being a demon at all, it's actually quite….lovely as you would say. But there are upsides and downsides. Upsides are that you can kill anyone who gets in your way, and you have abilities and powers. Downsides are that all the hunters you were once friends with are now hunting you and want to kill you. But I'm not scared of them, I never will be, because a Winchester Demon is never scared of anything. Well, maybe I have one weakness, and that's my brother Dean. He is the only thing that keeps the human part in me going on, knowing he's alive keeps me going on. And If he dies, well….you already know what'll happen.

But I know as soon as the darkness consumes all of me, I know that I can't hide anymore, that I won't hesitate to kill Dean. But I don't want to hurt anyone, well, I will if I have to. But I will never hurt Dean. Ever.

Dean is my brother, yep the infamous Dean Winchester. All of my demon friends ask why I don't get it over with and kill him already, the truth is….I can't. Somewhere deep down in my twisted demonic heart….I still love him. Maybe it's because of everything he's ever done for me? Or it's just that I'm afraid to. That's it, I am afraid to. He is my brother, my blood, my caretaker. It was him who taught me how to ride a bike, not dad, who taught me how to walk, not dad, who kissed my booboo's and made me feel better when I was sick, not dad. Sure the old man was there from time to time protecting them from the things that went bump in the dark, but he wasn't there enough to see the things Dean did. He probably knew, but I think he didn't care. But Dean does, and I do. I've watched Dean break down and cry after our father left sometimes, dad never knew it, Dean never knew that I was there hiding in the shadows watching him cry, but I knew how Dean really felt, about dad, about hunting, about everything, but no matter how much it hurt Dean, he would never admit it because he cares for me and he wants to protect me.

Yeah this probably does sound weird coming from a demon, but demons are different, just like fingerprints. Each have their own unique way of dealing with things, some tend to kill and some tend to forget, about who they used to be. But I know that Dean knows that some part of me is still normal, and I believe that too. All because I love my big brother Dean.