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Mabinogi: the Nine Paladins

In the world of Errin, there was a war…two wars actually. These wars nearly brought about the end of Errin. The warring factions of the Formors, dark creatures from another world, and the humans of Errin fought these wars. The first war was won by the power the Goddess Morrighan, who sacrificed herself to protect the humans. The second war was won by a group of men known as "paladins". These men fought against the Dark beasts known as Formor. Their victories had allowed them to reach the ruler of the Formors, Chicol. But when they got to him, the 10th member and brother to the leader of the Paladins, Rick Night Blade betrayed them to Chicol, revealing he was working for them.

Gerald Light strike, the leader of the group and Rick's brother, was shocked, the two brothers fought, with Gerald as the victor. Chicol disappeared and they were known as heroes. But Gerald was saddened by the loss of his brother by his hand. The guardian of the Soul Stream, Nao, had comforted him on that day. Years later, Gerald was killed by a knight in red and black armor, as he died in Nao's arms he gave her a list of names and told her this, "I will see you again…in my next life" and died.

Many years have passed since that day, the knight who slew Gerald down, now called the Hell Knight, has attacked villages for strange reasons, and reports are going about an army of Formors following him. Many warriors have tried to fight the Knight, but all have died. As Errin prepares for its last hours, nine heroes have been chosen to fight the Formors and will lead them to Salvation; these are the tales of those nine.

Chapter 1: Getting a Hero

A village was up in flames one night, the townspeople screamed and began running out of town. The men grabbed their weapons and prepared to fight the person responsible for destroying their town. The shady figure of a man slowly approached from the flames, as the man walked out the men could clearly see who it was. A man in red and black ornamented armor was walking out of the flames, he had a black cape and carried a large claymore on his shoulders, and his helmet had two horns on the side.

They suddenly realized who the knight was, "It's the Hell Knight! Run!!!" a man said. Everyone dropped their weapons and ran from the village. Some didn't move more than one step before they were cut down by the knight. As the last of the villagers ran from the knight, he stopped and looked in the distance, his eyes glowing red, and continued walking.


Nao stood before the edge of the platform inside the Soul Stream, she saw the carnage the Knight had caused and sighed sadly. "Another town destroyed by the Knight" she said sadly. She remembered what Gerald said to her and the list he gave her. She knew where the list was being kept and went down to Errin to find it. She had left the list with the one person, Duncan the chief of Tir Choniall.


Duncan was talking to some new adventurers and some people who were asking for their lost stuff back and some for quests. He felt a strange disturbance and shooed off the adventurers and rushed inside his home. He walked downstairs and soon Nao gently floated down and folded her hands like she always did. "Mari, how are you?" Duncan asked. "Duncan, another town has fallen to the Knight. He'll soon attack the other towns soon." Nao said. Duncan looked at her in shock, if they didn't stop the Knight now, all would be lost. "So, you're here for the list?" Duncan asked her. Nao nodded and he went to the drawer and took out a piece of paper.

The paper had a list of names on it which Duncan gave to her. "So, it's time" Duncan said. "Yes, I'll get them, though most are here in Errin, some of them aren't. When they arrive take care of them for me?" Nao asked. "Sure, now go, and hurry!" Duncan said. Nao disappeared in a flash of light and returned to the Soul Stream. She took out the list and read the first name on the list 'Shaosu' it said. She meditated and spoke the name "Shaosu…".


Well there you have it, my first chapter, stay tuned for more.