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Chapter 53: Epilogue

Many years have passed since the Formor armies were diminished and Cichol, their leader, was destroyed by the combined forces of Shaosu and the new Goddesss Knights. After the wars were over the people of Errin were gifted by the peace that has lasted for years. The Goddess Knights were engraved in the memories of the people, as time went on the knights went to their respective homes to live their lives in peace. Seth and Lorna got married a few years back and now live in Tir Choniall, raising thir newborn child, Seth became the new combat teacher while Lorna took over the Grocery Store.

Leon returned to Emain Macha were he had lived a very peaceful life, though he would stilll go to the Bean Rua club for a few drinks, and to flirt with the waitresses and Rua herself sometimes. Ruairi continued his reign as lord of Emain Macha, Tarlach decided to return to Tir Choniall, he managed to find a way to fiz his mana flow and reutrned to his normal form, though he remained a bear a few times, some say he began to go out with Kristell in Dunbarton, to Shaosu and the others, that rumor was true. Ellen returned to Iria and her homeland, true to her word, she told her chief about Shaosu and the others, they became friends with the elves if they ever decide to come to Fillia.

Jason and Fang returned to the Arena again and became champions once more, but he still wanted to fight Shaosu again, they did...lets just say the fight lasted a lot longer than the last one and in the end...well no one could say, it was an even match. After that fight Jason got married to the girl he met at the party years ago and is living a good life in Tir Choniall, now his life is about to take a turn for the best since his wife was pregnant with his child. Imtoast and Lovestoast were already married before Shaosu knew them and traveled the world, but they mainly went in Ciar Dungeon. To this day they roam the lands of Uladh and Iria, seeking adventure and thrills. The chainfire guild was getting new members and soon gew into a very powerful guild.

the Formors who deserted Cichol stayed behind in Tir Na Nog, they began to make the village more like its Errin counterpart. Now whenever people went to Tir Na nog they would return, saying stories of how it became a new paradise for people and Formors. Mia and her sister Liza were working in the Bank and Church respectively. Most would say that whoever chose them to run the bank and church mainly picked them for their looks since males that ever came there were entranced by their looks.

As for the real hero Shaosu and his dog Shadow, well he got married to a certain someone he traveled with during his adventure. He is now the new Chief of Tir Choniall and is raising his new son.


Shaosu sat on the chair that was just outside the porch of his home, Shadow was resting next to him, scratching his head with his leg. The birds sang their songs, the sun was shining, and the people of Tir Choniall were busy doing their everyday tasks. Shaosu breathed deeply, the air was rich with peace and tranguility. Ever since he defeated Cichol, Duncan made him the new Chief, although at first he was surprised but he began to like it. He married Naomi about 4 years back and is raising their son, Gerald, who they named after the man Naomi had originally fallen in love with and the person Shaosu was descended from. Naomi walked up to Shaosu and sat next to him, she was weaing the same clothes she wore at that party years ago, but now it fit her perfectly. "It's so peaceful" Naomi said. "Yeah, how's Gerald doing anyway?" Shaosu asked.

"I got an owl from the combat teacher, the new combat teacher, Seth, and he told me he's progressing rapidly" Naomi explaned. Shaosu smiled, he had trained with his son a few times and was marveled that he was already as good as he was. "He takes it after me i suppose" Shaosu said. "Don't you have work to do?" Naomi asked him. Shaosu realized he was supposed to introduce newcomers to the village, but there was a shortage since most were either becoming giants of elves. "Oh right i forgot" Shaosu said. "And here comes one of them" Naomi pointed to a boy with brown hair, wearing a light blue shirt and khaki pants, he had tanned skin and blue eyes and had a glowing short sword. Shadow raised his head as the newcomer came closer to them.

There was an Eiry on the boy's shoulder, she had the regular attire of the normal Eirys' and a book in her hands. "umm...are you Chief Shaosu?" the boy asked nervously, looking at Shadow more that Shaosu. "Yes I am, I take it you arrived from the Soul stream? Don't worry, he won't bite" Shaosu chuckled seeing the boy stare at Shadow. "Yes, Morrighan wanted me to bring this letter to you" the boy said and gave him a letter of recomindation. shaosu took the letter and read it, it was the same as the other letters he had but the name was different. "Well, Jack...welcome to Tir Choniall" Shaosu said as he lead the boy through town.


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