Running from the sand and the now evil eyes

Chapter 1

Sakura was at the hospital all night working with victims of an attack by the Akatsuki. All five people on the team were severely injured. Two of them were in comas and the other two were awake with agonizing pain.

Sakura did as much as she could do for the men that were attacked bringing a fake scroll to the village of sound. They still had the real scroll on them too though. The Akatsuki got the fake one that had a trap on it.

The Akatsuki hadn't opened it yet and when they did the scroll will explode shooting out ten kunais. They opened it with caution though. They opened it when they got back to the base. Kisame opened it and got hit with five but the others embedded themselves into the wall. Itachi got very pissed off. Itachi pulled them out one by one as Kisame of all people winced. When they were out he cleaned out his wounds and wrapped his wounds up so they would heal faster.

Around midnight Sakura was let off for having low chakra. She walked home quickly. To get into her house she climbed through her window so she didn't wake her parents. When she got in she fell right asleep after taking insomnia medications.

In her dreams she saw his eyes. The very eyes used to make her melt. Yet now they hurt her profusely.

In the morning she woke up with sweat covering her body from a nightmare. She got up and took a shower. The hot water relaxed her muscles after a stressful night at work.

She got out and there was banging on the door when she did. Thank god her parents went on a mission earlier this morning for a few weeks to help out another village or they would surely be woken up. By the banging she knew it was the obnoxious, loud Naruto Uzamaki. She answered the door.

Naruto said energetically, "Lady Tsunade wants to speak with you right away, Sakura."

Sakura yawned and said, "Okay. Thank you, Naruto for that news. I'll be down to her office in a few minutes."

Naruto replied with, "You welcome, bye Sakura."

He walked away after that was said. Sakura soon ran there to Tsunade's office."

Sakura knocked and Tsunade said, "Come in."

Sakura entered and said, "Naruto informed me that you wanted to speak to me."

Tsunade said, "I have a mission for you. You're to go to Suna for the Kazekage."

Sakura asked, "How long will I be needed in Suna and when do I have to leave?"

She replied, "I don't exactly know how long you will be there, but they need you as soon as possible."

Sakura said, "Thank you, Tsunade," then she walked out.

She went to her house and packed for Suna. She left her parents a note that explained where she was and that she didn't know when she would be back. She later went to the gate and met all her friends there. They all wished her luck and said their goodbyes.

It took her two days to get to Suna. The guards asked her what she was there for and she told them. They let her enter. Waiting for her at the gate was Temari to bring Sakura to Gaara. The one thing Sakura was unsure of was who the Kazekage was exactly.

Temari said, "Hey, Sakura. Come with me to the Kazekage."

Sakura said, "Hey, Temari."

They walked and talked until the got to the Kazekage tower. They went to the third floor and knocked. Gaara let them in and stayed in his chair.

Gaara turned his chair around and Sakura went wide eyed, then, got very angry.

Sakura questioned, "Who in there right mind would make you the Kazekage, you murderer?"

Gaara said, "It just so happens that I have changed."

"How?" asked Sakura.

He said, "I don't fight to kill anymore. I fight now to protect people close to me."

She said, "Yeah, okay. What am I here for?"

"You're here to train my medics and assist me when I need you."

Sakura questioned, "Where am I staying while I am here?"

Gaara replied, "My house."

"What're you trying to pull?" asked Sakura.

He answered, "Don't flatter yourself. I just need you to be safe at all times."

Sakura said, "Hmph."

Gaara said, "Let's just get along while this has to last," and put out his hand.

She shook his hand and looked at him. Gaara left the office just to have Sakura follow. He was taking her to his house. It looked more like a mansion than a house.

When they got in he showed her to her room, then, showed her the rest of the house briefly.

She said, "Wow. I'm sorry about my outburst in your office."

He said, "It's all okay. I understand."

He went to go to his room but instead he talked to Sakura all night until they both got tired. Their rooms were right across each other so if there was any trouble they wouldn't be too far apart.

The next day she went to the hospital to teach ninjas what she was taught by her sensei, Tsunade. She knew it wasn't going to be easy. Everyday she would teach them for three hours.

Sakura said, "You need to control your chakra and focus on the patient."

Three hours with fifteen students was not easy at all being by herself. She was going to have to stay for at least a year. Sakura didn't want to, but she was given this as a mission.

When she was done she went to Gaara's office he was in a meeting so Sakura waited in his office. She sat in his leather chair while waiting for him.

He walked in an hour later to see Sakura sitting in his chair. He had an angry look on his face and she laughed. Gaara looked at his desk and noticed his files were organized.

Gaara asked, "What are you doing?"

Sakura replied, "Sitting in your chair organizing stuff. I found two specific files. You're watching out for Sasuke and his brother."

He said, "Both of them are working for the hands of evil."

She said, "No, he's not. He is just trying to kill his brother."

"He has killed two of our teams, Sakura," said Gaara, "he'll never stop."

Sakura said, "Wait 'til he kills his brother. He'll return to Konoha."

Gaara grabbed her shoulders, "He is a criminal. Nothing can change him. All he wants is his brother dead and to rebuild his clan. He loves nobody and he would just use you."

Sakura broke out in tears. She grabbed onto his shirt and cried more. When night came she cried herself to sleep.

Gaara came into her room that night and left her a note. She woke up and saw the note. She read it to herself.


You're off today by orders of the Kazekage. I'm leaving in the morning on a mission. We have been given a tip as to the Akatsuki whereabouts by a trusted friend. I'll be back in a few days.

The Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara

She read it over and got worried. Even Gaara wasn't able to get at the Akatsuki. She sighed knowing he may not come back. Konoha has gone against the Akatsuki with the best ninjas, but they al most lost their lives.

Sakura walked out and breathed in the cool morning air. She went back inside and relaxed for a while. Sakura walked into the hallway to see Temari.

Temari said, "Good morning, Sakura. You look stressed out. What's wrong?"

Sakura replied, "Good morning, Temari. Yeah, I'm worried about Gaara."

"Trust me, he'll be fine," said Kankuro, "I don't know anyone stronger than him."

Sakura said, "I'm going to go to your training grounds."

They nodded and she left. Sakura need to relieve herself of her anger and frustrations. She stayed there all day and night until she needed rest. Sakura wasn't weak anymore.