Running from the Sand and Evil Eyes

Chapter 8

One year later

Gaara was already married to the girl he loved. Sakura was glad to be with him, but at the moment she was angry with him.

She said, "I hate you," and screamed.

Gaara said, "No, you don't."

She kept screaming and listened to the doctor. She pushed as hard as she could and soon they heard a baby boy cry. It was their baby boy.

Sakura cried of happiness. Gaara smiled knowing he would be loved and he would have someone to love. He wouldn't let anyone harm his child like he had been.

Gaara said, "Sakura, you've made me so happy today."

Sakura asked, "What should we name him?"

Gaara said, "Sasuke."

"Sasuke?" asked Sakura.

He replied, "He brought us together and made us closer to each other by the problems we faced."

Sasuke came through the window and said, "Sakura, I'm sorry, but will you agree with Gaara?"

Sakura questioned, "How did you know I was here?"

"I was watching both of you so no harm could come to you and now I will help you protect your son," said Sasuke.

Gaara said, "Thank you, Sasuke."

Sakura said, "Okay, Gaara. Sasuke it is then."

A few years later

Sasuke was visiting at Sakura and Gaara's house playing with Sasuke. Sasuke was a joyful and energetic little child. Sakura couldn't believe how Gaara and Sasuke got along nor believe he did a good job of looking after Gaara and her son.

It made her happy that he would protect their son when they couldn't. Their lives were full of happiness.

Sasuke had a fiancé he was soon to marry so his life dream was almost complete. He had the girl he had tortured as a friend again, the man who tried to kill her, and a fiancé. What could make him happier than having a child to revive his clan? His brother got his wish of Sasuke getting revenge. All their lives were set out for them.

All the rest of her friends had kids and were married. Naruto was still crazy, but that will never change. He still has yet to reach his goal has hokage, but Sakura believes in him. Hinata finally got the guts to be with Naruto. Hinata and Neji no longer had a feud going on.