this is something Ive been dying to do for a while anyway here's the summary

Alex King, a young girl sudenly finds herself with thunderclan! now she needs to find out how to become human and save the 4 clans from destruction
this takes place between the 3rd and 2nd books of the new prophicy

i personally don't care about my spelling and capitalisation............ NOW onward to my story ;)

The twoleg warrior

Chapter 1

Alex King, 11 years old one day ventured into the forest and found her self here; hanging from a cliff.

"This sucks ugh!" Alex yelled only to be heard by a passing thunder clan patrol.

Just then the rock she was hanging from broke and she dropped landing on a thorn bush.

"Ow… crap this sucks!..Again…"Alex yelled. Then the patrol conceding of Greystripe, Bramblepaw, and Longtail found her.2 minuets later she fell unconscious.

"GREYSTRIPE LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!!"A young but firm voice said. "YOU BROUGHT A TWOLEG INTO THUNDERCLAN!!!!!!!!" The voice said again.

"Im sorry Firestar." said a voice Alex believes is 'Greystripe'.

"Its okay …but you will be doing apprentice duties until the next full moon!" Firestar said. "Longtail you too. Bramblepaw sense you are an apprentice your duties will be doubled and for all three of you no patrols or hunting!" Firestar finished with these words. "Now take her to the medicine cat immediately"

"Its okay they can just show me instead I can walk." Alex said finally. "The cats looked surprised. "What……… hello."

sry about this being so short i wrote it on microsoft word and had vampiregirl8484 prevew them on yahoo email so pleese be nice bout it