FASH: Okay, so we hardly know anything about Nakabou, but this is too fun for me to resist. Dear God I hope something like this actually happens in the upcoming chapters.

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"Sena-sempai! Sena-sempai! Did you see that?" Nakabou called out in an excited, eager to please way, completely ignoring the looks he was getting from all the other players.

Sena slowly picked his jaw up from off of the ground, figuratively of course, and slowly nodded in affirmation, unable to think much beyond the word. 'Wow.'

Nakabou approached him, grinning up at him widely in a respectful way Sena wasn't sure how to handle. He'd never been someone's idol before, at least, not that he knew of.

The respect and affection the middle schooler practically radiated reminded him a lot of how he'd felt towards Mamori back when he was a nobody, and the thought made him feel lighter than air.

'Maybe now I can be the one who looks after someone, who worries about them and acts like an older sibling.' Sena felt himself smiling as Nakabou stopped in front of him.

"Well, what did you think?" The younger boy asked a little self consciously, twiddling his thumbs as he waited to hear Sena's opinion.

Sena, caught up in the feeling that surged through him due to knowing he could finally be the one doing the protecting instead of being the protected promptly forgot about all the other players that were watching the exchange and did something he figured Mamori might have done in the situation.

He pulled him into a hug.

"That was wonderful Chuubou-kun, simply amazing! I'm happy that I get to have such a great kouhai." He cooed in a tone Mamori would take when she was proud of him.

Over half the assembled players watched in a morbid fascination as Sena coddled the middle schooler, and it wasn't long before a deadly aura began to envelope the field.

Sena, too wrapped up in his little moment, didn't notice, Nakabou on the other hand not only noticed, but decided to subtly turn around in Sena's arms and playfully stick out his tongue at the others.

'That's it! That kid is going to pay!' Was the general thought pattern, followed by.

'... Once Sena let's go of him.'