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Two Gravities


20XX, New Eden

The sun was just at the edge of the horizon, a purple golden glow that poured out across the city, setting the glass and concrete on fire.

Kim skidded to a stop, just barely catching herself as her foot slid against the edge of the rooftop. The redhead shot a glance over her shoulder, using the pause to catch her breath and get a feel for her next move. There was still a little time left before the drop had to be made, but even less before her tail caught up. It wasn't like before, when runners had free reign of New Eden. Two years ago, there was no Eye in the Sky to worry about, no Hench Co goons prowling the skyline. It was a different life, a different lifetime for that matter.

However, she wouldn't have it any other way. Blues, Hench goons, none of them could keep up with her, not before and most certainly not now. Not when she had her own guardian angel, of sorts. Kim let her gaze cross the sea of air conditioning vents, power generators and water pipes that dotted her world of skyscrapers, housing complexes and high rises.

The last coordinate check on her KPS told her that she still had roughly two miles of cityscape to cover. Kim flicked the comm-line open. "Wade, what's the sitch on the Blues," her voice cut through the wind that was beginning to pick up across the edge of the precipice.

"Kim, you're looking at a five minute window, the Blues aren't quite on the ball tonight, but there's an Eye heading your way from the G-1 quad. Better hurry."

"G-1 huh, guess we'll be meeting up sooner than I'd like. Guess I'd better fly."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Wade's voice came through her earpiece with a small chuckle.

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Kim gave the bag looped across her back a cursory tug; this one was a run of the mill drop, two packages to Light Industries Lab, actually one of the few places in the city that she'd had multiple dealings with, one in the last month in fact. She knew the building well enough by now, and with Wade's help, had planned out five routes to keep the Blues off her back.

She took a few steps back, gauged the distance and pushed off. With the wind at her back she let her momentum carry her across the edge of the rooftop out into the open air. There was the familiar and comforting flutter that settled in her stomach, and then she was flying ten stories above the asphalt, arrowing her body toward the lip of the neighboring building ten feet away and closing.

Kim hit the roof feet first, tucking into a forward roll to bleed the energy from the slight drop, and she was on her feet again, shoes slapping against the concrete. Her path was already laid out before her, she just had to move fast enough to keep up with it. Red ponytail swishing out behind her, she made good time cutting across the buildings, leaping across gaps, hopping over vents and sliding over, under and between pipes of all shapes and sizes. As the sun continued to sink on the horizon, the wind picked up. Te ensuing chill started to bite, reminding Kim that she should've listened to Wade when he'd suggested that she wear a windbreaker for this job.

She was just going to have to live with it, she decided. Besides, the extra cloth created drag, which was the last thing she needed at this height. It might've been another matter if she'd had a street delivery, but she didn't, so she'd deal.

The redheaded courier covered three more rooftops before Wade's voice piped up over her earpiece. "Kim, watch your back, you've got trouble heading your way, and it's coming up fast."

"Blues, Wade?"

"No, from the radio chatter, the Eye in the Sky left to check out a disturbance on Fourth Street. It won't be breathing down your neck anytime soon."

"Well, what'cha got for me?" Kim vaulted up from an a/c unit, tic-tacked off a bit of wall and landed, crouching atop a shed. Just past the shed, tips of a razor wire fence glistened in the fading light. She pushed off and cleared the fence with a good foot of air between her and the cutting edges. "Don't tell me it's a bunch of Hench Co goons," she said, regaining her feet and angling for an outcropping that looked like a promising crossing point to the next building.

"You lucked out this time Kim, looks like Hench is on the ball for once. They've got two units in the area, one of which is already crawling the roofs."

"Damn. Two units huh. Do we know what they're out for?" The redhead pushed herself and flung her body across the next gap, cinching the landing without losing too much momentum. She was going to have to really move if she wanted to get to the labs without mixing it up with a bunch of Hench's little shock troops.

Wades voice sounded clear, despite the rush of blood in her ears, and the whistle of wind that cut harshly across the gaps between buildings. "Yes, it sounds like they're out after one of your friends from the thirty three."

Kim sucked in a breath, her forehead creasing. It wasn't really any of her concern. Not anymore anyway, or so she tried to tell herself. She'd broken ties with the thirty three even before she'd first met Wade. It hadn't been a clean break, and even now, years later, there was bad blood between them. But they did have a kind of understanding when it came to business, no matter their personal feelings. Usually, Wade kept her abreast of any deliveries between her and any active 33's on the street. Finding out like this was an unwelcome surprise. "Do we know who it is?"

"Does it matter?"

Kim judged her next leap, "No, I guess it doesn't."

Wade picked up the distracted tone in the runner's voice. He'd been working with her long enough to notice such things, even if he hadn't been staring at a screen with Kim's vitals scrolling past. "I'll look into it."

"Wade," Kim's voice rose in warning. She rebounded off the side of a wall and twisted in the air to snag a drainage pipe. The comm remained silent as she shimmied down the length of pipe, dropping to a catwalk on an adjacent wall. Kim's footsteps rang out along the metal grid work as she watched for another suitable pathway to get her closer to the next building. She heard the telltale click of the comm channel. "Wade?"

"Sorry it took so long Kim, you know how the 33 is," her handler sounded a little bit contrite. "They had a lockout running, probably to throw off the Blues from that little stint yesterday."

"Little stint yesterday?" Kim frowned; she'd been down at the mall most of the day before and hadn't really heard about any big activities, and nothing involving the city police. It must've been across town, or else Wade would've sitched her. When Wade didn't immediately respond, it made her wonder just exactly how little the incident had been.

"Ah, Kim, sorry. I thought you'd heard. The Blues, well, caught one of the 33's."

"Shit. You're joking right?"

Wade didn't say anything.

"You're not joking."

"No. I wish I was," Wade trailed off. "It wasn't anyone you knew Kim. I checked. I really thought you might have heard something, since you came back all moody last night."

"Moody, I don't get moody. What makes you think I was moody?"

"I don't think I'm going to answer that."


"It's Monique, Kim," Wade changed topics to something a little safer for his own skin."

Kim screwed up her face in exasperation. Wade always did this to her when she was pressing him for answers. But, dropping old names like this was a new tactic. "They caught Monique?" Kim felt a strange hitch in her chest. She hadn't heard that name in a long time, but it brought back memories as fresh as the day they were made.

"No, like I said, it was someone new yesterday. Monique is making a run today. She's who Hench is prowling around for, not that they know that I'm betting."

The redhead let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. Maybe she still considered Monique a friend, of sorts, despite their shared past or maybe because of it. Still, Monique was part of the reason she'd gotten herself out of the 33's. The hard feelings still outweighed whatever it was she once felt for the girl in her heart. At least, that's what Kim thought up until Wade spoke Monique's name.

Now, the cold sliver of worry was creeping into her gut. Hench Co wasn't like dealing with New Eden's Blues. Hench Co was a security company that answered to the city on paper, but in practice didn't pull any punches. Ever since the founder, Jack Hench, started making a name for himself in New Eden, a lot of runners had been taken out of the business, and more often than not, the Blues either turned a blind eye, or in more extreme cases, lent a hand, or more troublesome, an Eye in the Sky toward the capture of the more notorious courier groups.

It was that last point that had her thinking that the goons after Monique didn't know who they were supposed to be lying in wait for. If they did, the Eye in the Sky wouldn't have turned away. Hench only mobilizing two units was further proof in her mind. No, if they wanted to catch a runner like Monique, they would have to pull out all the stops. Or just get a little lucky. Bullets were ferociously hard to outrun after all.

But, this was Monique. If it had been anyone else, Kim might have...worried. "Wade, where are the 33's making their drop?"

"One block east, why what's up Kim?"

"It's nothing Wade, if I know where they're heading, I can stay out of the way." Kim kept up her pace. Less than half a block away, and a dozen stories down, she caught sight of the white and green striped building that housed the Light Industrial Laboratories. All she had do to was make the drop, head three blocks north on ground level and catch the subway back to Wade's pad. She'd be home safe in half an hour, tops.

Just another thirty minutes.

"Kim, you've got another problem. Hench's sent out another unit, headed your way. Thankfully, the Eye in the Sky's still headed to the other side of the city, so you probably won't have to worry about any Blues interference."

"Thanks, I'll make sure to stay out of sight. Can you check the rooftop access of this building for me?" Kim skidded to a halt at the entrance in question, locking the location on the KPS unit strapped to her wrist, marking the specific building coordinates for Wade. There was a soft click from the other side of the door almost as soon as she pressed the screen.

"All set Kim."

"Thanks a bunch," Kim replied as she slipped past the door and into the service entryway.


Kim slammed her palms against another set of crash bars, pushing through the double doors marked 'Employees Only,' that led from the roof entry way and into the service way that ran the length of the building behind the offices and regular hallways. As she ran, she listened to the thud of her footfalls, making sure that no others joined in the staccato hammer of rubber on concrete. Her eyes flashed across the various exit signs, fire alarms and doors with marks indicating they let out into the building proper. She skipped them all, they weren't what she needed.

"Wade, where are the damn stairs in this place?"

"Keep going down that hall Kim. Turn right at the next intersection, you'll want the third door on the left. It's a fire escape, and there's no electronic lock, so you should be able to go through and head down as far as you want."

"Great, how far do I have to go to put me one floor above the lab?" Kim picked up speed, now that she didn't have to read each and every sign.

Wade's voice cut in as she rounded the corner he'd highlighted. "If you make your way down five floors, it looks like there is a landing that runs a good twenty feet around the corner of the building, at least, that's what the floor plans show. It's all on you from there, but it's less than a floor above the height of the Light Industrial Labs. It shouldn't be any problem for you."

"Super, I was afraid I'd have to go all the way down to the street."

"Heh, only you would consider that a problem."

"Hey, I have my pride you know," the runner shook her head, chiding her partner, the action habit by now, even if he couldn't see it in the confines of the stairwell.

"Yeah Kim, as if I could forget. Just keep on your toes, you're still going to be five stories up from becoming a street pizza. You aren't as invincible as you try to make everyone think."

Kim slid down the rails, leaping directly down every other platform in the stairwell, eating up the distance to her target. She didn't have all day to sit around chatting, there was a drop to make after all. "I love you to Wade, now be quiet so I can concentrate." Kim hit the last landing and kicked open the door that was blocking her way back outside.

Moving out onto the metal of the fire escape, she noticed that the sun had finally dropped past the horizon, and even between buildings as she was, she could see the first sparkles of distant nightlife flickering. It was a cloudless night, and this low, the wind had died down rustling her bangs with a faint breeze. Immediately, her eyes snapped down, honing in on her target, the roof of the Light Industrial building.

It was just as Wade said, not more than a ten foot drop, and about that far from the edge of the fire escape. Grabbing the rail, she hopped up, perching herself on the precarious edge. Coiling her legs under her, she sucked in a breath and leapt, uncoiling her body with the grace of a large cat, and with the same motion, curled herself into a ball to tuck and roll as soon as she cleared the landing.

Kim picked herself up, shooting a glance backward up at the fire escape, then at the little clock in the upper corner of her KPS. "I'm still making pretty good time, if I do say so myself. I bet I beat my last benchmark by two or three minutes."

"Just get in there and deliver the packages Kim, you know this isn't a race."

"Who says I was racing," Kim smiled as she patted the courier bag on her hip, and started jogging to the open skylight she could see a few feet away. It was the same one she'd used to get into the building the last two times, and it dropped down directly into the offices she needed to get to. Very convenient of them to always leave it open, she mused.

"Kim, you're the only runner in this city that keeps a running score."

"Yeah, yeah. It's not about when you get there--,"

"--but how good you make it look," Wade finished for her. It was the unofficial credo of the runners in New Eden.

Kim always had to take it a step further and go for speed as well as style, and that's what made her dangerous. Mostly to herself, but she preferred to think of it in another light. Anyone could learn to run around the city, playing across the rooftops and alleyways like it was all a big jungle gym, but she could do it just as well, if not better, and could do it at full tilt. She didn't just push the leading edge, she was the edge. Everyone else just picked at her scraps, just the way she liked it.

Scooting to the edge of the skylight, Kim peered over, scoping out the offices below. The first time she'd been contracted to make a delivery here, she'd just dropped in, going with the flow, and scared the crap out of a few scientists in the process. She'd had to make the drop and jet because someone had panicked and called security on her. She didn't make the same mistake the second time, and made sure to let whoever was in the offices know she was coming down first.

Kim watched the office for a bit. It was the middle of the week, and she figured they'd be a little busier, but from her vantage point, she only counted three workers, and only one of which wore something other than a dark tailored suit. She realized the first time, that while the place was called a Lab, the top floors were mostly for the administration; Light Industrial even had a private accounting office somewhere on the top floor, she'd dropped off a package there last month.

While she waited, one of the suits went out of the room, and the redhead was left watching the lone scientist continue to chat with the remaining suit. Kim didn't recognize either of them, but there were ways around that.

"Wade, I'm here, I need you to call up, what's her name, she's probably in the records from the last drop. Let her know I'm here. Who get's these packages anyway?"

"Already on it. And its Jessica Stein," Wade informed through Kim's earpiece.

"Who's Jessica?"

"The scientist you met."

"Oh, right, I knew that. Never forget a face. Blonde, right?"

"That's what her profile shows. You met her, not me."

"Right. The blonde one. See, I told you I'm good with faces," Kim said smugly, leaning against the window frame.

"The packages go to, a Doctor Choi. Looks like this guy is the head of the Robotics Division, office on the second floor."

"Doctor Choi, Robotics 2nd floor, got it. What's the sitch with Jessica?"

"You mean Dr. Stein?"

"Dr. Stein, Jessica, yeah, whatever. Get with it Wade, is she working tonight, or not?"

"I'm checking, not everyone is perfect. Can't a guy catch a break?"

"I heard that Wade."

"I know, it wasn't supposed to be a secret. I think I've earned the right to hassle you a little, don't you think, Miss Possible?"

"Cut it out Wade, you know I hate it when you call me that."

"And it doesn't bother you when everyone else does?"

"Everyone else who? The people who are jealous of how great I am?"

"Well, I hear things in the Blues chatter. Hench Co, too."

"I bet. It's probably not flattering," Kim grimaced.

"No, not usually. Sometimes it's kind of, you know," Wade trailed off.

"As a matter of fact, no I don't. It's kinda what?"

"Well, it's not flattering that's for sure. The stuff from the Hench goons, that's mostly derogatory. But, why does it bug you when I do it?"

"The others can call me whatever they want, as long as they stay out of my way. You, on the other hand, you sound like my mom when you say it."

"Oh, um, sorry."

"Yeah, well, don't mention it. Ever," the pony tailed courier rolled her eyes. "Let me know when you find out about Jessica."

"Dr. Stein."

"That's what I just said."

Wade sighed over the comm. Sometimes for as bright as she was, his runner just didn't seem to grasp certain social niceties. Doctor was a title that had to be earned, and was hardly common in experimental fields, such as the one Dr. Stein worked in. Respect should be given where it was due, and Doctor Stein had his respect, that was for certain. Wade had read all three of her books after the first time Kim had met the woman, and since then, his respect had only increased.

But, Wade had the sinking suspicion that such things just didn't make a blip on Kim's radar. In fact, he was willing to bet that the redhead didn't see anything past the Doctor's pretty face. Glancing at a series of monitors, he found the one he was looking for; on Dr. Stein's profile screen, there was a full color picture, just a head shot really, from her personnel files at the Labs. Even he had to admit that the woman was a real looker. Wade shook his head, Kim Possible was anything if not dedicated to the pursuit of her goal; whether it be making a drop, giving the Blues the slip, or snaring a pretty face.

He was only relived that for her, the job came first. Usually.


"Checking Kim, checking."

Wade's fingers danced across the keyboard in front of him, pulling up the Labs daily work log. Keying up a search, he had the good doctor's work schedule up in seconds and found her log in entry for that morning. There was no log out time stamp. "She's still there." He scrolled through a few days entries, out of curiosity, then dropped the connection. "She tends to keep late hours, sometimes not even going home until the next work day."

"Sounds like someone loves their job."

"Yeah, seems like the Doctor is a real workaholic."

"I wasn't talking about Jessica."

"Uh, I don't know what you mean."

"Sure, Wade, you just keep telling yourself that, Mr. Super Stalker."

"Kim! You asked me to find out if she was still at work," Wade replied aghast and slightly hurt.

"I didn't expect you to tell me what she likes to eat for lunch and dinner while you were at it."

"I didn't. I just checked her schedule out of professional curiosity."

"So, tell me," Kim whispered.

"I did, she's definitely still at the Lab."

"No, what does she like to eat?"


Kim choked back a laugh. "I'm sorry, it was too good to pass up. I wish I could've seen your face."

"Just make the drop and get to the subway before Hench gets it in their head to look for you too."

"Right, mission first. Got ya. And Wade," the redhead paused.

"Yeah," Wade asked warily.

"You did let Jessica know I'm here right?"

"She said she's on her way."

"Thanks." Kim smiled into the night air.

"Hurry up, okay."

"Make the drop, get my ass out of dodge. Roger."

Kim sat back and waited for the blonde to make an appearance. Hopefully certain other people were having as uneventful night as she was. Kim sighed, wondering if things were going to go back to the way they were a few years ago, back when she was running with the 33's. While it had been a rush, there were things that she regretted and didn't need to have to deal with. Not now, not when she was back on track with her life. Hearing Monique's name had been a bit of a shock, a ghost from the past that she'd thought she'd buried, but the wounds were still fresh.

It still hurt, and she needed something to take the edge off. When she got back to Wade's place, she'd have him check on Monique, make sure she steered clear of Hench, maybe monitor the Blues chatter for any info. It would make her feel better, no runner deserved the kind of guest treatment Hench Co provided. No one, not even a back stabbing bitch like Monique.

Kim realized she had a bad taste in her mouth. Suddenly, she wasn't sure she was in the mood to see Jessica again after all. Too bad the choice was taken away from her with a shrill little whistle that drifted up through the open window.

Raising up off her elbows, Kim glanced down into the office. The two from earlier were gone, and in their place stood the blonde haired, baby-blue eyed petite little lab coated body of her favorite scientist, Jessica Stein. Oh, she knew the woman had a doctorate, probably more than one, but Kim refused to address her as anything other than Jessica. Doctor just sounded so, impersonal. If the older woman insisted, Kim supposed she would settle for calling her Doctor Jessica.

"Ms. Possible, it's all clear."

Kim winced, well there was that. But she could overlook a fault or two. Not everyone could be the best. Kim let it go and flipped down into the office, landing on the ground three feet away from Jessica, who recoiled instinctively in shock, but schooled her expression just as quickly. She was nothing if not professional.

"I have these for a Doctor Choi," Kim pulled out two thick manila envelopes from the orange courier bag dangling against her hip. She held them out to the blonde at half an arm's length, determined that if the other woman was going to take them, Jessica would have to come to her.

"Shouldn't you give these directly to him," the doctor asked, stepping closer to reach for the envelopes anyway.

"I would have, but you guys have a little problem with your air conditioning vents. I didn't want to have to skip out on another little party like last time." Kim held the packages for a few seconds before relinquishing her grip, leaving the doctor with the two packs of paper.

The blonde doctor allowed herself a small smile. "I can see how that might be inconvenient for someone in your line of work. I'll make sure that these make it onto Dr. Choi's desk as soon as I leave."

Kim watched as the blonde turned halfway, making to go. "I still need to get this invoice signed." Kim gave a little grin, "the boss is a stickler for paperwork, I'm sure you know how it is."

The scientist paused mid-turn, "I take it you're still using that armband?" Jessica glanced at the KPS on Kim's wrist. "Sorry…watch."

The courier regarded the unit for a moment, nodding. "Yeah, it does the job. Here," she pulled out a small filament screen from the side of the KPS, a piece of clear flimsy plastic that unrolled to five inches in length and an inch in width. The plastic curled into a ring once it cleared the edge of the KPS. "Have Dr. Choi sign this, I'll know the transaction's finished then." she caught the arched brow that Jessica was giving her. Kim shrugged. "Paper's a hassle these days for us, leaves a trail that we don't need to have lying around. It's all on a secure server, some kind of random routing pattern stuff I only pretend to understand. But, we haven't been caught yet, so I guess it's working just fine."

"Ah, makes sense."

"Yeah, well, it wasn't exactly my idea, but you know, whatever keeps the Blues off my back."

"Hm, that's what I keep telling the rest of the staff here, but they don't seem to appreciate my input half of the time." Dr. Stein tapped one of the envelopes against her elbow in thought. You know, this reminds me, I think I have some papers that need to get across town. Think you can spare a few minutes, hang around till I get back?"

Kim clicked the comm open. "You getting this? What's the sitch with Hench Co?"

"Yeah, the rest of the night's all yours Kim, we don't have anything else lined up. It's your call. And there's no word on anything with the 33's, Monique or otherwise," Wade informed her.

The redhead turned her attention back to the doctor. "Look's like I'm at your service. Bring me the stuff and tell me where you need it to go."

"I'll be right back with the papers, and Dr. Choi's signature." Dr. Stein left Kim, her pumps muffled by the thin carpet.

"Well, that could've gone better," Kim muttered under her breath.

"What was that? I could barely hear you," Wade chose that moment to chime in.

"Nothing. It's nothing, I was just thinking out loud," the courier rubbed a gloved hand across her face. What was she doing, this was ridiculous. She wasn't some giggling schoolgirl any more. Why did she have to beat around the bush anyway? Just go for it, Kim told herself. You don't even know if she's interested. I know, I know. That's the whole problem! Kim ran a hand through her hair, wondering when she'd become so indecisive.

Not wanting too pace around, she hopped up onto one of the desks, folding her legs Indian style while she waited for Jessica to return. If things kept going like they were, Kim knew she was in for a long night.

By the time Jessica returned, Kim had collected herself. Hopping down off the table, she met the doctor halfway from the door she'd come in through. The courier tapped her KPS, "Dr. Choi's signature came through. Thanks."

"He was very appreciative of your expediency. He said for me to tell you that if he needed anything else in the future, he knew where to go."

"It's good to know my hard work doesn't go unnoticed by my clients." Kim saw the blonde had a stack of folders tucked under one arm. "I guess that's your package?"

Dr. Stein followed the direction of the redhead's gesturing, "These? Yes, I was hoping that you could get them to an associate of mine. His office is on 120th and Oak, Build-," she paused when Kim held up a hand to stop her.

"Put the request through my boss, it's easier in the long run," the runner rolled a business card across her knuckles, palmed it and clasped it into the blonde's hand. "We'll keep in touch," Kim said, slipping the folders out from the other woman's arm. She put them away into her courier bag and spun on her heel.

With a handful of quick steps, she sprung up onto the nearby desk, jumped from there to push off of a square support column and leapt high, grabbing the lower ledge of the skylight. With a bit of swing in her hips, she levered herself up and was out the window, crouching on the roof. Turning to look down at the Doctor, she gave a wave, "Don't forget to call," she said, making the familiar call me gesture before vanishing from view.

Kim was two buildings away by the time she contacted her handler again. "Wade, where to?" The connection was silent for a few seconds, then the earpiece clicked on.

"Well, it looks like your Doctor friend wasn't kidding. 120th and Oak is all the way on the other side of the city, quadrant P-7. The entire building is leased out to a D. Lipsky, but there's not a whole lot of information to go on."

"Is that the guy I'm making the drop to?"

"No, Dr. Stein didn't include a name when she contacted me, just a building and room number."

"That's kinda weird."

"Hm, want me to find out anything else?"

"No, I'll just wing it. But, keep me informed on the thing with the 33's. I'm not expecting anything tonight, but just in case, I'd like a heads up." Kim checked the time. It'd been thirty minutes since the situation with Monique and the Hench goons, so if Wade hadn't heard anything by now, there was probably nothing to worry about. Not if she knew Monique. No matter their past, or the bad blood between them, the girl could take care of herself, Kim was willing to bet on that.

"Sure, you'll be the first to know if anything crazy goes down."

"Great, it's good to know I'm first on your list," she chuckled. "So, do I take the Red Line, or Green Line to get there? I always get those two mixed up."

"Take the Green Line, you can catch it at the usual place."

"The one two blocks north?"

"That's the one. Lemme see," Wade cut out for a moment. "Looks like you can make the next one if you hurry. It leaves in fifteen minutes."

Kim nodded. She could run two blocks in ten minutes at street level. Cutting across the top would shave at least a minute off her time. Fifteen minutes was child's play. "All right Wade. Just steer me clear of trouble, and I'll make it in plenty of time."

"Way ahead of you. Now, get going. You might have all night, but some of us want to get to bed at a decent time."

Kim laughed, if anything her handler kept odder hours than she did. She wasn't even sure the last time she'd caught him napping, much less actually sleeping in a bed. On the other hand, the night was young yet. Like the man said, she had all night to play around. With that, Kim was off, sprinting across the rooftop as she angled herself to the north west. A little rotating arrow flickered to life on the face of her KPS pointing the way toward her next destination. A handy guide, she had to admit, as the build in Global Positioning System had saved her countless hours in the past year, allowing her to take almost straight lines to wherever she needed to get.

That, bundled with constant input and updates from her handler, and there was a reason she handled the majority of the deliveries across New Eden. Speed and Efficiency, it was her motto, just after her personal maxim of being the girl who could do anything. At least she didn't have to worry about having a swelled head.