Echizen Rinko couldn't help but feel that her husband had gotten the luckier end of parenting. Even though she was the one who cooked Ryoma's food, washed his clothes, and took care of all the other aspects of his home life, Ryoma barely responded to her with anything but something slightly above indifference.

It was Nanjiroh that always managed to stir up Ryoma in some way. It was Nanjiroh that Ryoma spent the most time with (besides Karupin because the boy adored his cat, probably more than his family). Sure, the father-son relationship the two shared wasn't ideal, (Ryoma constantly let his annoyance with his father be known) but it was something unique and special in its own way. And it was far better than the distant bond she shared with her son.

The two were connected by their mutual love for tennis, a sport that Rinko merely viewed as a hobby. It was as if they were in another world, another zone, and all Rinko could do was watch.

"I'm going to school now." Ryoma states, swallowing the last piece of his toast. Ryoma's mother collects the empty plate to wash.

"Have a nice day Ryoma!"

Nanjiroh peaks up from his (porn) magazine with a lewd grin. "Go pick yourself up a girlfriend boy!"

"Shut up dad." Ryoma replies before slamming the front door.

A/N: Just writing a fic on something that's been bugging me all night about the family relationship between Ryoma and his parents. I feel sad for Rinko sometimes D: