Summary: It should have been Harry, the Chosen One. It should have been Hermione, the smartest witch of her generation. It never should have been Ron, but he was the only one left who could set things right. A time-travel/redo story.

Disclaimer: This story in not written for profit of any kind, and is therefore protected under the Fair Use Doctrine. Or something.

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Chapter 1 – Going Home

Ron Weasley placed the last crystal around the circle drawn in chalk and glanced at the parchment in his hand. Grimacing, he placed the parchment aside, drew a silver dagger from his robes, and slashed it across his forearm. He let the blood drip into a bowl at his feet for several minutes then healed his arm with a muttered spell. Taking up a paintbrush he began to draw runes inside his circle with his own blood, glancing frequently at the parchment on the ground to check his work.

As he painted, he couldn't help but think back on the past year. How could it all have gone so wrong? Harry dead, Hogwarts leveled, England in ruins, and Hermione…

Ron choked back tears at the thought of Hermione. The death of everyone else he knew had receded into a numbness that he could deal with, but Hermione's death was so recent it was a raw wound that he couldn't heal or ignore.

Ron stopped painting and put the brush down before he could smudge any of the runes. Any mistakes and he would have to wait a month for the new moon to return, and every day his chances of successfully eluding the Death Eaters grew smaller. He closed his eyes and took a few shaky breaths. He had to finish the ritual, and once he did he would see Hermione again.

Feeling calmer, he picked up the brush and finished painting the runes that lined the chalk circle. As he finished the last rune, the crystals surrounding him began to glow, lighting up the shack he was currently using as a hideout. He shoved the parchment in his pocket and withdrew the last, critical, piece to the ritual: a time-turner that Hermione had kept in her bottomless beaded bag. Ron wasn't sure how she has acquired it – he'd forgotten to ask before it was too late.

There was no more time to hesitate, no time to worry that he had done something wrong, or that he might have completed Hermione's calculations incorrectly. Ron gathered his Gryffindor courage and threw down the time-turner into the center of the circle, shattering it at his feet. A soft gold light filled the circle, blinding him in its intensity. The magic in the circle pushed in on him, like the pressure he used to feel swimming in the pond at the Burrow when he would dive down and try to touch the bottom.

Ron pointed his wand at his heart and whispered the spell Hermione created, that would send him back to the summer after his 5th year at Hogwarts. The time when he could make a difference and maybe, maybe avert the apocalypse.

"Tempus Resumptum!"

The golden light became even more intense and Ron felt his ears pop. He had a fleeting second to hope that he had done everything right. If there is any kind of benevolent power out there, let me fix this. Let me save them.

Then, darkness.

End Chapter 1

Notes: I'm a big fan of redo fics, I think they're fun. But it's always Harry (or sometimes Hermione) that goes back, so I wondered what would happen if Ron was the one that went back in time – and this story idea was born. This story will be canon-compliant up to the final duel between Harry and Voldemort in Book 7. I don't have my books with me a lot of the time, so I'll be using the Harry Potter Lexicon to stay as accurate as possible.