Ok you luckies here is the sequel!

*Sequel to Vamptastic Cooking* The Cullens made Bella eat what they made...what happens when she returns the favor?

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Chapter 1

Payback's a Bitch


Great. Now everybody was bored again - and without their cars. I really should do something to cheer them up.

"Hey Emmett?" I called knowing he would hear me from upstairs.

Suddenly he was right infront of me.

"I swear I didn't do it this time! It was Jasper!" He looked upstairs nervously.

Then Jasper came flying down the stairs.

"EMMETT!" He yelled crashing into him. "We made a pact to not say anything!"

"Um guys?" I said breaking up the arguement.

"Oh sorry Bella," Jasper said.

"It's all good," I replied smiling.

"Uh you wanted me Bella?" Emmett said nervously.

"Yeah, can I talk to you outside?" I nodded towards the door.

"Of course," He said and then added, "See she likes me more Jasper!"

"Psh whatever Emmett," Jasper shook his head and then went back upstairs.

"So what's new Bella?" Emmett said once we were out on the porch.

"Well I know everybody's bored and stuff and nobody has their cars..so what do you think about doing something together?" I said glancing at the garage where all the cars were.

"Of course squirt! What do you have in mind?" Emmett happily agreed.

"Well, I was thinking since you all made me eat what you made...what about having me cook and you eat whatever I make!" I said grinning evily. This was going to be one crazy day.

"Uh..we're talking human food aren't we?" Emmett said his face dropping.

"Thanks Emmett! Your the best!" I skipped off into the house to tell everybody else about our new game.

"But Bella! I never said-" Emmett tried to stop me but I shut him up with the glare on my face.

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way," I threatened.

"Fine," Emmett reluctantly gave in.

"Hey everybody get down here!" I said outloud to the rest of the house.

Soon everybody was infront of me...including Carlisle and Esme.

"Esme?" I asked sweetly.

"Yes dear?"

"Do you mind if I borrow your kitchen for a while?" I asked hoping she wouldn't mind.

"Of course not! Help yourself! And if you need any food feel free to take any of the cars out!" She happily agreed before she and Carlisle left us to ourselves.

"Bella you can't be serious!" Alice whined before I even started talking.

"Oh trust me Alice, she is," Emmett said sadly.

"Aw come on guys! This is going to be fun!" I said trying to cheer them up.

"What are you guys talking about!" Rosalie said getting mad that we weren't saying anything.

"Well, Bella thinks that it would be so funny and entertaining if she cooks us food and we have to eat it!" Emmett growled.

Jeez it's just food.

"Hang on, not necessarily eat it, just like a taste testing contest!" I argued.

"But Bella you know we can't tell the difference between and apple and a cookie!" Jasper said trying to get out of eating human food.

"Fine I'll go easy on you," I said giving in. "I'll make two foods and two drinks and I'll blind fold you guys and then you guys tell me what you think it is! It doesn't matter if your right or wrong."






Everybody glared at me.

"Fine," I agreed back grinning.

"You guys go away for a half hour while I make food number one and then I'll call you back in when I'm ready!" I said waving them off as they all slowly and madly walked up the stairs.

Perfect. I thought.

I decided to start them off with something sweet. So thirty minutes later on the dot I called them back into the kitchen. They all walked in with worried looks on their faces. I kept changing my mind so Alice wouldn't know what was going on. I held up 5 differently colored bandannas to tie around their eyes.

"I CALL THE PINK ONE!" Alice screeched.

I quickly tossed out the bandannas to everybody and then showed them where to sit.

"Uh I can't see anything!" Rosalie complained.

"That's the point Rosie," Emmett said laughing.

While they were all complaining I set out 5 plates with the food on them.

"Ok infront of you are paper and pencils which you will write what you think the food is, understand?" I explained to everybody.

They all nodded at me.

"Dig in!" I said grinning as nobody moved.

"Do I have to force you to eat it?" I threatened.

Edward was the brave one who took a tiny bite and then spit it back out.


"Great that just makes me want to eat it," Jasper shuddered.

"You have 10 seconds!" I threatened.


Jasper took a small bite.


Alice took a small bite and then ran to the bathroom puking it up.




Emmett took his bite and fell out of his chair.





Rosalie took her bite and threw her plate at the wall.



Good/Bad? Idea's for other food?