Last Night

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Chapter 1: After Duty

She was there for two months. It had been such a long time since they first worked together on the Chuunin exams. Even if it seemed like yesterday years had passed. And as they had passed by they more and more behaved awkwardly towards each other.

Time changes and time challenges.

They stumbled in each other presence having a great difficulty at hiding the obvious. Strategies had been dismissed and thought over while they held a certain distance observing the other. Although both couldn't directly put the finger on it they weren't stupid enough to miss the signs of attraction.

But being shinobis they had learned to control their feelings as much as their bodies. Still this damn attraction grew. The more often Temari visited Konoha the more their meetings got unbearable. Every touch and every look made the wall between them thinner and more breakable. Slowly the tension pressed on them, begged them to finally free themselves and attack.

Nara Shikamaru and Sabaku no Temari knew of the attraction towards each other. The longing and the need was obvious to them. Still there was to much in the way. The distance between their villages and the loyalty were somethings they couldn't destroy nor simply dismiss. Neither for one night.

Now after the last day of work together, he escorted her to her hotel room.

The door between her room and the floor stood open and was nevertheless between them. Shikamaru leant against the door frame and watched her planning his next step. "Well I should go now. It is getting late and you surely want to head to Suna early tomorrow."

"Yeah. Now that the work is done here I can't be to long away from Suna." She nodded her head escaping his gaze.

He searched for her eyes but she wouldn't let him. He sighed granting her some space. "Troublesome."

She chuckled like she always did when he sounded defeated even if she knew that this was never the case. He always found a hole in the enemy's defence. "What?"

Now she looked up to him and their eyes met. "You know, I'm 21 now. So we could go to the bar and have a last drink."

She smiled. She knew he wasn't much of a drinker and didn't savour it. He just wanted to have a little more time with her and that seemed to be okay. And if she was a little more truthfull to herself she had to admit that by his gaze she couldn't help but obey. "Then let us go."

At the bar they sat down at a table for two persons. Small enough to have a little privacy but big enough to have a little distance between them.

After they had finally settled themselves Temari grinned at Shikamaru plotting against him. "What do you take?"

Shikamaru saw her grin getting a bad feeling. He knew he could make a wrong step stumbling right way into her trap. "Tch. Maybe the same as you."

"Good. How about a little contest?"

So wrong answer. Shikamaru sighed he was playing into her hands. "Why do you always make a fight out of it?" He gave her a half smile joking and being serious at the same time.

She chuckled. "Why? Are you scared to lose against a woman."She raised an eyebrow knowing he that he couldn't say no when his pride as a man was in danger.

He knew he shouldn't, he knew he would lose but that couldn't help him by the way he felt. He needed to show her that he was a man. Needed to proof her of his manliness even if it was pure stupidity. Probably he also needed to show that he was worth her. "It's troublesome but I'll do it."

She smirked. "Great!"

It seemed to be idiotic but he loved to see her smirk. It was this way she flirted with him. And it was this act of flirt only he and her were obvious to. She knew of the effect it had on him and loved to play with it. Nevertheless he loved even more her real smile. The smile she only smiled for him. Not just flirt but honestly.

After a short while their drinks came. They drank and talked and as they drank more and more, the words passed between them got more personal.

Shikamaru didn't want to lose but neither did he wanted to get totally drunk on their last evening together. So he hit his last drink on the table. "I give up."

"Voluntary?" She seemed surprised. On other occasions he never gave up so early, only when the situation seemed hopeless. Somehow this remembered her of the situation at the Chuunin exam nine years ago when they first fought together. He gave up and she was surprised. Just like now. Still this courage to simply give up and stay over his pride fascinated her.

"Yeah, we should go home." He stood up throwing enough money for both their drinks on the table. "Let's go."

"Yes." Somehow Temari was disappointed. She wanted to have more time with him even for just a few minutes more. But he seemed to have enough of it.

They walked in silence to the hotel where she stayed.

"You know you could go home. I recognise the way by now and I'm not affected by the alcohol too." She looked onto the ground.

"Yeah troublesome but it is my mission to escort you. Also I have to take care of your arrival at home as a man." He wouldn't, he couldn't let her get away so easy. Not this time.

"Still going about that women and men shit aren't you?" She teased.

"Well you are at least obviously a woman and I am a man. So I have to do this even if I wouldn't want it."

They reached the hotel and got themselves in.

"And don't you want it?" Her voice held a hint of huskiness darker and deeper than normal.

He was sure she tried to seduce him to play with him. Leaving him longing more than ever. But being a little bit drunk Shikamaru teased her too giving no care about the consequences. Just giving in into another kind of battle. "Well there are many other things a man and a woman could do, but yes."

"What might these things be, Shika-kun?" She pouted playing innocently.

Oh, she definitely wanted to make him kiss the ground under her feet. "I might show you." With that he leant against her as they reached her door. He pressed her against the door pinning her between the frame and him. He didn't know if he broke through her defence or if she did crack his but now it was time to launch forward.

When he saw the short imply of fear wash over her face he knew that she was aware that they might have to stop at this point obviously feeling his arousal. "So I'm going inside now. Thank you for escorting me. I have to get up early tomorrow."

He watched her opening the door. She stepped in and was about to close the door. Somehow Shikamaru seemed to be not himself. He quickly posed himself in front of her holding the door. She gasped at his motions also not expecting such a thing.

Maybe it was the alcohol but maybe it was her appearance in the dim moonlight shining through the windows creating beautiful shadows over her face. Maybe it was her eyes, the blueish green pools who darkened the moment she was exited or maybe it was her little fear of what they could be. Whatever it was he made his step towards her not caring anymore about the invisible wall between them. "Can't you stay? Don't you want to stay? At least one more day?" He begged and nearly would have fell to his knees if it wasn't for the door he held open.

Something in his eyes made her knees shake and she couldn't find herself to fight it any longer. Not having the strength to hold onto this combat any longer she was barely able to whisper: "Make me stay."

With that he yanked his body into hers capturing her lips with his.


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