Flashback story.

Summary: John is given a choice. Choose one son or lose both. Which one will he choose? What will the repercussions be?

I do not own any of the characters that you recognize from the TV show. I only own the ones you don't recognize.

Characters: John Winchester age 44 (born 1954)

Dean Winchester age 19 (born January 24, 1979)

Sam Winchester age 14 (born May 2, 1983)

Bobby Singer age unknown

Caleb Reeves age unknown

Joshua ? age unknown

Alex (vampire-age 325)

The Choice

Outside Chandler Arizona-February 6, 1998

"You have a decision to make John," the vampire named Alex hissed. "You need to decide which son you can't live without."

John glared at the fanged monster with confusion, then looked to each of his sons. Alex held each one around the neck, his long, sharp fingernails digging into the tender flesh as warm blood trickled down to stain their shirt collars. John held his crossbow steady, ready to let the arrows loose once Alex made a mistake and moved enough so his sons, Mary's boys, were not strategically in front of him. He flinched when Alex squeezed tighter and the pain and fear increased on his sons faces.

"Let go of my sons you son of a bitch!" John seethed.

Alex laughed as he pulled the boys closer to his body. The boys eyes were wide and pleading as they fixed their gazes on their father.

"So here it is John. Either you lose both sons or you save one and give one to me. It's your choice."

"I'll take them both and kill you. How does that sound?" John shot.

"I can snap their necks in a second John, and you know it. The only way to save your sons is to choose. Which son can you not live without? To save them both, you must decide."

John glared at the vampire, his body trembling with rage. He was about to speak when Alex beat him to it.

"You have five seconds John. Five seconds to either walk away with one son or lose both forever," the vampire hissed as he tightened his grip on his captives necks.

John took two seconds before he screamed out a name. "Dean! I choose Dean!"

In the few seconds it took for Dean to be shoved forward and the vampire to disappear with his youngest, John looked into Sam's eyes and he saw. He saw that Sam knew. Sam knew who John was going to choose before John ever said a word. The look in Sam's eyes would haunt John for the rest of his life, for what he saw in those few seconds wasn't shock or surprise. What John saw was resignation.

Dean fell into his father's arms and instantly spun around, his eyes wide with fear and panic when he saw no sign of his brother or the vampire. He rushed forward, his eyes searching the darkness. When a hand fell on his shoulder he turned, fury in his eyes.

"What did you do Dad!? What the hell did you do!?" Dean screamed as he pushed John away.

"Dean…I…I had to…" John stammered, his eyes pleading with Dean to understand.

"No Dad! What you had to do was kill that son of a bitch, not hand Sam over to him!" Dean ranted.

"He would have killed you both. I didn't…I didn't have a shot," John said, his voice laced with shock and loss.

"You gave Sam to him Dad. You gave our Sammy to him just like that. How could you do that?" Dean cried, his eyes brimming with tears.

"He would have killed you both. I had to make a choice," John reasoned as he looked his son in the eyes.

"Yeah, well you chose wrong Dad. Sam always thought you loved me more but I told him he was wrong. Was I wrong Dad?" Dean spat before turning and walking away.


"Do you know how long it's been since your father gave you up Sam?" Ales asked as he raised his head from Sam's wrist, Sam's blood dripping down his chin.

Sam gazed up from where he was bound to the narrow bed, but didn't say a word. Alex retied Sam's bleeding wrist to the head of the bed then leaned over, kissing him on the cheek.

"It's been a month Sam."


"What the hell are we doing Dad?" Dean shouted from the passenger seat of John's truck.

"We're hunting a black dog Dean," John replied evenly.

Dean glared at his father, his hands fisted at his sides. "There's only one thing we should be hunting Dad, and that's the f---er that you gave my little brother to. You remember him don't you Dad? Sam…your son?" Dean spat venomously.

"Of course I remember him Dean! I think about him every minute of every day! Bobby, Caleb and Joshua are working on finding where the nest is as we speak. What else do you want me to do?" John cried.

"I want you to act like you care Dad. I want you to be working on finding Sam, not leaving it up to others. I want you to prove to me that Sam was wrong," Dean said softly.


"Three months Sam. Three months and we haven't seen hide nor hair of your father or brother. I'm beginning to think they aren't coming for you," Alex said as he walked toward the door of Sam's current prison, his laugh filling Sam's ears until the door slammed shut.

Sam turned away as far as his bound and battered body could move, a single tear rolling down his dirty cheek.


John burst into the motel room, startling Dean awake.

"Get your things together Dean. We move in five!" John exclaimed as he began to gather his weapons and meager belongings together.

"What is it Dad? What's going on?" Dean queried uneasily.

"We found him Dean. Or rather, we found Alex's nest," John answered, his eyes falling on his son.

Dean jumped up from the bed and started to shove his clothing into his duffel. "Where is he Dad? Is he okay?" Dean cried as he retrieved his toiletry bag from the bathroom.

"I don't know Dean. I don't even know if he's…" John said softly as he collapsed on the nearest bed, his hand dragging anxiously through his hair.

"He's alive Dad. We have to believe that," Dean said assuredly.

"Yeah…but is he still our Sammy?" John asked wearily.


"I don't know Sammy. Maybe they forgot about you. Or maybe they were both glad to be rid of you. I mean, it's been six months. I know I could never grow tired of you, but I don't think I can keep you much longer," Alex said as he ran his fingers through Sam's greasy, messy hair.

Alex's fingers trailed down Sam's jawline then were pulled away when Alex stood from where he had been sitting on the floor. He looked down upon the silent, shackled boy who lay curled on his side in the straw that covered the dirt floor. Alex strolled to the ladder that led up to the trap door and stopped before ascending. He turned to Sam and smiled.

"It's a shame really. I've had so much fun with you and you taste oh so sweet, but you're dangerous to have around. There's others out there who want you and I think it's in my best interest to give you to them," the vampire said.

Alex gracefully climbed the ladder and once on the floor above he gave one last look to the shivering boy below before letting the trap door slam down.

Sam lay still on his bed of straw, his empty eyes staring off into nothing. The gentle rise and fall of his chest and the trickle of blood from the punctures in his neck was the only evidence that the broken boy was still alive.


"Where are we going Dad?" Dean queried as the Impala barreled down the highway, John's truck abandoned for the more speedy car.

John's hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, his jaw working furiously, his eyes hard. He turned his head slightly to look at his oldest son.

"The nest is holed up in an abandoned cabin just outside of Lincoln Montana. Caleb found intel on several killings in the area. The bodies all bore the signature of the vampire who took Sammy. We're meeting Joshua and Bobby in town, then we'll head to the cabin. Caleb's keeping an eye on the place until we can get there," John explained.

"Caleb hasn't seen Sam? No sign of him at all?" Dean asked warily.

"No…but that doesn't mean they don't still have him son. We are going to get him back," John said confidently.

"Dad? What if…um…what if they turned him?" Dean asked, swallowing down the bile that threatened to rise.

"Caleb would've seen him, but if by chance they did…well…we'll deal with it," John answered.

"How Dad? How will we deal with it?"


Alex sat crossed legged on the straw laden floor with Sam draped across his legs, cradled in his arms. He softly pet Sam's hair as the boy's head lay against his chest. Sam's eyes were empty, void of all emotion and life. The fresh punctures on his shoulder oozed, the blood making a trail down his bare, skeletal chest. Alex rested his cheek atop Sam's head then cupped Sam's face, gently pulling it up until the vacant eyes were rested on his own face.

"Tonight I give you up Sam. Another clan, a bigger one desires to have you and I fear for my small clan if I keep you. Lily and Xander will take you once the sun goes down. This is our final day together and my only wish is to see you smile. I'll bet you're even more beautiful when you smile Sam. Why haven't you ever smiled for me?" Alex asked sadly.

Alex pulled the pliant boys body closer to his chest and slowly rocked him. He went back to softly petting Sam's hair, and whispered lovingly in his ear.

"I wish your family realized how special you are little one, because if they did I would give you back to them."


The five hunters crouched down just inside the treeline of the forest that surrounded the large, abandoned cabin. No words were needed as each man knew what had to be done. John had already instructed the others that the alpha male was his. No one was to touch him. John gave the signal and the men began a steady walk to the cabin, Bobby, Caleb and Joshua circling around to the back while John and Dean took the front. Dean's mission was simple. Find Sam and get him out and leave the others to perform the slaughter.

The hunters entered the cabin at the same time and within minutes the blood bath began. After it was over, seven decapitated vampires littered the cabin floor. Blood covered the wooden floorboards and seeped into the cracks. All of the vampires had been accounted for, save one. The alpha, Alex, was nowhere to be found. And frighteningly, neither was Sam. The hunters searched every room, every place that could provide a hiding place. They found no one.

John and Dean frantically searched every room again, despair washing over them as they feared they had lost their boy again. Then Dean stepped into what once had been the pantry and noticed the trap door. He motioned to his father and the hunters and they all crowded into the small room. Bobby held a flashlight on the door while John, Caleb and Joshua trained their weapons and waited for Dean to lift the door. The men were not prepared for the sight that met them.

Alex stood at the base of the ladder, Sam cradled in his arms. Sam's limbs dangled loosely even though he appeared to be awake. His head rested on the vampire's shoulder, his eyes staring blankly ahead. Alex raised his face upwards and the hunters saw that tears streamed from his eyes. He glided effortlessly up the ladder, the waiting men backing cautiously up to allow him room, their weapons never wavering from the monster.

"Give me back my son," John hissed, very much aware of Sam's state though his eyes never left the vampire.

Alex looked sadly down at Sam and tenderly kissed his forehead, which garnered outraged growls from the men who surrounded him. Alex looked up at John and softly smiled.

"I hope you can cherish him as I have come to," the vampire whispered.

Alex turned to Dean and gently handed Sam over to his waiting arms. Dean pulled his baby brother protectively to his chest, alarmed at how he could feel every bone through Sam's skin. Sam was dressed in only his boxers and he shivered lightly in Dean's arms. Dean backed out of the pantry as the other hunters covered Alex.

Alex turned to John and smiled knowingly. He slowly kneeled in front of the machete wielding hunter and looked up at him. He cocked his head to the side as he continued to watch John's face.

"Do it John; do it now. Because Sam? Well…I can't live without him. Do you feel the same now?" Alex questioned then closed his eyes and lowered his head, exposing his neck for the hunter.

John stared down at the vampire, rage coursing through his veins. He raised the machete and with no words and one swing, separated Alex's head from his body. John gave one glance at the dead vampire before turning his back and walking from the pantry, his only thought was to find his sons. John found them in the livingroom, Dean sitting on the floor with Sam in his arms, his leather jacket draped across the shivering boy. John sat next to Dean and gazed upon his youngest son.

"There's something wrong with him Dad. He won't look at me, he won't speak. What did they do to him?" Dean cried softly.

"I don't know Dean, but he's safe now. He's in shock. We just need to get him out of here and I'm sure he'll be fine," John replied in an attempt to comfort his oldest.

"Dad, he's covered in bite marks. I…I think they fed on him. You don't think he's…" Dean started, his voice cracking.

"No son. I don't think they turned him. He wouldn't have been held prisoner in the cellar if he'd been turned," John replied as he gently caressed Sam's face.

Dean turned questioning eyes on John to which John explained himself. "I saw a chain and shackle bolted to the wall and take a look at Sammy's ankle," he said.

Dean looked down and gasped at the raw, bleeding ankle. He pulled Sam closer as a tear made it's way down his cheek. Just then, Joshua entered the room and rushed to the Winchesters. He began to look Sam over, shaking his head at the boy's condition. Dean instinctively pulled Sam in tighter as he eyed the hunter.

"Dean, it's okay. Joshua was a medic in the service. He can help Sam. We really can't take him to a hospital. How could we explain all of this?" John said.

Dean relaxed slightly and allowed Joshua to further examine Sam.

"Well…some of these bites and his ankle are infected. He's running a fever although it's not that bad yet. I'm worried about dehydration and malnourishment. Has he always been this skinny?" Joshua asked pointedly.

"N-no. I'd say he's lost at least twenty pounds," Dean answered.

"I'm gonna need to procure some things. He's going to need IV fluids, antibiotics and nutrients. We need to get some calories in him and I'm betting he probably needs pain meds too," the hunter explained.

"What do we do for his shock? I mean…he hasn't hardly even blinked," Dean queried.

Joshua shook his head slightly. "This isn't shock Dean. This is catatonia."

"Catatonia?" John said fearfully.

"Yeah. Sam's catatonic. Sometimes when people are severely traumatized, which this pretty much qualifies for, they can slip into a catatonic state. It's the mind's way of shutting itself off from whatever is causing the trauma," Joshua said.

"Will he be okay? Will he come out of it?" John queried.

"With time he should. He needs a lot of contact. Talk to him, touch him. Push through that protective wall his mind has built. Most of all…be patient."

Dean brushed the dirty hair from Sam's face and gently turned him until he could see into Sam's blank eyes. It unnerved him how utterly empty they were, but he smiled anyway, hoping that Sam could see him. If he could, Dean couldn't tell. There was nothing there.

"Hey Sammy…you can wake up now kiddo. Dad and I came for you and you're safe now. Can you hear me Sammy? You…you don't need to hide anymore. Nobody's gonna hurt you ever again. I promise Sam. Dad and I won't let anything happen to you. We love you Sammy. Please…please see me Sam."


Well, this was supposed to be a oneshot. I hope you liked part one of my story.