I followed her out of the school doors. Her scent was emanating from her, reaching for me. And I followed it. I had thought of the Swan girl as my own personal demon. A monster come to destroy me, to let me be consumed by the monster within me. She was evil, but no more evil than I was. And now, I would find my demise in the form of a human girl. Perhaps she wasn't innocent. Maybe she was some form of evil, sent here to force my thirst to consume me. By her coming here, did it mean that my eyes were meant to glow crimson, that I was meant for an eternity of cold-blooded murder? All the same, I couldn't help thinking of her as my own personal demon. It was hatred that captured my mind as I stalked towards her now. Her mouth formed a soft 'o' of surprise as I pounced. It would be quick, I had decided. I ignored the snap, and the quiet moan of despair that would be the last thing Bella Swan ever uttered. All was lost in the taste of her blood…

Later, I was leaning against the brick wall of Forks High School, thoroughly horrified at myself. I was a monster. "I killed her, killed her," I muttered, tormented.

"What's wrong, Cullen?" barked Mike Newton as he passed me. I stared at him. He would have no idea, no inkling of the fact that Bella's blood swished in my stomach. I could just apologize to him. I didn't have to give anything away.

"I'm sorry about Bella," I answered dully.

"Bella?" inquired Mike, confused. "Who's Bella?" I realized with his words that everything I had imagined was true. The existence of Isabella Swan was meant only for me. She had never existed to anyone else. Her only purpose was to destroy me, and perhaps she had been the devil himself in disguise. I had been the only one to see her.