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True Feelings

Light's P.O.V.

Everything is almost over.

Misa execution date is set, get this, it's on my BIRTHDAY.

When I found out about it, I couldn't help but snicker. Misa dying on my birthday...

Kind of like a birthday present.

I couldn't ask for anything better.

This Kira madness will soon be over...or will it?

It's true that with Misa gone, there will be no reason for me to hold onto the Death Note...but can I really give everything up just like that?

Give up the ideals I used to have? The vision that I used to dream of?

Yes...I have to. I have a choice...

But if I had to choose between Kira and the one that I love, I would choose the one I love.

Kira can easily be someone else...but that's not why I'm going to give up the Death Note.

I'm giving it up because I'm tired of all the lies, all the accusations, all the hate...I'm sick and tired of every single thing that Kira has brought into my life.

I want to get rid of it. Rid of it all...

And become a normal person again.

I want to be Light Yagami...not Kira.


I turn on my side to face you. "What is it?"

"Are you all right?" you ask, reaching over and brushing away something wet...wait...am I crying?

"I...don't know." I say, closing my eyes. "I don't know if I'm all right. I want to be myself again, but it's going to be hard...knowing that I was the world's worst mass murderer..."

You wrap your arms around me, and I bury my face into your shoulder. "It'll be hard, no doubt about that...but you'll get through it. I know that you will. Like I told you before, I'll always be here for you. So don't worry."

I smile through the tears that somehow managed to slip from my eyes. "I know...and that's what I afraid of..."

"Hmm?" you ask, confusion in the tone. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean...what if...I become Kira again somehow? What if I end up wanting to kill you again? I don't know...what I'd do..."

I feel your fingers running through my hair soothingly. "Don't worry about things that are not likely to happen. The chances that you would become Kira again are...less then 5 percent."

"You and your damn numbers." I say, then smirk slightly. "But then again, they were always accurate...so I shouldn't worry too much about it...right...?"

"Yes...you shouldn't worry too much about it."

Something goes under my chin and lifts my face up, and I stare into concerned black eyes.

I smile slightly. "Don't worry about me anymore, okay? I can take care of myself, at least I think I can."

You return the smile. "All right...but I'll be there to catch you if you fall."

Then you lean down and claim my lips in a soft, yet passionate kiss.

The next morning...

"Morning you two." Matsuda says when the two of us come downstairs.

"Good morning, Matsuda-san." you say, and I just nod.

Matsuda looks at me. "What's with him? Downcast eyes and all."

"Think before you speak, Matsuda-san."

I look up at him and smirk. "Don't worry about me. I'm fine."

"Sometimes I wonder." Matsuda says smartly, and I glare at him.

"Sometimes I wonder if you can be more of a jerk then you're being right now."

"Jeez Light, calm. down. I was only making a point. Or is that you still have some of the Kira powers in you, hmm?"

My eyes widen slightly, my hand reaching up and gripping the front of my shirt. "I – I'm not...I mean..." I close my eyes in pain.

"Matsuda-san! Watch what you're saying!" you say in an angered voice.

"Sorry man. Forgot that the injury you have kinda effects your heart...though I don't know why..."

I crack one of my eyes open, looking at him. "I don't know why either...but it does..."

After the pain stopped, I sigh heavily, opening my eyes again. "Well, that was unexpected..."

Something pulls on my arm, and my head suddenly goes against someone's shoulder. "Well, the doctor did say that people should watch what they're saying around you, or your heart may act up again. The injury you suffered was quite serious. They were surprised that you didn't die that night."

I smile slightly, a content sigh escaping my lips. "Well...I had a reason not to die."

Matsuda grins slightly. "Man, you two really dig each other, don't you?"

You tilt your head, but a small smile graced your face. "I suppose so. Though I would suggest that you work on your choice of words."

I laugh. "Ryu-chan, when will you learn that Matsuda doesn't know proper Japanese?"

Matsuda fumed; I could literally see the steam coming out of his ears. "You know, Light, you've become a real jerk lately. But I guess that's better than a..."

"Matsuda..." you say in a dangerously low voice. "Unless you want to give him a stress related heart attack, I HIGHLY suggest keeping your mouth SHUT."

I tilt my head. Stress related heart attack? What the hell was my Ryu-chan talking about?

"How could I take a stress related heart attack?" I ask, confused. "The wound was to my shoulder. So why should it affect my heart?"

"It would affect your heart because the injury you suffered was dangerously close to it." you explain, smiling slightly. "The doctors said that if the injury was even an inch closer, whatever caused the injury would have pierced your heart in the process. Which means you would've died."

"Oh..." I mutter, lowering my eyes. Seems I had all the lucky breaks...

All of a sudden, pain starts to erupt in my chest; like my heart is getting all the life sucked out of it.

I clutch my chest, gasping heavily and falling to my knees on the floor. "A...ah..."

Matsuda's eyes widened. "You've got to be kidding. Is Light taking...a HEART ATTACK?!"

"Light?!" you kneel beside me; gripping my shoulders. "Light!! What is it?!"

I look up at you through pain filled eyes and smile. "R – Ryu...I guess...this is...goodbye..."

With that last sentence, my breath stops and my eyes close.

The last thing I see is Matsuda's shocked face and the pained yet agonized face my Ryu-chan.

Ryuzaki's P.O.V

My own eyes widen as soon as yours close.

My Li-chan slumps in my arms, your body unmoving and your skin becoming pale.

I press two fingers against your neck...and there's nothing.

No pulse...which only means...

You're dead.

Everything becomes blurred, and I hold your lifeless body close to me. "Li-chan...you promised me that...you'd never leave, damn you! So why now?! Just when everything was over...you take a bloody heart attack!! Why?!"

I didn't realize I was crying until Matsuda hands me a tissue. "Here." he says in a shocked voice.

I take it from him, wiping my eyes with a trembling hand.

Misa-san...you did this, didn't you?!

Since you knew your execution was near, you decided to kill yourself in order to kill Light! Heartless...

"How the hell did I know that Misa was going to kill him?"

I hear a voice, but can't see anything.

"Light's watch...there's a piece of the Death Note in there. Touch that, and you'll be able to see me."

I lift your hand up to take off your watch, and it falls against your chest lifelessly.

I fight back the tears as I use the combination for the secret compartment to the watch, and it pops open, a piece of paper in it.

I take it out, and a black Shinigami suddenly appears at the far side of the room.

It gives a creepy looking grin. "So you're the famous Ryuzaki, Light's lover, eh? Interesting."

"Who are you?" I ask, while Matsuda looks at me like I'm nuts.

"Name's Ryuk. I've been Light's Shinigami ever since he took hold of the Death Note...and let me tell you something. From the first day you two met, Light has always felt some strange human attraction to you, which evolved into love over time. So you've always been important to him, whether the prick showed it or not."

I glare at the Shinigami. "My Li-chan is NOT a prick. FAR from it."

"Yikes, overprotective boyfriend." Ryuk says, laughing in his strange shinigami voice. "Anyways...you want to bring him back to life, don't you? There's a way, and since you never used a Death Note in the first place, there's no consequences. At least, I don't think so."

"How?" I ask almost desperately. "Whatever it is, I'll do it. Even if I have to go to hell to get him."

"Right now, Light is neither in heaven nor hell. You could say...he's trapped in nothingness. And the way is that you go to where his soul is and bring it back. And only the Shinigami can send you where his soul is currently at. But for how long he's in nothingness...couldn't tell ya."

"What is this 'nothingness'?"

"It's a place where the soul looks back on everything he or she did in life. It also decides where the soul is sent. If it was a relatively pure soul, it gets sent to heaven. If it's life was filled with hate and evil, it gets sent to hell. And for Death Note users...their souls get crushed after a period of time in the nothingness. It's the Death Note's punishment for using it in the first place. However, if the human had someone he or she deeply loved and the other human returned those feelings, the one that is still alive can go to the realm and save their soul. But only the Shinigami can send the other human to the realm of nothingness."

"Please...send me to where my love is. I don't...I CAN'T...loose his soul. I can't...live without him in my life..."

"Wow. That's the first time I've seen someone so...DEVOTED...to the one they love." Ryuk chanted in some weird language, and a portal opened in the middle of the room. "There you go. You have two hours to save him. If you can't...his soul will be destroyed and you'll be sent back to the land of the living."

I nod, a determined look on my face. "All right...and if I can't save him...you may write my name in your Death Note."

With that last sentence, I step into the portal.

Light...wait for me. I'm coming for you...my love.

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