This is a three part story between Naruto and Tayuya, how The Fox Boy and The Flute Girl in three chapters come to be.

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At the Valley of The End laid a boy wearing orange with blonde hair and blue eyes that where closed. Most people at first glance wouldn't think much of the boy just some wild obnoxious punk ninja. But if people saw the six identical whisker like scars on his face they would instantly recognize him for what he was. A vessel, a container for an ancient and feared demon. And this boy happened to contain the mightiest of them all, Kyuubi the Nine Tailed Fox.

And for that he was often shown disdain by his own village, Konoha, The Hidden Village of Leaves. As the residents feared and hated the boy fearful that he could unleash the mighty fox, and hating him for what had happened on the day of his birth.

The boy slowly opened his eyes and watched as the rain came down upon him, how fitting for it to rain, as a sign of his failure, his failure to accomplish his mission and to keep his promise to his teammate. He had been sent as part of a five man team to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha, a boy who had been going to the hideout of their feared enemy, Orochimaru. He and the others had chased after him, but where intercepted by Orochimaru's henchman, The Sound Four who had taken Sasuke away from them. One by One they got separated until finally he had cornered Sasuke and vowed to drag him back to Konoha if he had to. The two fought and in the end Sasuke had defeated him. As he looked around he saw that no one was around but some of Orochimaru's goons would probably show up soon.

(Looks like I failed, just like I failed everything else) He thought to himself rare depression getting to him. He sat up and clutched his chest in pain, Sasuke's final blow had left a hole in his body. He winced and could tell that it wasn't fatal but it would hurt for a long time. Grunting he pulled himself up and began the long road to Konoha walking.

His thoughts to himself the boy walked mindlessly back home ready to tell Sakura the bad news and probably get smacked for his failure and blamed by the villagers as well for the failure of the mission. He was ready for it, it was something he had come to accept. As he made his way he noticed a burial site where he had left Lee who fought that bone guy, he thought and feared for a moment that that was Lee's grave but something told him it wasn't and he continued on his way.

He continued on his way and noticed an entire forest that had been cut down he looked around in amazement wondering what had done that. It was then that his ears picked up something.

It was a cry, a soft cry of pain. Looking around he checked the area and saw the source.

On the ground being crushed by a tree was a girl, she had long red hair and he recognized her as the girl of that group that had kidnapped Sasuke. Tayuya, that was her name or something like that. He looked and saw the girl was pretty banged up and injured. She was unconscious and she lot out cries of pain from being crushed every now and then.

For a brief instant Naruto thought about leaving her there, she was an enemy nin and she probably deserved this as he remembered how she cussed them out. Why should he bother himself with her? That instant passed and he let out a sigh. What was he thinking? He couldn't just leave her there, not with the state she was in. Besides it wasn't like him to pass by somehow who was hurt no matter who they were.

Walking up the tree the boy brought his hand out and formed a ball of energy The Rasengan. He had to do this right, if he misjudged the area that he hit he could do more damage to her. He guessed the length of her legs and then threw the Rasengan. The wood of the tree shattered sending bark all over the place, he checked the girl and saw her legs which seemed to have been crushed from the weight pressed down upon her. She might never be able to walk again and for some odd reason pity found it's way into Naruto's heart for the girl.

Seeing that if he carried her on his back or his arms he could injure her He created two clones and set them to work making a makeshift stretcher out of leaves and branches. Within a couple of minutes the stretcher was completed and he and another one got set to put her on it.

"Ah!" Cried out the girl when he touched her legs causing him to hesistate, he had to be gentle and on the count of three he put her body as quickly and delicately as he could on the stretcher. He also noticed her hat was nearby, and also a flute broken in half, he put both of them on the stretcher next to her and was ready to go. He took one end and the clone took the other end of the makeshift stretcher and they were on there way back towards Konoha.

The pace was slow but the boy didn't mind, every now and then he would look back and check on her the girl was still out and at times she would let out a cry of pain that made him worry.

When they were within a couple miles of Konoha he heard to his surprise a startled shout. "What the? Where the hell am I!" He turned his head and he smiled as he saw the girl had waken up.

"Great! You're finally awake!" Said Naruto happily his trademark smile on his face. The girl looking up at the boy glared at him.

"What are you doing you dipshit?! Put me down right now!" She snapped at him but winced as she sat up feeling the severe pain in her legs.

"Are you alright?" Asked Naruto.

"No, I'm just holding back screams of pain and clutching my legs cause it's the new way of sitting you dumbass!" Gritted the girl sarcastically in anger. All she remembered was trying to avoid falling trees and now she was with some halfwit.

"Well you don't look alright, I found you and I'm taking you back to Konoha." Replied Naruto

"What?! Why the hell are you talking me to that rathole!" She said angrily to him

"Well you need help for one thing and I'm sure they'll help you."

"What in your peabrain head makes you think that you stupid moron?" Asked Tayuya dryly.

Naruto thought about that she was an enemy nin and he doubted they would treat her no questions asked. "Well if you gave us some info about that snake bastard I'm sure they'll heal you in exchange for that." He said hopefully.

Tayuya scowled and reached around and felt something she frowned and brought it up which caused her to gasp in shock. "M-My flute!" She said holding up the broken instrument.

"Yeah, it was like that when I found it, sorry." Apologized Naruto to her. Tayuya didn't say anything, her only prized possession in her entire life was now broken.

"I'll kill that blonde bitch and that pineapple haired jackass for this!" She sweared angrily.

"How did you end up like that?" Asked Naruto to her.

"I tripped over a rock dumbass."


"No! It was that blonde whore who summoned that damn weasel who did this to me you idiot!" Snapped Tayuya angrily to him causing him to frown.

"You know I saved your life, you could show some gratitude." He said to her causing her to scowl

"What makes you think I wanted to be saved? Look at me I'm a freakin' cripple!" She said to him.

"Well, if you don't want to go to Konoha I could always take you back to The Valley of The End. I'm sure Orochimaru's goons will find you and take you back if I leave you there." He said to her. Tayuya remained quiet she knew all too well the fate that awaited her if she returned back to Sound, she would be killed for her failure or worst used in his experiments. (The others must be dead as well.) She thought to herself if her comrades the people she tolerated. Naruto seeing this spoke up. "It's your choice, I can either take you back there or I could take you to Konoha."

Tayuya kept quiet for a while, she felt her neck and noticed that her cursed seal had faded, apparently in her near death state it had been removed. What was she to do now?

"...Fine! Take me to your stupid village! It's not like I got a damn choice!" She said crossing her arms

Naruto smiled at that and he got ready to continue walking. "Great! I'm glad you decided to came with me. By the way I'm Naruto Uzumaki, what's your name?"

The girl looked up at him at his grin that seemed permanent on his face. "Tayuya, now let's go before it's next year already!"

"Okay Tayuya, you just get some rest we'll be there soon." He said to her as he continued heading towards Konoha.

Tayuya sighed and laid back down ignoring the burning pain in her legs as the boy rambled on and on about perverted toad senseis and a Hokage who gamble's and always loses.

It was going to be a looong day...

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