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A twenty two year old was out on the balcony feeling the cool breeze of the wind. His blond hair still in its regular position, it had gotten longer and he at times tied it up in a bow, faintly you could see the beginnings of a goatee. He sighed contently as he felt the wind as he looked down at the village of Konoha.

Naruto Uzumaki smiled after all these years he had finally achieved his dream of becoming Hokage, All of his dreams and goals had finally come true. He was treated with respect and hailed as a hero by the people who not long ago cursed him for being a monster. Funny how people can change their tunes when you rule over them.

Everything was peaceful now, Orochimaru was dead, all of Akatsuki was no more and for now there was no more threats.

But there had been losses, Jiriaya died attemtping to stop the Leader of Akatsuki, a blow which still hurt to this day. Kakashi died taking a blow that was meant for him sacrificing himself to save Naruto. Tsunade herself passed away two years ago from unknown reasons some said due to a heavy heart after all that had happened in her life, yet she seemed almost happy when she moved on. The scars of those and other losses had yet to fully heal.

And he by his own hands had killed Sasuke Uchiha, once his rival and the closest thing he had to a friend at one time. The two had battled to decide the future of Konoha, and in the end Naruto dealt the blow that ended Sasuke's life, ending the Uchiha clan forever. It was something he regretted doing with all of his heart but he knew he had no choice.

Things had changed, Sakura had been wedded to Gaara in an arranged marriage between Suna and Konoha and surprisingly she fell in love with the once unfeeling boy. Most of his childhood friends had gotten married, he was the Hokage and everything was peaceful now.

But one person stood out in his thoughts.

"Ahem," He smiled hearing someone clear her throat and he turned around. A woman, no longer a girl, stood before him in the doorway wearing a red nightgown and a robe to cover herself from the cold. Her brown eyes which not long ago were filled with cruelty and malice shined with life in them. Her long beautiful red hair blew in the wind as she slowly walked towards him a smile on her face.

Tayuya, his friend, his comrade, his teammate,, and his wife. She was the person after all these years he held closest too in his heart. She was everything to him and he was everything to her.

During the past decade the two had went on and discovered many adventures, both of them and Jiriaya during the three year training trip got into all sorts of predictaments some which where life threatening. The two had worked on their skills and abilities as ninjas getting stronger with each passing day.

Both Naruto and Tayuya had a restless spirit, they wanted to see more of what the world had to offer them, going around the world and honing their skills.

And during that time something happened. The two became close and were showing signs of becoming more than friends as the two were attracted to each other and they seemed to just fit one another like two puzzle pieces connected.

And then one day while they were taking refuge in a cave during a storm and huddling together for warmth, their lips brushed against one another's completely by accident, it was a stunning development that surprisingly left the both of them wanting more, and when they kissed again both felt as if something inside them had erupted.

"What are you thinking about Naruto?" Purred Tayuya as she walked towards him and wrapped her arms around him.

Naruto inhaled the scent of her hair and smiled. "Nothing special Tayuya-chan, just of the past times we've had." Tayuya smiled and gently massaged his face near his whiskers as she remembered them as well.

When the two of them and Jiriaya arrived in Konoha after three years most people where surprised to see them, they were even more surprised to learn that the two where boyfriend and girlfriend. (Especially poor Hinata who had fainted when she heard the news) The two where close and if you said something bad about one of them you should be ready to receive a concussion from the other which Kiba learned the hard way after a smartass remark he made about Tayuya that Naruto overheard. And more than once when the two where walking around town the villagers saw how much the two acted like The Yondaime and his wife did.

During their travels the two got into predictaments that either would not have survived if it hadn't been for the other who saved them. Naruto remembered after one crazy stunt he pulled that saved them that Tayuya had grabbed him by the collar and said she didn't know whether to kill him or kiss him. Fortnuately for him she choose the latter.

Both had changed, Tayuya didn't curse as often as she did except when she was really mad which wasn't a pretty sight. Naruto had also lost some of his hyperness and had learned some Genjutsus taught to him by her. Yet no matter how much they changed the growing feelings each had for the other continued to grow. At times she would play a tune on her flute for him.

And then one day during a battle with Sasuke's group, Naruto let out that he loved her. This shocked her and for a moment each stopped fighting both stunned at his words and they could've been killed, she responded that she loved him as well and the two afterwards easily defeated Sasuke's allies. That night, although they were both young with her only being seventeen and him fifteen, they made love for the very first time. The passion and fiery love they had for one another during that night was left in their minds for the rest of their lives.

And two years after the defeat of Akatsuki and Sasuke, they were married.

"Naruto-kun," Said Tayuya as he stroked her hair. He looked down at her. "We've been through a lot haven't we ever since you found me in that forest?"

"Yeah, I guess we have Tayuya-chan." He said smiling looking down at his wife. "And I wouldn't have it any other way, you're my love, my wife, my everything." He whispered into her ear.

Tayuya smiled and reached up and kissed him on the lips as gently as she could. Naruto returned the moist kiss the two embracing each other on the balcony overlooking the village. It was filled with passion and love, that they both had for one another.

What was once a chance meeting of a knuckleheaded Fox Boy apparently doomed to a life of hatred and a foul mouthed and ill tempered Flute Girl had transformed into something neither of them really expected. But then again it is said that the things that happen unexpectedly are the moments that'll change your life forever

And that is the tale of Naruto and Tayuya Uzumaki.

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