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Better than Drugs

Chapter 1: 'Good-bye' my fuckin bitch; I'll miss you'

(Mello's POV)

I watched you sleep. Your chest slowly rising and falling as I've witnessed so many times before. You were my only and best friend. Hell, you're the only one who actually wasn't scared of me. You took me in, as your friend. You were the only one who would listen and not bitch when I was ranting on about how Wammy's sucked.

I remember when we first met.

Roger brought me into the center of the room. I wanted to kill him for that. I stood there, only 4 or five. I don't remember how old I was; but what I do remember, was your face. You looked so innocent. And to think, you were part of the competition to gain L's title. I saw your eyes. They were blue, dark, syrupy thick. Your hair was unbrushed, you wore a stupid, baggy, ugly striped shirt, that just barely clung to your shoulders. Didn't they feed you at all? The old man let me go free. He said all I had to do was find a room with a vacant bed and make my self at home. I cautiously looked around. If my father taught me one thing before he died, it was to never show fear. But oh God that was hard when I saw you step forward.

'You can stay with me..' you held out a pale hand. I looked around, the other children came no where near me.

'They think I'm a mean ass bitch don't they?...' I said, looking back at you.

'dude, language...' I watched as you fingered the rosary around my neck. 'You don't look like a bad guy. Come on,' Your hand grabbed mine. Almost completely engulfing it. 'I'll take you to our new room.' a stupid, wide smile crossed your lips. One that I would see all too often. 'My name's Mile. But ya have ta call me 'Matt'. We all use aliases.' I scoffed.

'How come I don't got one?' an icy tone coated my voice.

'hmm..' you paused in your tracks. 'I'll give you one.' again with the retarded smile.

'ugh...' I groaned, putting a palm to my head.

''What's your name?'

'Iamwith Stupid' I joked, looking out the corner of my eye. Your face dropped. I stared, then made up my mind. 'Damn, I'm as soft as a marshmallow'

'Language, Mel. Hey! I'll call you Mello!' That was the most ridiculous,most fuckin messed up name I have ever heard. But I liked it.

'Thanks Matt. You get a cool name and I get Mello'

'Well, it's not as bad as Near. Sounds like a location.'

'It is you idiot'

'Oh well...' you started playing with your fingers. That was the only time I had ever seen them empty. They annoyed me. Tapping, and jittery. You just stood there thinking and twiddling your thumbs. I groaned, and grabbed an item out of my satchel. That was probably the worst mistake I could've made. It was a video game.

'Here, play with this.' I said, and threw my stuff on the empty bed.

'Whoa!' I heard you shout joyfully as the screen lit up and colours flashed in your eyes.

'You're gonna get a seizure.' I placed a pair of orange goggles over your face. Oh God, Matt, if only you could see how happy you looked. You looked like a puppy about to piss his bed.

'Thanks Mel!' You wrapped my body in your arms and easily crushed my bones. 'I never had a real friend before.'

'Yeah, neither have I...' I said cautiously, and patted your back.

And now I stood over your sleeping form. Ten years later, with a wrenching decision to make.

'I can't take you, you'll just get hurt...' I put a hand on your head. My fingers clenching your scruffy brown-red hair. I could feel a lump rising in my throat. You were my only friend. But I had to find Kira. You and I both know your histories. I had to find some way of protecting us and beating Near to L's position. I knew I could keep you safe then. I let your hair go, and left the room. I looked back one more time half-heartedly telling myself to just leave. With a kick of the stand, the motorcycle came to life, and I rode away. Praying under my breathe I could do this on my own.

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