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With each step, I remembered.

Step. The day I had Imprinted on Embry.

Step. The reaction on Emily's face when she realized what had happened.

Step. The moment I realized that I was pregnant.

Step. The painful aches of birthing.

Step. Embry and I reunited.

Step. The second time he'd proposed. The time that I'd made the right choice.

Every step, another memory. The steps were slow, so I had time to savor the moments, to etch them perfectly in my mind. I realized how much I had grown from my twenty-one year old self; how much I had matured in these years.

And then Charlie let me go, putting my hand in Embry's. He went to go sit back by Sue, Seth, and Melissa, who were sitting in the front pew of the tiny church. From a few rows back, Jake and Nessie gave a little wave. Emily had tears rolling down her face, and even Sam looked a bit close to breaking down.

And then I turned to my fiancée, who would only remain so for the next few minutes.

In that moment, when I looked at Embry, I realized just how much had changed. This time when I looked into his eyes, none of the usual things happened to me; my heart didn't stutter, my breathing didn't accelerate, I didn't get dizzy or weak at the knees.

Instead, a warm feeling bubbled in my stomach, bringing with it courage and a sense of knowing: knowing that this man was here with me, forever; knowing that this wasn't just some schoolyard romance, that this was a serious love that many wish for and few receive; knowing that through good times and bad, through sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer (and I was definitely the latter)—Embry was mine, and would stay mine, for the rest of eternity. I was (finally) getting my happy ending, and I was glad. I had worked hard for the damn thing.

"You may kiss the bride."

Embry did as the minister said.


So, this was originially where I was going to end it. But I got a few requests for a sequel, and as I was falling asleep last night I had a few ideas....

And viola!

There will be a sequel!

It is as yet unnamed, but it will be coming your way soon, so check back if you want to read it!

Happy holidays everyone!