The challenge fic this week was 'Belly' ...Blame Courtney, all her challenge shots I swear...they're hyptonising...

WARNING: language... but you'll hear it one day anyway :D

Summary: One shots to the challenge word 'Belly' No season four spoilers, your safe kiddo's some are season one, some are AU's, some just don't make sense...

Disclaimer: A frog fell into my path...I thought back to 'Bedtime stories' and kissed the bugger...No handsome Sammy prince showed up, and I felt violated :D nah, don't own em...Eric has ALL the fun...I mean ALL

Inspired by the choice of my computor to suddenly die, I watched season three over and over out of nothing better to was awesome to do.

On with the fic...erm fics...

"Sammy? Man you okay back there? Stay with me."

There was tremours lacing Dean's words with worry, hot and thick, making his breath rush and his heart pound.

Tired, bloodshot orbs reflected back into the rear view, Sam was propped up by Dean's leather bundle, eyes unfocused and glassy.

"Sammy?" Fear. Guilt. Sammypleasebeokay.

He couldn't not look at Sam in the rearview, he couldn't put Sam in the front because of the wound, and he he couldn't keep a grip of Sam's knee for reassurance and drive the damn car.

"De-...'n" A choked plea. His body physically shook.

Christ Sammy hold on!

"S'okay Sammy, just a little're gonna' be fine." Dean slurred and hitched his words, he'd lost too much blood. It was fucking everywhere.

The car rocked forward, revved and ate up the blacktop as Dean pushed farther. This was not something he could fix in the middle of nowhere.

Sam's trembling hand stretched out over the hilt of the knife jutting from his stomach.

"M' belly...urt's..." Sam mumbled, blood coats his lips.

Dean couldn't take out the knife, they needed other help for this shit.


A noise escapes Dean's throat as he constantly checks the road then Sam, it's mostly Sam.

The leather jacket doesn't hold and soon Sam's slumping on the backseat, blood everywhere, eye's closing on Dean on the rear view.

Dean couldn't take this.

Dean wouldn't lose Sam.

The light's always red in the rear view.