This is for serindraxx's 25 days of Christmas Challenge at the HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum. The aim is to write a chapter a day up until Christmas...

And I'll warn you now, that this will be shamelessly domestic, and not a lot will happen.

The Burrow, Advent 1980...

A Weasley Family Advent

30th November (Advent Sunday)

Molly is sitting in the kitchen eating a slice of birthday cake and cuddling a baby who is refusing to go to sleep. He is eying the cake speculatively, and Molly reflects ruefully that after six babies, she should know better than to eat cake in front of any of them without offering them any. Her boys seem to be perpetually hungry, and little Ronnie seems to be no different from his brothers in that respect.

She sighs, puts the plate with the half-eaten cake on the table, and carries the baby upstairs. Ronnie yells when she puts him down in the cot, but she judges that he is tired enough that he will settle himself once she leaves the room. She peeks into the room across the landing before going back downstairs to her abandoned cake. The twins are fast asleep – in the same bed again, but she is not going to wake them up to argue the point – and a very sleepy Percy mumbles something incomprehensible to her before subsiding once more into sleep. Upstairs, Molly can hear Arthur in Bill and Charlie's room using his "I'm trying to be reasonable about this, boys" voice. She wonders what tonight's putting-off-bedtime discussion is, and hopes that Arthur will put an end to it quickly.

He does, and is downstairs again before she finishes her slice of cake.

"Is there any of that left?" he asks hopefully.

"A bit. But you'd better leave some for Bill. It's his birthday cake after all."

Arthur grins and shakes his head as he helps himself to the last of the cake. "He had three slices yesterday. He can live without any more."

Molly laughs. "What was the discussion tonight?"

Arthur laughs too. "Bill reckons he should go to bed later than Charlie now he's hit double figures. Charlie argued."

Molly rolled her eyes. "Of course he did. Charlie argues about everything. I hope you told Bill no?"

"Of course I did. What do you think?" Arthur swallows the last of his cake, and stretches. "Can we start thinking about Christmas now Bill's birthday is out of the way?"

"It's Charlie's in less than a fortnight, remember."

"Oh, I know. That was part of his argument for not going to bed earlier than Bill tonight. But can we think about Christmas for the next week or so?"

Molly grimaces. "I suppose we have to. I must start knitting. Have you found the advent calendars?"

"The old ones, yeah. You did get new ones for the twins, didn't you?"

"Fabian did. They're in the drawer over there." Molly nods towards the old dresser. "Can you put them up, love?"

Arthur smiles and gets to his feet, pulling Molly towards him and leading her towards the stairs. "That can wait till the morning. Right now, I have much better plans."