Okay, this uses my same Alec of Hell, Michigan, but only in personality. This is how Alec ends up working with Gibbs' team, which they all fight against. Only Vance appears in this chapter though, because I had to write it quickly. I'm still doing Hell, Michigan(Supernatural fic) and There Will Be Vomit(Bones fic), don't worry (If you've evn read them). Anyway, Alec is a criminal and ends up getting a deal to work with NCIS, read to find out how. PLEASE READ!

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'Oh, crap'

was all Alec could think, again and again.

'OhcrapOhcrapOhcrapOhcrapOhcrapOhcrapOhcrapOhcrapOhcrapOhcrap OH CRAP!!!!!'

She was supposed to just grab the painting, cut it out of the frame, and run, like Boss had said.

He hadn't said 'Get your ass caught by various federal Agents.' which seemed to be what she was about to do.

Alec didn't want to come back empty-handed, so she grabbed the painting which she'd already cut from the frame and shoved it in the case she'd been given.

Ignoring the sirens she'd set off, 16 year old Alec Broekhart started towards the back of the mansion where she'd entered through a hole she'd personally made in the in-door terrarium.

Darn rich people and their need to buy the most obscure exotic animals and devote an entire room to them!

Just as she entered the extremely humid room, taking care to step over some strange species of snake, she heard a loud shout.

"NCIS! Federal Agents! Drop your weapons and hands above your head!"

'WAIT-NCIS!? Why would they be here!? I didn't do anything involving naval officers, let alone kill one!' she thought as she complied to the agents orders.

'Boss and the guys will NOT be happy to find out how deep I got myself in this time.'

NCIS Interrogation Room

"What's your name?" Special Agent Sanders asked.

No response.

"Why were you at the Perry mansion?"


"Who do you work for? Where are your parents? Who are your accomplices?" the questions were being fired off much more quickly now.

"Why did you kill this man?" the agent said while passing an ID photo of an officer to the girl on the opposite side of the table.

"WHAT!?" the girl exploded at him, making him step back slightly.

"Who the HELL said that I ever killed ANYONE?!" she shouted as Sanders tried to regain his composure.

"W-We found you at the Perry mansion, and Sergeant Perry was just killed two d-days ago." he said shakily. "You were there, so-"

"Dude. Did you pay any attention AT ALL to what I was even DOING there?!"

"Well, it appeared that you were stealing a painting, and we thought you might have killed Perry to get it." Sanders knew he'd be in trouble for saying that, but the girl was making him nervous.

"That thing is nice, but not worth killing for! I can honestly say I've never killed anyone in my life!"

"Well how should we know that if we don't know who you are?" Sanders asked.

"You know what?" the girl said, "I'll spill. What do I have to loose?" she laughed without humor.

Sanders looked at her eagerly.

She took a breath "My name is Alecxis Broekhart. My parents left me on the streets as a kid. I have no family. I'm a criminal, but I have NEVER killed anyone, and I really don't like you. Now go and send me off to jail."

"Wait." said a new voice, and a man walked in to the room. "I think I have a better idea for where you can go. You see, I've been thinking of getting some idea of what goes on in the head of a criminal from an actual criminal, and you fit the bill. Not a murderer, technically a ward of the state, and no where to go. How would you like to be a Federal Agent on one of my top teams?" Director Vance asked.

"WHAT!?!" Sanders and Alec shouted simultaneously.

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