My Belly Hurts

John Winchester was sitting at the small oak kitchen table of his small little temporary home with his two sons in Wisconsin. This state was one of the safest and it was demon free so he felt at ease here.

Then the pitter-patter of feet and his youngest son who was four now came into view. John placed his book down and took a sip of his coffee. His son looked like he was in pain his face puckered like he was eating a sour candy.

"Sammy." John said softly. "What's wrong?"

"My belly hurts." He said faintly. His clammy hands gripped his stomach.

John stood up and scooped up Sam. "I'll give you some medicine and then you are going straight to bed."

"Can I sleep in Dean's bed?" Asked the boy.

"How bout my bed?" John asked. He was too worried about his son who defiantly had a fever.

Sam though he was feeling horrible grinned "Really?"

"Just tonight, Sammy."

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