Unnamed truth

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I thought for sure that I was dead but I felt no other pain then that had been already inflicted on my body. I opened my eyes to see nice black shoes. I grunted in pain and looked up the leg to the face of my savior. I gasped. "Tseng." I whispered. He looked down at me and kneeled. "Cissnei, are you ok?" he asked. I smiled the best I could to him. He could see right through it. I know it.

"I'm fine." I grunted softly. He stared at me like he didn't believe me. Maybe because he doesn't. He moved over to the side of me and brought one arm around my shoulders. He slowly flipped me over so I could look up at him. My muscles screamed in pain and exhaustion. He then put an arm behind my neck and another under my knees. He lifted me almost effortlessly. I was now able to look around better.

Surrounding the area was the Turks. When I say Turks I mean Reno, Rude, and Elena. Reno and Rube were keeping the people that attacked me in a corner. While Elena was calling up for reinforcements. I looked down at the floor. My heart launched. There on the floor was the beady eyed man. His blood surrounded him from the hole in his head. I stared at him in horror. I was hypnotized by his dead body.

I wanted to look away but I couldn't. My eyes were glued to the picture. It seemed to imprint on my mind. I slowly but surely looked up at Tseng. He was looking down at me. I looked deep into his dark black eyes. I saw something in there. There was a thing. It was tiny and weak. It stared back at me. There was a gash on it's cheek it had lots of bumps and dark purple marks on it's face and other parts of it's body.

I started to shake. That's... not the thing... it's... me. I stared into his eyes. I look like the walking dead. My eyes widen. "You see now?" a voice hissed. It was the 'leader' of the people that attacked me. I had to look over at him. "Hey shut up, yo!" Reno yelled. I continued to stare at his smirking face. His bloodshot eyes mocked me. My chest tightened. It was like he was looking past me and into my soul.

"Nameless monster!"

My eyes widen. How... the...?! His mouth didn't move! I stared at him more closely. His smile grew wider and so did my eyes.

"Nameless, ShinRa lapdog!"

My heart began to pound painfully in my chest. What is going on?!? who are these people!?

"Your destroyers! Nameless fool!"

What!? Is he in my head!? Get out!! Stay away from me!

"... you are alone.... I am where no one can save you..."

No! Stay away! I have the Turks to help me! Tseng, Elena, Reno, and and Rude! All of them will help me!

"No they wont..."

"This is a bad idea..."

A new voice ran inside my head. It sounded familiar but I couldn't put my finger on the man's name....

"Name? She has no name... I know we have to call her something but what?"

My heart throbbed painfully in my chest. I can't take this!! GO AWAY!!!

"NEVER! We wont go until you die!"

I screamed. There was no other way to silence the voice. So I screamed. As loud as my lungs would allow. I shook uncontrollably. I wanted to get away and run. I felt something hold me tighter. Oh no! There going to get me! No please leave me be! I started to wiggle as fast as I could. Adrenaline pumped in my veins.

"I'm going to get you!"

I tried to push them away from me. They held me tighter. "Damn it!" I heard a woman cursed. "Shit!" a man cursed as well. My eyes filled with tears. I waved my arms around like a manic. The person holding me laid me down and held my arms above my head. By now I was sobbing. I tried to pull away from him. He was a lot stronger then me. I began to kick with my legs.

"No please! No don't hurt me! Please! Get away from me! Please!" I sobbed. Something grabbed my legs and held them down. Panic rose up within me. I was going to die.

"Yes you are! I'm going to get you!"

My stomach crunched. In the mists on my panic, I heard a word. It was repeated many times. Over and over again. The voice sounded worried. Scared almost. But not quite. My muscles began to get tired again. The adrenaline was wearing off. Tears clouded my vision. Wait! What was that? It was that word again! What is it and who's saying it? Then it came ever so clearly.

"Cissnei!" called the voice. I froze. I looked at the source of the voice. He was a blur. Then suddenly he came in clearly. He looked worried. His black hair went over his shoulder. I stared. "Tseng!" I cried and pushed my self up and wrapped my arms around his neck. I began to shack again.

"Please!" I begged digging my head into his shoulder. "Make the voices go away! Please!" he put a hand on my back. "Ok." he said softly. I felt so childish. He put his arm around me and under my legs again. I refused to bring my head away. I tried to equal out my breathing but I continued to sob. I've never felt so alone in all my life.

I felt us moving. He was walking now. I could tell. "Please..." I begged. I felt his head turn as if to look at me. Now I felt childish. "I don't want to be alone! Please don't leave me! Please I'm alone!" Tseng stared down at me long and hard, i could tell by his silence. For a moment there I thought he would say no. But I was proven wrong. "If that is what you wish" he murmured.

Then I relaxed and I went into a deep dark sleep.

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