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"Ugh. I hate snow. It's cold, it's wet, and it's slippery. I should just move to Hawaii." Bella thought as she picked herself up off of the ground for what seemed like the hundredth time today.

After brushing herself off Bella inspected her clothes. No rips or tears but her police officer - blue jeans were turning white from the road salt.

She swore, you don't mess with Bella's blue jeans.

Grumbling to herself it was no surprise that Bella missed the clear glassy patch of ice directly in front of her.

Pitching forward, she realized that she had fallen to many times today that it didn't matter when the ash-grey side walk came up to meet her face.

At least it didn't matter until she hit the cold ground arm first, and heard a sharp crack emit from said arm.

Clutching her right arm to her chest, Bella tried to remember where the nearest hospital was. With the fire shooting up her arm, this was a harder task than it first appears.

Finally she recalled a clinic about a half-block away from where she was now. Getting up and heading towards the clinic, Bella concentrated so hard on remaining upright that she took no notice of the paper white flakes falling around her.

As she neared where the clinic should have been, Bella looked up only to see too many goose feather white flakes in front of her nose to see more than three feet away.

Ignoring this she trudged on through the snow until she reached where she knew the clinic was.

Never before had there ever been a patient so happy to see this clinic.

Bella walked inside the pristine building, went over to the receptionist and managed to choke out, "Arm. Broken."

The previously jaded receptionist sprang into action, swiftly picking up the phone and punching in a few numbers. Bella was dimly aware of the woman saying the name 'Cullen' but nothing else.

The receptionist turned her attention towards Bella once more. "Dr. Cullen will be out in a moment, if you'll just wait right there that would be great."

"Okay, thanks umm," Bella leaned forward to get a better look at the woman's name tag, "Alice"

"You're welcome. How did you hurt yourself?" Alice asked.

"Um I fell." Bella blushed.

"Oh I almost forgot I need to know your name and if you've been here before."

"Bella Swan, and yes I have been here, many times before."

Before Alice could say anything else bronze haired man in a white lab coat banged in through a door behind the counter.

"Alice, you know I love you but WHY did you have me paged when you know I'm on my lunch break?"

"Because dear brother, I have a patient that requires your attention." Alice smiled deviously and gestured towards Bella.

Dr. Cullen turned to look in the direction that Alice had motioned towards and dropped his jaw. Bella blushed again, thinking that she must look horrible.

"Hi." he said softly and reached over the counter as if to shake Bella's hand.

Bella pulled back.

"I'd rather not its why I'm here."

Dr. Cullen looked confused for a moment but then his face flooded with comprehension.

"OH. Right well we should probably go in the back and take a look at it then shouldn't we?"

"I was hoping that you would."

Now it was Dr. Cullen's turn to blush, he'd just made himself look like a complete idiot in front of the pretty patient. Doctors aren't as smart as everyone seems to think.

Dr. Cullen walked back out of the door he had entered in, disappearing for a few moments and then reappearing in the clinic's reception area.

Dr. Cullen held the frosted glass door open. "Right this way Ms. Umm Ms."

"Swan," Bella offered helpfully. " But please call me Bella, Ms. Swan makes me feel old."

"Well then Bella it's only fair that you call me Edward."

"Hello Edward." Bella giggled.

Edward smiled. "Hello Bella."

They stared into the others eyes for a few moments, each lost in the other's, until Alice cleared her throat snapping them out of it.

"Right this way Bella." Edward said again, gesturing grandly to the hallway that he was standing in.

Bella walked over to where Edward was standing.

"People who know where they're going first."

Edward nodded curtly and walked over to door about halfway down the empty white hallway. He opened the door and motioned for Bella to go inside.

She did and he told her in a somewhat shaky voice to sit down on the bed.

The paper crinkled as Bella sat down.

"So Bella, what happened to your arm?"

" I slipped and fell and I'm pretty sure I broke it."

"And you're not in pain?"

"Oh no, it hurts, a lot, I'm just a klutz so I'm used to pain."

Edward laughed quietly and pulled a small bottle of pills out of an overhead cupboard. He opened up the bottle and shook out a couple of diamond shaped pills.

"Here take these they'll help with the pain." Edward filled a small plastic cup of water and handed that to Bella as well.

Bella downed the pills quickly. For a few moments neither said anything. Bella on the hospital bed looked around and swung her feet, while Edward looked at some paperwork.

"What's that?" Bella asked breaking the silence.

"Oh this is the insurance paperwork that we're supposed to fill out before we do anything."

"Uh like give me pills?"

"Yeah but don't worry Alice slipped me a copy of your medical files before I left, so I know what kind of meds you can and can't have."

Edward then proceeded to ask Bella questions so he could fill out the insurance forms. Bella answered all of his questions willingly, until Edward asked for her phone number.

"Wait. My what?" Bella asked incredulously.

"Your phone number. What is it?" Edward looked at a confused Bella expectantly.

"I don't remember that ever being on the insurance forms before."

Edward sighed realizing that he had been caught.

"That's because it's not. The phone number is for me not the insurance forms."

Bella smiled and told him her number along with an invitation to see a movie with her the following Saturday. Needless to say the doctor accepted and after setting and bandaging her broken arm, clocked out and drove her home.

"Thanks again for the ride." Bella told Edward after he pulled into her driveway.

Bella had her hand on the door handle ready to hop out of the car when Edward placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Bella wait."

Bella turned back around towards Edward.


"I just wanna try one thing." Yes I know movie quote

Edward leaned over to Bella and kissed her gently until they were both gasping for breath.

"Bella," Edward breathed rubbing his thumb over her cheek.

"BELLA!" Charlie bellowed bringing a fist down to bang on the roof of Edwards car.

"Shit, its Charlie." Bella cursed under her breath.


"My Dad."


"Bella get out of that car right now!" Charlie yelled at Bella through the tinted windows of Edwards car.

"Sorry, I better go." Bella told Edward apologetically.

"Wait. Why do you live with your dad?"

"I just graduated college and I can't really afford a place of my own right now."

"BELLA!" Charlie was screaming again.

"I should go before your dad kills me."

Bella laughed. "Yeah probably. So I'll see you Saturday?"

Edward grinned "it's a date."

Okay so Charlie is still the police chief, Edward has only been a doctor for about three months Carlisle and Alice both work at the clinic with Edward, and Bella is a recently graduated English major. I'm hoping for like 5 reviews for this chapter and if I don't get them I honestly might not write more of this story, so if you want more you'll have to review. Which you should do…like right now.