Title: First Line of Defense
Author: Enkidu07
Disclaimer: They are not mine.
Challenge Word: "belly"
Players: Many groovy individuals. I have posted the many intrepid players on my profile page and will post the challenge word/posting time as well if anyone is interested in joining!


Dean woke, his neck aching from sleeping at an awkward angle. As he tried to shift to his belly, a hand stopped him.

He cracked an eye at his looming brother. "Dude, hands."

Sam quirked his lips and responded in the same tone, "Dude, ribs."

Dean inhaled, then grimaced as white-hot pain skewered through his side.

"You see my point," Sam joked but his eyes were sympathetic.

Dean took shallow breaths, slowly calming, easing back into an unsettled slumber.

Later Dean roused again, attempted to shift to a more comfortable position. A hand stopped him.

He cracked an eye. "Dude."