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Quick note: "Bold" is Max's thoughts

"Italics" is the Voice.

Regular speaking is with nothing added.

I am in italics, bold, and underlined.


-Off somewhere in the distance, a person beats a drum whilst eating popcorn-


Crowd: HOORAY!!!


I froze for a few seconds and sighed. Did I ever get a break?

"Yeah? What is it now?" Was he not the one who said that I was allowed to take a few minutes to rest now and then? Well, damn it, I wanted to rest now! No crazy stopping in the middle of a shopping mall because a Voice in your head is talking to you for me now, please!

I swear, I think I heard the Voice chuckle. Damn smart aleck.

"I was just going to warn you about Itex. They are coming today, but not for you". Whacko voice in my head say what now?

"You heard me. I managed to get that tidbit of information." Really. Who the heck says tidbit anymore? "There are some mutants in the area, actually the mall that you are in right now. They are trustworthy and the Erasers want their leader badly."

Well that's some wonderful news to us. And not to them. "How do you know that they are trustworthy? They could be random Erasers in better costumes than before!"

"Max, have I ever steered you wrong?" And then I felt the Voice's presence leave my mind. Does he/she/it know that any given actual direct answers to questions COULD BE HELPFUL?

Almost as soon as I thought that, I felt a hand on my shoulder and visibly tensed up. Then Fang's voice floated into my head. "Calm down. Voice again?"

I sighed and nodded. "How'd you know?"

A small chuckle escaped Fang's lips. "You practically froze in the middle of the aisle, and I could see the steam rolling out of your ears. It was pretty hard not to notice." Hehe. Oops. "For me anyway." He muttered. I wasn't sure whether or not I was supposed to hear that part.

We walked up to catch up with the rest of the Flock, and I passed a girl dressed entirely in black, sitting on the bench with a laptop in her lap. She looked about my age, but more like a female version of Fang than anything else. And I loved the leather cropped jacket she was wearing. "Note to self, stop listening to Nudge rant about fashion."

As soon as I said that, the girl smirked and closed her lap top. Her lips started moving in a countdown. "Three, two, one."

On cue, the lights started flashing and the fire alarm sounded. Looking dead at me, she said, "Showtime." And ran off in the other direction.

"Like I said, Maximum, I have never steered you wrong."

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Guy behind me on the Long Island railroad: If you have the right to say that Edward Cullen is hot, why can't I say that about Katy Perry? It's the same concept!

His girfriend and I: No. No, it's not.

Me: It's Edward Cullen.

Girlfriend: Versus Katy Perry.

Me: It just can't work.

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