Across the ocean, a squad of bullfrogs floated along, carrying a cargo of troops to infinity isle, followed by an MCV. Inside one of the bullfrogs, there was singing.

"29 bottles of vodka on the wall, 29 bottles of vodka…"

"Shut up!"

"Why are you so mean to me Ivan?"

"Because I've had to restrain myself from killing you, Welkin , for the past 19 hours!"

"At least you get a bear for a pillow."

"Shut up."


5 hours later

"We've arrived!"

That call from the bullfrog driver was the one everyone stuck in the man cannon was so desperately waiting for.

"Fire Man Cannon!"

And that was the one they all loathed.

Soon, the entire contents of the bullfrog's storage chamber, including conscripts Ivan and Welkin, a sleeping war bear, and a engineer sleeping on said war bear, found themselves launched at the beach, and then face first in it.

"I. Hate. Bullfrogs." Swore Ivan.

The only one who didn't end up face first down in the sand was the engineer who, in his sleep, pulled his parachute chord in midair by reflex and landed in a still sleeping posture on the ground, on grass further inland.

"Why can't we do that?" Asked Welkin as he helped Ivan up.

"They put more money into training engineers than they do conscripts comrade." Replied Ivan.

"Dang. Hey, what's that?" Welkin said and pointed to a shape in the sky.

The "shape" was in fact a twin blade chopper, which then landed near the deploying MCV.

"Oh great, its our commander. We have to ride in those," Ivan pointed to the bullfrogs. "health hazards while he gets his own private aerocopter!"

"Its our lot in life man." Replied his fellow compatriot while the twin blade opened it passenger door. What came out was a young man, a commander according to his rank insignia, and what could have been the most beautiful women in the world( to Welkin's perspective) followed him.

"Why do we never get that kind of stuff?" He asked. Ivan didn't have to tell him, the answer was obvious.

"Come on, lets get to work."


" Hope you are settled in commander." Said Dasha over the video transmitter.

"Oh yea, getting set up and building over here." He replied. With the outbreak of the war, commanders were ever-growing scarce as the conflict escalated and grew, with more battlefields and troops then there were leaders. In response, during the recruitment process, tests for leadership and tactical thinking were implemented, leading to a few conscript commanders. Child commanders, just entering adulthood, made up the majority of them.

"Well in any case, you don't have any orders except for building up your base and gaining control of the ore in the area, but be on standby."

"Got it, logging off." As switched the transmission off.