United Front

Drabble Challenge Word: Belly

I don't own them, but if I did...I just melted a bit.

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Sam knelt, trailed his fingers through congealed blood. Dean's blood. Still warm.

Followed the trail toward his brother. His brother who'd set himself up as bait. He clamped down on the thought, anger later.

Turned the corner. Dean, crouched for attack, left arm protecting his abdomen. Wet crimson stained his jacket.

"Wolf's down." At Sam's words tension bled from Dean. Sam watched pain kick in as adrenaline faded.

"Sorry, plan went belly up." Sam rolled his eyes, braced Dean.

"Plan implies strategy, tactics, teamwork," anger came back hard.

Dean's somber gaze froze him, "Always a team, Sammy, no matter what."