Title: Ache

Author: Letting The Rain In

Disclaimer: As always, sadly, I only own the order that the words are written in.

Challenge Phrase: Belly.

Word Count: 100.

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A/N: I'd like to dedicate this to Supernoodle, without whom this drabble wouldn't exist, since it arose from a conversation with her. Also, she told me I had to post it, so blame her!

"It's my belly," Dean whines, gripping the offending area.

Sam crouches beside the bed. "Dean," he says softly. "It's a fictitious pain. Deal with it."

"I could be dying," Dean insists, truly offended. The thought sparks a brain cell into motion and Dean gasps theatrically, doubling over. "I think it might be my appendix, dude."

"Appendix's traditionally reside in the right side of the body. And you had yours removed when you were eleven."

Dean stops screwing his eyes up in pain to send his little brother a glare. Sam sighs, giving him the extra piece of bacon.

"Drama queen."