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Pairings: Nejiten, Sasusaku, and Shikatema.

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Freezing Rain

Chapter 1

By: Turtlechick


"Shh be quiet." The teacher commanded my class.

Every year all of the students in our school took a test. If you scored high enough on the test your name was put in a drawing. If your name was drawn you got to go to this huge convention in some other state. Last year the convention was in Hawaii, as you can imagine people put a little more effort in their tests this year.

"Ok here are the three students chosen for the academic convention in Maine. Drum roll please. Ok here we go, Tenten Watarashi, Sakura Haruno, and Temari Suna."

I could have jumped out of my skin. My name was called. The best part was that the other two people going just happened to be my best friends. I guess all of those late nights studying really paid off.


That day at lunch I went straight to our table to see how Sakura and Temari had taken the news.

"Maine? That's really the best they can do?" Sakura wailed. She was one of the ones who studied for recreational benefits.

"Oh be quiet. At least it will look good on our college applications." Temari objected.

"Wow that's the first time I've heard that coming from you Temari." I teased as I sat down in between the two of them. That's how it has always been. I've always been in the middle.

Sakura is your typical girly girl. She loves shopping, boys, and designer anything, oh and did I mention boys? She even dyed her hair her favorite color, pink.

Temari is a little more hardcore. She likes the color black and likes to break out of the crowd. She's one in a million. She loves to be different. She didn't like her blond hair all that much so she likes to wear it in different styles. This year she had been wearing her hair in four ponytails on the back of her head.

Me, well I'm right in the middle. I'm not a big girly girl like Sakura, but a little sweeter than Temari. I'm kind of boring so Temari suggested I wear my hair differently likes he does. One time we tried two buns and it kind of stuck with me.

"Well I bet you're happy." Temari said. "This is our last year in high school and the smartest girl in school needs to be recognized." I stuck my tongue out at her but it was true. I was at the top of my class and always had been. Every year I had waited for my name to be called and this year it finally happened.

"So what's the weather like in Maine?" Sakura asked all of a sudden.

Temari and I laughed. "Cold." I answered. I knew where this was going.

"You know what that means?" She got this huge smile on her face. "Shopping!"

"Sakura you always find some way to make us go shopping."

"Well Temari we live in a city where it's always hot. Tell me do you have any winter coats?" Temari said nothing. "That's what I thought. It's decided then we'll go shopping after school today."

I giggled. "We'll go Sakura but you can't keep Temari out as long as you did last time. I thought she was going to kill that cab driver."

"Hey! He was asking for it. Besides I told him not to push me." The three of us laughed.

"So do you think there will be any cute boys there?" Sakura's eyes sparkled at the thought of cute boys.

"Yeah right Sakura nice try. This is a complete nerd convention." Temari said. "And we're the nerds."

"Well it couldn't hurt to ask." Sakura was pouting now.

"Hey who knows maybe you'll get lucky." I tried to cheer Sakura up by rubbing her back but the giggles escaped my lips. I had talked to a boy who had gone to the convention last year. He told me that the entire place was filled with some of the biggest nerds he had ever seen. The worst thing is that he's a pretty big nerd so they must be pretty bad.


We limited Sakura to a minimum of two hours. She pouted at first but knew that would probably be just enough to make Temari and I suffer.

At the end of those two hours Temari and I were exhausted. I could have sworn that we went to every single store in our three story mall. We had settled with a few coats for each of us. Sakura recommended matching mittens and hats. We couldn't say no because they were really cute.

"So I guess tomorrow is our trip?" Sakura said as we walked home our bags in hand.

"Well at least we get out of school."

I laughed. "Temari it's an academic convention what do you think we're going to do there?"

"You mean we have to do school stuff? I thought we were just going to go and meet some people, listen to a few people give a lecture and be done with it."

"Come on Temari even I knew that. Yeah apparently that's why you have to get a certain test score. All of the schools have to compete in this super bowl thing for smart kids."

"Well I guess it's a good thing we have Tenten. No one is smarter than her." She put an arm around my shoulder.

"Actually there are probably a lot smarter kids than me out there."

"What are you talking about Tenten? You will totally dominate this convention thing."

"Thanks guys."


"So here we go." We towed our luggage on the plane. Of course Sakura had twice as many bags as Temari and I did, but that's just more to lug around right?

"How long is this flight supposed to be?" Sakura asked one of the flight attendants.

"About three hours." She smiled sweetly at us and then moved on to the row of seats.

"Great I'm getting some sleep." Temari announced to the rest of the plane. Sakura and I giggled. "Well I thought this flight would be long so I didn't get any sleep last night just so I would get some sleep on this plane."

"Yeah I brought plenty of magazines." Sakura held up an assortment of fashion magazines. Temari made a gagging noise and Sakura stuck out her tongue. "So Tenten why didn't your dad get us some first class tickets?"

"Well these tickets were provided by the convention committee. I didn't want them to go to waste."

"Who cares? That last plane ride we took was so nice. Your dad has some great connections." It was true my dad worked for the government and traveled a lot. All of his extra frequent flyer miles went to me for personal use.

"We hope you all enjoy your flight. Please remain seated with your seat belts on until the light turns off. Thank you for choosing Phoenix Airlines."

I took a deep breath and popped my head phones is my ear.

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