Freezing Rain

Chapter 9

By: turtlechick

"Mr. President look at this!" A small man came running in the conference room with a stack of papers in his arms and a wide grin on his face. "People look what we just received from space." He came to a halt at the head of the table where the president, Tenten's father and other important officials were seated. He calmed himself and finally spoke again. "I've got wonderful news." He said laying the large stack of papers on the table.

"Well spit it out man!" A person said, everyone was a bit impatient these days.

"Oh right." The small man said laughing slightly at his delay. "Well we just received a message from the space center with good news." He stood proudly after just relaying the most important message the country and world had needed in a while. He forgot, however, that he hadn't said the actual message that everyone was anticipating.

"Well what's the message say boy?" The president asked.

"Oh yeah." He laughed nervously.

He grabbed the remote off the stand and fumbled with it in his hands before truly turning the television on so that the rest of the room could see the oh so important message. He fiddled with the controls until finally landing on a channel where two men were shown. They were obviously without gravity because they both floated freely in the air.

"This is the recruits from the space program with a report from the recent weather problems." The camera zoomed in on the window behind the both of them. Out of the window earth could clearly be seen, but without the snow packed image that had been there for going on a month now. "As you can see the snow that was once covering most of the earth has almost completely melted and no new system of the horrible storm can be seen. As far as we can conclude the storm is over."

The nervous man switched off the TV and once again stood proud, knowing that this time he had successfully passed on the important message. The mood couldn't have been better in the room full of the worlds most prestigious officials and leaders.

"Well my fellow world leaders… it's over." There was a triumphant cheers from the entire room as, finally, the plague that had swept over the earth was over. They could all start to rebuild their different part of the world and start anew. Things were going to be able to be fixed and soon things would go back to normal.

There was man in the group knew there was something he had to do. He had a group of people in one of the most affected states that needed his help. He had been waiting for this moment longer than any father should.



It had been a month now that we had all been caught in the place that was supposed to be giving us an upper hand later in life. But all this trip had gotten us was stuck. We were jammed into a hotel room with only five other people to look at. Not saying those five other people I was stuck with, were bad. Two of them just happened to be my best friends, two more of them were I guess you could say their 'love interests' in this whole crazy experience.

And then the last one. Neji, the guy I had met by running into him and thinking he was a wall. And in some ways he was a wall. He was someone I could always lean up against when I wanted to fall. I knew that the first minute the three of us met them that it had happened for a reason and I think it was to help us get through this horror movie.

Without the three of them, we wouldn't have survived. Sasuke was our tough guy. Even though he was quiet he found ways to keep us together. Shikamaru, without his brains we wouldn't have even lasted as long as we did. He was also the person who as Sakura said, "tamed the beast," known as Temari. And Neji, like Sasuke, just kept us from ripping each other apart throughout this long ass month. I never thought that this trip would ever lead to what it did, a boyfriend. Especially since the only people we thought that were going to be here were total nerds.

The weather outside was getting better by the minute. Most of the ice had melted outside of the window and we cold actually see out of it again. Sakura freaked out when she woke up and was able to see the sun rise. We all had missed that, seeing the sun over the horizon. The whole thing was really pretty. We stood there as the sun shone on the snow, for the first time we had been able to see in a while, and we watched as the snow sparkled.

I knew that soon someone would come for us. I had faith in my dad. But I still wondered what about the other billions of people on the earth, surely this thing wasn't only in Maine. It had to be effecting other parts of the world. I wondered how the other people had fared. Did those people who went out in the storm survive? It was a good thing that Shikamaru found and was able to fix that radio, or else we all might have gone crazy from not knowing what was going on with the rest of the world, even though we were right in the middle of what was going on at the moment.

We were all sitting in quiet, just waiting for something to happen. We had heard on the radio that the government was already sending people out to rescue survivors. It was just a matter of time before someone came for us and got us out fo this place and back to our family, homes and warm beds, I really missed that last one.


Today was like any other day in the long month we had been here, quiet, boring and every thing else along those lines. We were all strewn out at different parts of the room some of us sleeping, it was the only thing to do. We were all alert, however, when we heard a faint rustling outside of the door. It was a ways away but Neji and Sasuke jumped up and went to the door. It could have been the wolves again for all we knew. We had hoped that we scared them enough the last time they came near us to the point that they wouldn't come back.

We sat silent and still waiting for whatever was outside of the doors. I could feel my heartbeat in my ears, it felt like it would jump out of my chest if I let it. Sakura scooted closer to me as the shuffling got louder and louder until it was right outside the door and it stopped. Whatever was outside said nothing so we presumed that whatever it was it wasn't human.

The things started slamming up against the door until our only barrier broke and in came three U.S. soldiers. No one said anything, still shocked that we had been found and this whole ordeal was over. I knew the voice that was heard next by heart.

"Move out of the way soldiers." Said the voice. The men obeyed and then my dad appeared in a large puffy red coat. His cheeks were red, he never liked the cold, that's why he liked to call Phoenix home. He saw me right away and came running into my arms. This one of the rare times I had seen my, 'all about the military,' dad cry. I'm sure I was bawling as well, but I was numb so I couldn't tell. He released me and hugged Sakura next and then Temari. "I'm so glad you kids are alright." He had no idea how glad we all were to see him. "We've got a chopper outside to take you all home." He wiped his face again with his gloved hands and gave me another squeeze.

We grabbed whatever few belongings we had left and followed them outside. It was bright, because the sun could clearly be seen from earth. On the still packed snow was a helicopter, the one that was going to take us out of here. We were all about to leave this forsaken place but I knew there was something I had to. I grabbed Neji's hand and pulled him to my father.

"Dad." I said confidently, my voice raspy from the still cold conditions. "This is Neji."

My dad and saw our hands intertwined and stuck out his to Neji. "Thank you sir for taking care of my little girl."

Neji relaxed and shook his hand. "I would do it all over it again in a heartbeat."

"Let's hope you never have to. Come on let's get you kids home."

We all got in the helicopter, it was a little tight because of all the people that were in it. There wasn't an arm that wasn't touching another arm. We lifted up off the ground and I watched as our home for the long month drifted away as we gained altitude and eventually flew away.

"As soon as I heard the coast was clear I rushed out here to get you kids. The other known survivors are being picked up as well." I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders knowing that we weren't the only other survivors.

"How far did the storm travel?" Shikamaru asked.

"It covered almost the entire globe." My father answered.

"So do you know how many other survivors there are?" Sakura asked next.

"We only know of a few, like ones that were able to communicate with others that knew what was happening and knew what to do like me. There are other copters going to different parts of the city as we speak." To think that there were others in this city that we never even knew about.

So it was over, this bizarre event that led to so much more than we all thought. It had brought us all closer together and the knowing that we could survive anything as long as we put our minds to it… even a little freezing rain couldn't hold us down.

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