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Chapter 4.

We made it back to Voultura in much shorter than we had anticipated so I was left to myself brief free time. I wandered around the ancient stone corridors closing my eyes letting my fingers feel each grain of stone in the wall. For the first time in centuries I let my mind wander. I should have known it would travel back to the Cullen's well one Cullen in particular, I let my thoughts dwell on the happy times like in the meadow him holding me in his arms at prom swinging me around like a little girl, Alice dressing me up like a Barbie doll I let out a small musical laugh I gave her such a hard time on that. They were the happiest memories I had now. I felt my eyes tighten as they tried to cry the tears my eyes could no longer hold. I sank to my knees trying to control the raging hole in my chest, I took long deep breaths though I didn't need them. And controlled the hurt that fogged my mind, after this came the rage though. If they had never left I could still be with Charlie, be with Jake see his warm smile, just be human, but I just wasn't good enough I had always known, but it was painful to acknowledge it. I was snapped from my revive though when Alec came walking down the hall looking at me with a strange mixture of sarcasm, cockiness and as always, checking my out. Hey he said with a sly grin Aro wants you.

Chapter 5.

Felix , Demitri and Bella I have called you here for a very important meeting you three will be going on a personal mission which I have not yet informed the rest of the guard yet. You will be traveling to an old friend of mine to see there gifts and so on. Maybe even acquire them. though that is doubtful, Now this is a very important friend of mine and I don't want to offend him. So you must be extremely respectful, and polite. He aimed a meaningful look at me. God I thought who could they , You three will be visiting the Cullen's . You leave tomorrow morning, you are dismissed he said sealing it with an angelic smile. What I screamed as soon as Aro left the room, What I said my wide golden eyes wild with disbelief I wheeled around to look at Felix and Demitri did you guys know about this I said adding a cold edge to my melting honey tone. They just chuckled and shrugged Felix saying under his breath Catfight in a singsong voice. I grimaced this was going to be a long day.

Chapter 6.

We stepped out of Demitri's Big Black Jeep Stronger blaring from the massive speakers. We must of looked pretty intense if I say so myself coming out of the car. We had ditched our cloaks and were wearing normal clothing. And I had dressed to kill, I vainly wanted to see Edward eat his heart out. I wore tight dark skinny jeans tucked in to slick high heeled black boots with a sharp toe. Emphazing my long slender legs. I had a white lacy undershirt under a well fitted tight black motorcycle jacket revealing my extremely slender angular figure I wore my perfect glossy ringlets down cascading down by back without any make up on my beyond perfection features. I was a little nervous to see Rosaline though , she had never liked me in the first place and I was not eager to see how she would react when seeing her beauty wasn't even close to rivaling mine. We walked up slow to the front door and knocked I took a deep breath this was it. What I had spent years waiting for. Carlisle answered as young and youthful as ever Hello he said pleasantly I returned the favor with a warm smile spreading my full glossy lips to expose perfect ultra white teeth. Felix chuckled in the background because obviously Carlisle still hadn't recognized who I really was I doubted he would, I looked completely different from my human self my beauty amplified by a million, sometimes I was recognized though the way by cheek bones prominently cut across my face my mahogany ringlets, now perfect and shiny my extremely thin figure but it was rare to see Bella in me. Felix and Demitri erupted in to a fit of laughter as Carlisle eyes widened at my beauty, oh come on Bella Demitri chocked out between laughter just through him a bone. Har, Har, Har I said sarcastically Nice to see you again Carlisle remember me, BBBBella he said his perfect speech marred by his stutters. Wwwhat he said , long story I retorted waving my hand in his direction, Then Emmet stepped in to the doorway hey how's this he said scanning me up and down with his eyes…..and staying there. Why don't you guys come inside it was obvious he targeted me in it though. I rolled my eyes if only he knew who I was, apparently Felix and Demitri seemed to have the same idea and erupted in to another fit of laughter.