Notes:The Main character was inspired by an Imaginary friend I had as a kid.I hope you enjoy the story,and please review!

Chapter a small town!

A small boy ran through the back alleys of the town,panting heavily,checking back over his shoulder every now and then. They were still chasing ,he came to a dead-end,his end.A brick wall,aged from bright red to a rustic brown.

Three large Teens approached him slowly,grinning."This'll teach ya....."One said,lifting the boy by the scruff of his neck. In the boys mind,he was frantically yelling,the words not coming out of his mouth,due to sheer fear.Help!HELP!

The next few moments were a figure appeared,and then the three teens were down,the small boy being gently placed back on his feet."You okay?"

"Y-yes......who are you?"

"I'm your imaginary friend. By the way,what's my name?"

Notes:Sorry for such a short prelude,I'm still trying to get the story straight in my mind. It will finally pick up in a few days or so!