Chapter 5:Versus the Extreme

"Bloo......slowly move towards the entrance....."Fighton said,taking Bloo in hand,and inched towards the door to the cage. The Black ball watched their every move,waiting for the chance to attack,like a beast in the wild.

They were only inches away,and then the twisted figment took it's leapt at them,teeth gnashing.

Fighton opened the door,and tossed Bloo out. Before he could run out,the heavy metal door closed.

He turned around,and barely dodged the attack.

"Alright,no more Mister Nice Friend."He said,taking a fighting stance:fists raised,and all his weight to the balls of his feet,ready to spring.

It charged yet again,but Fighton was took the offensive this time. Lunging forward,he brought his fist crashing into the ball's forehead(?).The beast gave a whimper,as cracks had appeared where Fighton had struck.

Outside,Frankie was attending to Bloo."You okay?Any scratches,cuts,broken bones?"

"No,the only thing hurt is my ego.I could have taken that extreme-a-saur."Bloo replied.

"No you couldn't!And Fighton is in there right now,probably getting shredded!Mac,go get Mr. Herri-"

Before she could finish,the trio outside could hear punches,kicks,and something whining in pain from inside the cage. It all came to an abrupt halt.

The cage door opened,and Fighton stepped out,barely a scratch on him."Hey guys,what's up?"He said with a smile.

"Your okay!"Frankie said,running up,and hugging him. The friend's smile became a dreamy blush.

"What happened in there?"Mac asked,Fighton snapped out of his daze when Frankie let him go."I,erm,gave the Extreme-a-saur some lessons in manners. Care to take a look?"

"Um,no what we heard out here,I think you practically mangled the thing."Frankie said,giving a slight grin."C'mon hero,I think you have a congrats dinner for you tonight."

"What about me?Don't I get anything?!"Bloo protested.

"All you get is some extra chores,which I'm sure Mr. Herriman woud be happy to give to you."Frankie replied.