Roxas was walking down the hall, going to his first period class- Calculus. Roxas liked calculus, he really did, because he was good at it. The only bad thing about it, was his teacher- Xemnas(or as the students like to call him-Mansex). The problem with Mansex was that he was a pervert. Roxas didn't know what the board was thinking when they hired him.

Roxas was just about to step in to the calc room, when he felt a something smack his ass. He turned around to see a smirking red head.

"Axel! What the Hell are you doing?" Roxas said angerly.

Axel just grinned sheepishly. "I thought you were someone else."

This is the point were Roxas glared.

"Oh, and who did you think I was?"


"And why would you fell the need to slap my brothers ass?" Yup. Roxas was pissed.

"On my gosh Rox, I was just joking. Can't I slap my boyfriends ass if I want to?" Axel said, a pout appearing on his face.

"Look Axel, just because I give you permission to slap my ass in the confides of our own rooms, doesn't mean you can slap it in school." Roxas said, finally calming down.

Axel smirked again and walked up to Roxas, bent down to Roxas's ear and whispered, "Does that mean I can spank you tonight?"

Roxas blushed and said, "Maybe, but only is you be a good boy."

Axel was about to respond when he felt something slap his ass. He looked down at Roxas to ask if it was him, but Roxas was looking at something behind them.

Mansex had just slapped their asses.

"Oh Yeah." Mansex said, then slapped them again, and left.

Axel and Roxas looked at each other, then ran down the hall and out the doors.

Needless to say Roxas never ended up going to his first period class. In fact he dropped the class and took up a study hall instead.

And Axel, well he just stayed away from Mansex at all times. He also continued to slap Roxas's ass.

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