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Set during new moon.

Ok so I really don't spell that good so if you see something misspelled then please tell me so I can change it and don't go yelling me because of it.


A little after I started hanging out with Jacob and got out of my "zombie stage" I started to sing. I was amazing; the whole 'sing-how-you-feel' made it easy to get everything off my chest. I got a YouTube account so others can here me sing, mostly my mom and Phil. However, something tragic happened. Vitoria came and she bit me, trying to kill me, but the pack came and killed her. They couldn't do anything to help me. Jacob, my best friend, just looked away; he wouldn't even look me in my eyes. After three days I was now a vampire, I went somewhere else, as far as possible from La Push and Forks. But close enough where I could cheek in on Charlie every now and then. I moved to Tillamook, Oregon; A little of from Portland.

I made sure I would never kill a human after 3 months; and I never did. I continued my singing, got discovered, and became famous. I always put a wig on because I want to go to school. I was a freshman at my school, guys wanted me, girls wanted to be like me. I was popular, getting asked out every week, but always turning them down. I never excluded myself from school, I always talked to people and if someone was being a bitch I would tell them off, even if they didn't say it out loud. I had a gift, reading people's minds are annoying but I got though.

My singing name is Stacy Kerry. A black haired, blue eyed, all around happy person.

Stacy doesn't just sing one kind of music like rock or pop or anything else, she sings different kinds and that's why she has as many fans as she does. I changed my name to Isabel Sullivan, just incases I ever run into someone I know.

The life that I had was the best that is for a year that is until I saw someone I would never see again at on my Friday concert. Jasper Hale. Of course he didn't know I was Stacy, let alone that I was a vampire. He looked at me strangely, but too many things were being said in the crowd's mind I couldn't bare it to find what he was thinking.

Back at school on Monday, all the girls couldn't stop talking and think about the new guy Jasper Whitlock.

'I wonder if he is sweet.'

'I hope he's cute!'

'I wonder if he plays football?' that comment made me laugh Jasper playing football? He would kill! Literally.

I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, I was just quietly singing Forever and Always, to low for humans to here, but I ended up bumping into someone in the halls and everyone new never to bump into me even though I was nice (half of the time.) Jasper looked down at me.

"Sorry 'bout that" he told me

"Oh it's ok. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going" I said

Everyone in the hall was staring at us. Girls were bad talking and thinking me and guys already hated jasper for bumping into me.

"I'm Isabel Sullivan. You must be Jasper Whitlock nice to meet you." I said breaking the silence in the halls. I knew nobody knew his name, and I only knew his first reading minds does come into use every now and then.

"Nice to meet you" the bell rang tell us to get to class "see you later I guess."

Then he was gone. And the two questions that I was asking myself now were:

1. Why is Jasper here?

And two

2. Where is everyone else?