Summary: Emmett finds a young girl in the woods and decides to take her home to his family. How will everyone react? What's her past? Why is she here? And what makes her so special that Emmett can't seem to leave her alone? WARNING: THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE IN ANY WAY! As much as I dislike Rosalie, I can't break Emmett and her up. Therefore this is a friendship/hurt/comfort/brotherly story. Emmett always seemed like the big brother type to me and he never gets enough love and respect in my opinion, so I wrote this story for him! Hope you like, please read and review! Thank you!

"A New Day" A Twilight Fan Fiction

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Chapter One: Finding

Emmett, laughing loudly, was running in the forest that surrounded his house, as he heard Edward and Jasper running behind him, trying to catch up. Emmett barely missed the trees just for fun, since his senses were too sharp to truly hit anything, even intentionally. He picked up his air soft gun and shot at his brothers lovingly (AN: HA!) and then stopped abruptly. Edward (who was directly behind him) was too distracted by Jasper's shots to notice Emmett was suddenly still – they collided head-on. Emmett laughed even louder and Edward punched him on the arm playfully. Jasper's gunshots rang out in the air around them and the two brothers stopped their laughing for a moment. Then, as they realized that Jasper amazingly missed his intended target, all three burst into hysteric fits of laughter.

"Ok, I think we're done," Edward commented as they finally stopped laughing. After a second everyone burst into laughter yet again. (AN: I guess they drank Mountain Dew or something, idk… LOL)

"Maybe we should hunt while we're out?" Jasper suggested.

"Good idea," Emmett agreed, "Make it a competition? He who kills the best wins?"

"Hell yes!" Jasper agreed instantly. The three brothers jumped up and ran in opposite directions, all focused on winning the competition. Emmett headed east as fast as he could, trying to catch a scent of a large mammal. A few seconds after he took off, Emmett caught the scent of something that didn't belong in the forests of Washington. He slowed and tried to recognize the scent. It was human, that much he was positive of. He didn't think it was hikers, since they usually left some sort of trail to follow back through. He focused harder on the scent and noticed that it was a group of people; about five men and a woman – no, a girl.

What the hell? He thought. He followed the trail, searching for any signs that it might be just some lost hikers. As he neared where the scent was the strongest, he saw a house – a large house.

"No one lives out here…" he mumbled to himself. He drew closer, still focusing on the scent. He also smelled blood – it was all around the house. He inched closer, staying invisible in the cover of the trees. That was when he heard it – a heartbreaking scream of anguish and pain. Searing pain. The girl was being hurt. Emmett ran around to the back of the house, where he saw five men, just as he thought, and a young woman about 17 or 18 years old. The young woman was tied to a tree, forced to stand and endure the beating that these men were unleashing upon her. One held a whip, and another held a long knife. One even had a gun; he was playing with it as if toying with the idea of killing the young girl. Emmett would have felt sick to his stomach, if he could feel anything like that.

The girl cried out again as the man with the whip lashed it across her back yet again, and then she fell limp against the tree. Emmett had had enough as he sprang towards the man with the whip. He let go of all his teachings and second instincts as he launched himself at the man and dug his teeth into his skin, killing him and draining his blood instantly. The man with the gun fired a shot at Emmett, but the bullet ricocheted off Emmett and implanted itself into another man's chest. Emmett then turned on the guy with the gun and proceeded to drain every man's body of his blood before he turned back to the girl.

She was unconscious, weak, and so fragile; it was almost hard to look at her. Emmett took a deep, unneeded breath and walked slowly up the girl as if walking up to a wounded animal. He kneeled and tore the chains, which were binding her to the tree, to shreds. The girl fell to the ground with a thud, but never woke up. Blood, puss, and other fluids flowed out of wounds all over her tiny, frail body. Emmett held his breath, so he wouldn't be tempted to drain her of her life as well, and lifted her gently into his arms. He ran back to his house in no time and called for Carlisle the moment he was within earshot. Carlisle met him at the stairs to the house and gasped when he saw what his son had brought home.

"Get her inside. Put her on the couch. Now!" Carlisle started to yell out orders, so use to the hospital where if he wanted to be heard, he had to yell. Rosalie came down the stairs with Carlisle's medicine bag and took her stand next to Emmett. Alice followed behind, smirking.

"What happened, Emmett?" Rosalie asked as she took in the sight of the young girl who was bleeding on the white couch.

"She was being abused. I didn't mean to do anything," Emmett started, finding it hard to speak. He regretted deeply what he had done to the humans, but he couldn't make himself regret saving the girl. Somehow, she felt special to him.

"You didn't mean to do what, Emmett?" Carlisle asked calmly as he worked diligently, trying to save the poor girl. Esme came in next, with some more medical supplies to help Carlisle. The family sat back and watched as Carlisle worked. Carlisle stripped most of her clothes off to get a better idea of what he was working with; every one was in shock at the site of all the scars, injuries, and gashes that covered the girl's body.

"How could one human endure so much pain…?" Esme wondered to herself.

"Somehow… I don't feel sorry for killing those –" Emmett was cut short.

"You killed someone? Emmett, do you know what you've done?!" Rosalie cried next to him. In a matter of minutes, the doctor had the young girl hooked up to IV's, was giving her a blood transplant, and had stitched up some of the more dominant cuts and injuries.

"I… I killed the men… the men who did this to her. I couldn't stop myself; I just launched at them and killed them all before they knew what happened." Carlisle looked up at Emmett for the first time since he started healing the girl. "I can't say I'm sorry… I can't make myself regret it."

"Son… What did you do?" He asked.

"I just meant to save her… I didn't mean to go so berserk…" Emmett cringed. "I think they meant to kill her. I don't know how long they had her captive, but I know they were not going to show any mercy,"

"What if they were her parents?!" Esme cried.

"They weren't. They were five men. They kidnapped her, I'm sure of it." Carlisle walked over to his adopted son and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"You did it for the right reasons, Emmett," Carlisle sighed, "I just wish there would have been a different way,"

"I don't," Emmett whispered.

"Emmett!" Jasper called.

"In the house," Emmett called back.

"Man, I kicked your –" Edward stopped dead in his tracks as he and Jasper noticed the fragile girl laying on their couch. "What in the world?"

"Edward, get me a wash cloth, please." Carlisle asked him as he went back to work.

"Ok…" Edward mumbled as he walked into the kitchen

"Emmett, what did you do?" Jasper asked as he tensed and held his breath. Alice walked up to him and melted into his side like always.

"I saved a girl's life." Just then the girl whimpered in pain and her eyes fluttered open. A wild gasp shook her body and she gripped her side the instant she took the breath, as if in searing pain. Carlisle and Esme were instantly at her side.

"Where does it hurt?" Carlisle asked gently as he prodded her body trying to find the tenderest spots.

"Everywhere," She whimpered. "Where am I? Who are you? What happened? Where are they? OW!"

"Calm down, you're ok now; no one here will hurt you. We want to help. I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen, but please, just call me Carlisle. You're in my house. My son found you and brought you back here. May I ask your name?"

"…Ella…" the girl answered, her eyes were wide, scared, but trusting "please… it hurts so much…"

Carlisle was already in the process of pumping morphine into Ella's system as she told him her name. "Jasper, walk outside with Alice. Edward, come here," Carlisle was in full doctor mode. "You asked where they were. Who are 'they'?"

"The men… the men who … did this …" She answered, now not in as much physical pain as she took in all of her surroundings. A blonde woman and a tall, buff man were standing in a corner, cuddled together like they would disappear if they let each other go. A small pixy looking girl and another man were walking out of the room quickly, and a young lady and young man were standing directly behind the doctor. Looking at all of the people, she became frightened again and started to instinctively shy away from all of them.

"They're… gone. They won't hurt you ever again. Like I said, my son found you and brought you back here, where you are now safe."

Ella nodded, but kept quiet. "Would you like some food?" Emmett asked. Ella looked up at him and cringed. Emmett took a step back – she should be afraid of him, but she didn't know just how badly.

"She'll be fine for now," Carlisle commented. "Ella, would you mind answering some questions for me?" Edward stiffened behind Carlisle and stared past Ella's head. Ella just looked intently at him. "What happened? What did they do to you, Ella? I can't treat injuries when I don't know how they came to be."

Ella whimpered and shook her head. "No," she whispered. "I can't," she closed her eyes tightly and gripped the couch. "Please… don't make me…" Tears gathered in her eyes and Carlisle instantly comforted her.

"It's ok. You don't have to. Get some rest, though," Ella looked around the room again, and Carlisle followed her eyes, "We won't hurt you, nor will we let anyone else hurt you. Rest. You need it." Carlisle stood up and ushered Esme and Edward out of the room into the kitchen. Emmett and Rosalie followed behind.

"Carlisle," Edward walked up to stand in front of the doctor.

"What was she thinking?" he asked.

"Those men brutally beat her, Carlisle," Edward shot a quick glance at Rosalie. "They also raped her." Rosalie turned to Emmett and buried her head into his shoulder. Emmett hugged her close. "The images that flashed through her head when you asked what happened, they were of the men that Emmett said he killed. They would tie her up to a tree and whip her until she passed out. And they would gang up and beat her until she couldn't fight, then they would 'have fun.'" Edward chuckled darkly, "She's got a decent upper-punch. She broke one man's jaw. That was why they were beating her when you found her, Emmett. She's a fighter."

Everyone turned back to the room where Ella was now sleeping.

"That's not the worse part," Edward went on. "They had plans to kill her. She was getting desperate to escape because she knew that they were going to kill her soon. Her attitude and spirit were out of control and they didn't like it. Those men, if they can even be considered men, liked easy targets; they didn't like challenges, and she wasn't going to give up, much less let them beat her without a fight. So they were going to kill her and go kidnap some other young girl they could have." A snarl escaped Emmett and Edward's lips.

Rosalie whimpered slightly as flashbacks of her own human death raced through her thoughts. "Rose, maybe you should –" Emmett started.

"No. I'm fine," Rosalie whimpered into Emmett's shirt. Emmett sighed, but let it drop.

"Edward, we need to get Jasper and get out to that house and get rid of those bodies before someone stumbles across them," Then he turned and led Rosalie up the stairs to their room and set her on the bed. "Rose, are you sure you're ok?" he asked. She nodded and looked in his eyes.

"I'm fine, Emmett, just a few flash backs. I'll be fine. I think I'll go down there and keep her company if she wakes up,"

Emmett nodded, pleased, "Ok, you do that. I'll be back soon. I love you," he kissed her and went outside with his brothers to get rid of the bodies.

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