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Chapter Five: A New Day, A New Beginning

The next several days went by as if the whole house had been completely turned upside down. No one would look at Rosalie, and Emmett spent most of his day with Ella. Rosalie was left to wander around the house, alone. Carlisle was extremely disappointed in Rosalie's actions in the clearing, but he was not as mad as Jasper, Edward, and Emmett.

Emmett felt like he had literally been torn in half. His soul mate, his one love, had left the only girl who had reminded him so much of his little sister that he had mentally adopted her as such, to fend for herself when a mad man was going to kill her. As it was, Ella had suffered yet another injury – a promise he had made to not only himself and his family, but to Ella, was now broken.

Edward had always known Rosalie was shallow and self-centered, but he had no idea she would have gone to such lengths to get rid of Ella. Ella had rubbed off on Edward, and he couldn't deny that. She was like a little puppy dog. She would challenge them all to fights, just to say that she challenged vampires. But now? Now she just sat in her room and talked to Emmett. She was afraid of everything again, and hated Rosalie with a passion. No one could really blame her.

Jasper and Alice had kept to themselves after the incident, and only spoke when asked a direct question. Esme had been trying to keep everyone happy, but gave up quickly when Edward told her what everyone was thinking.

After several days of the intense stress and tension, Carlisle finally got sick of it and went to talk to Rosalie.

"Rosalie?" he asked when he got to her door. She opened it, reluctantly, and let him in wordlessly.

"Rose, we need to talk about what happened in the clearing."

That seemed to make her snap. "Ya, I know. I'm a monster for going to let that man kill Ella. I know everyone hates me, but you know what? I don't care! She's a little brat, and she doesn't need to be in this household, much less be a part of this family! She needs to just leave!"

Suddenly the rustling of clothes and a bag was heard at the door. Carlisle and Rosalie turned to see who it was. Ella stood there, eyes fixed on Rosalie, pure rage and hatred shined through, but there was also a hint of surrender and sadness.

"Well, Rosalie. You can have your way. I'm tired of playing your game. Have a nice immortal life." Carlisle held in his anger at Rosalie and stared at the retreating back of Ella. Emmett walked in a moment later and looked sadly at Carlisle.

"I'm not going to stop her, Carlisle." He answered Carlisle's unspoken question. "The last of the men are dead, and she's miserable here in this house. I don't blame her for wanting to be happy."

Carlisle sighed and walked out of the room, with every intention of following Ella and apologizing for the last few days, but Rosalie beat him to the door. She stalked out of the room and down the hall, following Ella's tracks. Edward sat up on the couch, completely confused at Rosalie's motivations, and Jasper started to get up to follow them. But Alice gently placed her hand on his shoulder and shook her head.

Ella walked out of the house and intended on walking all the way to Forks. Maybe someone there would take pity on her and take her in, give her some food and some shelter for a little bit, and then help her find an apartment and a job… or at least a plane ticket back to Chicago. But when she felt a cold hand grab her shoulder she stopped and sighed.

"I thought you told me you would let me go, Emmett." She was about to whirl around and pin him with a glare that would have scared a grizzly bear, but she wasn't sure it would scare Emmett, since he knew she didn't want to leave. But when she spun around, she noticed it was Rosalie who had stopped her. She faltered and stumbled over her words before Rosalie interrupted.

"I don't want you to leave."

Ella stared at her, dumbfounded.

Rosalie sighed. "I said all those things because I was … being immature. You went through so much more than I did, and no one changed you into a vampire. You still have your human life. I never got that option. Carlisle turned me the moment he found me. On the other hand, Emmett brought you home and Carlisle was able to save you. I would give anything to be human again. You had gone through so much… you were so close to death… you endured so much more than I did… and yet… you have another chance at happiness. You have the chance to live your life, you have the chance to get married, have children, grow old with your husband, and die happy. I, on the other hand, have to live eternally, I can't have children, and I can't die. I can't grow old, I can't feel anything… you have the life I will always want. I'm just… jealous."

Ella stared in amazement at Rosalie's confession, and almost broke into tears. Rosalie was… jealous? Of her? But how? She had eternity to live! She was with Emmett! She was beautiful, smart, and an amazing dancer… yet… she was jealous of Ella's ability to … die?

"You… want to die?!?!?!" she finally blurted out. "But why?!?!"

"Because that would make me mortal. But instead… I'm condemned to live on this earth… in this… hell… for all of eternity. I have no choice, no say, in my fate what-so-ever, and you have a say in that in your own life. I just wish I had that."

Rosalie sighed and hung her head. "I was completely out of line. I was being stupid and jealous and immature… and just plain bitchy, and you didn't need that… you don't need that… right now. Or ever. I'm sorry… please… come back to the house. Stay with us. We'll protect you – all of us. Me included. As long as you don't mind moving a lot, you can live with us for the rest of your life, if you would like."

Ella couldn't believe it. Had Rosalie … accepted her? Was Rosalie inviting her to live with them? For real?

"Are… are you serious?" She asked, finally.

Rosalie nodded and extended her hand. "Please. It will tear the family apart if you leave now. You're like a little sister to us all… and I think Carlisle and Esme have actually started to produce the papers to legally adopt you as theirs. You're like the daughter they were never able to have. I won't let my self-absorbed, immature, and jealous self ruin that for any member of this family."

Ella wasn't able to help it, and she burst into tears when Rosalie finally accepted her into the family, and glomped the poor vampire. Rosalie smiled and hugged her back as lightly as she could, glad that she was finally getting over her own self.

"Rose… you're not self-absorbed if you're willing to stuff your pride for the love of your family." Esme said as she walked up to the two younger girls. Ella smiled and pulled away from Rose just in time to see the whole family walk out of the house and over to her and Rose.

"Finally!" Emmett sighed when he reached them. He grabbed both of them and hugged them close. "I'm so glad you two have worked this out. I love you both!"

Ella hugged him back and smiled to herself, "Me too."

Rosalie, if she were able, would have been crying. "I love you so much, Emmett."

"I know."

Edward and Jasper sarcastically gagged."Ok… enough lovey dovey crap." Edward joked. "It's making me sick."

Ella looked over at him and shot him a dirty look "I thought vampires couldn't get sick, moron."

"Oh… so you're back to calling me names, now, huh?"

Ella grinned. "Well, of course. After all, you are a moron. And a dork. And a geek. And a – OH NO!" Emmett had let her go and was backing away while Edward was getting a devious look in his eyes as she was talking. "No… Don't you dare… Edward… No. Back boy!"Ella said as he started to advance. Ella tried to back away, but she knew she was no match. Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, and Alice all smiled back at Ella when she glanced at them for help.

"You did call him a dork." Alice smiled.

"And a moron." Emmett smirked. Ella gave a playful glare and took off for her bedroom, with Edward hot on her tail.

THE END!!!!!!

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