Chapter 5: The SWAT Kats Arrive

Outside it was drawing toward dusk. Command Sanderson was worried about it getting too dark to see though that would help hide the jet they were expecting......a mixed blessing at best.

Suddenly his radio demanded his attention.

"Bogie entering our airspace, sir!"

"Is it what we've been waiting for?" He demanded as he scanned the sky.

Captain Jersen noticed the CO's sudden attention toward the sky as did Ms. Briggs aboard the van. She quickly moved to exit it while warning the others to stay put.

"Just a moment sir!" Came the pilot's voice.

It was nerve-wracking waiting for confirmation. Everyone was tense and looking toward the sky.

"Sir, it's a black jet with red and blue markings!" The pilot said excitedly.

Sanderson looked toward the van and saw Ms. Briggs was outside it and walking toward him.

"Ms. Briggs, what are the markings on this jet?" He asked quickly.

"It's black with blue and red markings." She told him.

He turned back to his radio. "Confirmation made! Let them through. Communicate with them if you can and tell them to come down to the cleared area we've made for them fifty yards due west of my position." He ordered.


"Unidentified jet! This is squadron leader six. You are expected. Please follow me down and I'll indicate where you're to land."

"Roger, squadron leader six." Came a gruff voice over the pilot's radio.

Blinking at the oddly accented English. He somehow expected these aliens wouldn't be able to speak their language. It was a relief that they did. He changed course and took his visitor's down and soon was directing them where to land.

Everyone on the ground watched as a sleek black jet went to VTOL mode and landed with ease on the street. As soon as it touched down, the canopy snapped back and two colorful creatures leaped straight to the ground with ease.

Sanderson and Jerson just stared in amazement. If a human had tried that they would have broken both legs. The strangers ran toward them at a fast lope. Ms. Briggs called out to them.

"SWAT Kats! Its me, Callie!" She said, remembering she didn't look like herself.

The pair came up to her and stared. "Wow! Is that you Callie? You looked weird!" The bigger of the pair growled.

"Yeah, well it's a good thing I didn't look like I should or I'd be in a lab or zoo somewhere." She muttered. "I'm soo glad to see you!"

"We'd have been here sooner if it weren't for the dimensional difference between our world and this one as well as making the portal big enough to handle the jet." The smaller of the cats said seriously.

Jersen shook his head. Feral had been right about the intelligence of the smaller of the SWAT Kats. This guy would probably be in some think tank here but here he was as some kind of super hero.

He and Sanderson with Forman trailing behind, walked up to the three. Ms. Briggs nodded at them then gestured to the pair.

"These are the SWAT Kats. This is T-Bone and Razor. Guys, this is Captain Jersen, Detective Forman, and Commander Sanderson. I'll let them tell you the situation." She said, making quick introductions.

The two cats turned to look at the three humans with grim expressions on their faces. Jersen shivered as he saw fangs peeking from their mouths and claws on their feet. They wore odd weapons and were, of course, covered in fur. One was sandy colored with black stripes on his arms and the other was a cinnamon colored. 'Wow! They really are cats!' He thought in a daze.

Sanderson cleared his throat but halted as he didn't have all the pieces of this story. He looked at Jersen questioningly. The Captain nodded and began to tell the cats before him what had happened adding the parts he'd been told by Feral and Ms. Briggs. Then Sanderson explained the hostage situation.

The two males traded a grim look between them. The smaller one turned toward him and said, "We're not very good in a hostage situation. We tend to take out the bad guy fast and hard before they can do anymore harm. Not knowing the set up in that building we could inadvertently cause the hostages to be hurt. It may be in this instance we need to just confront Dark Kat more directly."

"I hate that approach, Razor." His partner growled. "But you're right! We have no idea and no time to find a better way to get in there."

Sanderson nodded to himself. These two might be vigilantes on their world but it was obvious they were not unskilled at tactics and had plenty of battle experience to know when it was appropriate to strike by surprise or to negotiate.

"Alright, come on. We'll give you a bull horn so you can call this Dark Kat guy." He said as he lead the way to the command center.

The SWAT Kats followed but the bigger of them gently pushed Ms. Briggs back to the van for safety. That made Jersen feel better about them. They cared about their people even if they didn't get along with their law enforcers.

Sanderson grabbed the bull horn and handed it to one of them. T-Bone decided to be the one who called Dark Kat out.

"Dark Kat! The SWAT Kats are here!" He bellowed.

Inside, Dark Kat had already been alerted by his creeplings of the vigilantes arrival. He went to the holding area and opened the door.

Feral jumped up in surprise. Dark Kat was equally surprised when he saw Feral was back to normal. Scowling, he shook off the shock. "I don't know how you returned to normal Feral but its time for you to do your part." He snapped, signaling Feral to come out.

Now that the Commander was in his true form, the evil Kat wasn't about to allow him to get close to him so that he could attack. He closed the door and pushed Feral forward toward the front of the building.

"Open the door!" He ordered, holding a blaster at Feral's back.

Feral did as he was told then stepped out with Dark Kat just behind him. He'd gotten only a few steps before he was told to stop.

There were gasps from the onlookers. Jersen and Sanderson stared at Feral's real form.

'Wow! He's more stunning in reality than in that picture he drew.' Jersen thought in amazement. 'Well, at least I won't be thought of as crazy.' Feeling vindicated that he'd made the right decision to help this cat person in the first place.

"So good of you to follow me, SWAT Kats!" Dark Kat hissed coldly. "I want to get out of this backward place so you are going to take me or I kill Feral and the hostages."

T-Bone and Razor tensed angrily but they really didn't have a choice but there was one thing they wouldn't budge on.

"The others are coming too!" T-Bone snarled.

"Why should I want more baggage?" The evil Kat growled in annoyance.

"Because no one is going if we don't. It's not negotiable." Razor said firmly.

Dark Kat rumbled angrily but eyed both Kats and could see their implacable looks. Growling deep in his chest, he really didn't have a choice. Killing Feral would be satisfying but would only ensure he would die immediately after. He had no doubt of that.

"Very well! But my creeplings will keep them under control during transit and you will let me off before reaching the city." He said finally.

T-Bone and Razor traded glances for a moment then looked back at the omega.

"Fine! The jet is right there! We'll load the ones on the van then come for you." T-Bone said uncompromisingly.

Dark Kat nodded then yanked Feral back into the building once more.

"I don't like this!" T-Bone growled bitterly.

"Neither do I but unless you got another suggestion, this is the only way we're going to get everyone out of here." Razor said grimly.

"I'm afraid I have to agree with your friend." Commander Sanderson said unhappily. "Unless you have a trick up your sleeve to take down this guy when you have him aboard. So you're going to have to play his game unless......"

Captain Jersen signaled Forman to escort the people in the van and the ones in his sedan to the jet down the street while he listened to what was going on between Sanderson and these guys.

"Unless what?" T-Bone asked in curiosity.

"Well, as you can see, I have sharp shooters all around this area. A well placed shot could put an end to your problem once and for all." Sanderson said plainly.

Razor looked at his partner in surprise. "We've never killed anyone no matter how bad they are."

"Yeah, but that was because we would get into a lot of hot water if we passed judgement over the crooks we capture but isn't us that will do the deed. I think it's a good idea Razor. We'll finally be rid of him." T-Bone said in dark satisfaction.

"Hmmm, still don't like it but you're right." Razor agreed reluctantly. Then he looked at Sanderson. "I'm a sharp shooter. I rarely miss what I aim for. Do you have sharp shooters that accurate?" He asked skeptically.

Sanderson nodded and gave a grim smile. "Oh yes. I have at least ten exceptional shooters on those walls watching us. Just give me the word. My only concern is will Commander Feral be relied on to get out of the way?"

T-Bone snorted. "Feral has managed to evade death as many times as us. He'll duck faster than you humans."

"Then we should be able to take out your problem quickly. We better get moving or Dark Kat will be suspicious." Commander Sanderson said. "Let's do this!" He moved off briskly for his command center followed by Jersen. Forman arrived at his side while they'd been talking, his job done.

The SWAT Kats moved slowly back to the office building, giving Sanderson time to signal his sharp shooters. Staying out of sight in the command center, Sanderson nodded at them to say he was ready then handed the horn to T-Bone.

"Dark Kat! Time to go!" He roared.

Dark Kat had been standing just out of sight with Feral watching what was going on. He felt uneasy. Something was going on but he couldn't detect anything. The humans had moved out of the way and the altered Kats had been moved briskly to the jet. Just to be certain, he signaled his creeplings to surround them as they left the building.

Feral was dismayed. He had intended to take the device the humans had made with him but he couldn't go back for it. He could feel Dark Kat's nervousness. As he stepped out into the growing darkness, he carefully, without moving his head, checked out the placement of the human soldiers on the roofs.

He felt his fur rise with tension. Something was planned and he needed to be ready for anything.

At first nothing seemed to happen. The SWAT Kats had moved slowly ahead of them while keeping an eye on their enemy. The creeplings kept really close to Feral and Dark Kat nearly hiding them from view.

Suddenly, there was a soft chuff of sound and Dark Kat cried out. Instantly the creeplings tried to find a target to attack but with quick precision each of them was being picked off.

Feral hit the ground instantly when he heard Dark Kat cry out and fall. He rolled out of the danger zone.

The SWAT Kats stopped moving and turned to fire at the creeplings. Their unusual weapons were devastating in their effectiveness as they took out what the soldiers missed. In seconds, it was over. The pair ran up as Feral climbed to his feet. Dark Kat was badly wounded but not dead, to their disappointment. But at least he was down and out and that was just as good.

Sanderson, Jersen and Forman hurried to the scene.

"Sorry, it wasn't a clean kill." Sanderson said in annoyance looking down at the injured criminal at his feet.

"Don't feel bad, sir. Dark Kat is really tough to kill. He wears a lot of defensive gear on him. Probably that is why you didn't get a kill shot." Razor soothed him.

"Look out!" Feral roared as he charged the injured Dark Kat. He managed to snatch a deadly looking ball from the criminal's paw.

Razor came to his side quickly, grabbed the ball from Feral and tossed it high in the air then fired an octopus missile at it sending it very high into the sky where it blew up.

There was stunned silence for several moments before Commander Sanderson responded to that amazing shot.

"My God! You weren't kidding that you're a sharp shooter. We humans require a bit more light or specialized scopes to make that kind of accurate hit." He said in admiration.

"Thanks." Razor said with a shrug.

"Wow! That was quick action and man do you move fast there Feral." Jersen said shaking his head in amazement as well.

Feral just shrugged then he went to go back into the building. Walking through the darkened office area he went back to where the hostages were being kept and opened the door.

"You're free. It's over." He told them then took the device the group had made for him. "I hope this works." He said.

"So do we. Thanks for saving us." The leader said in great relief. Everyone crowded around the Commander and gave their thanks as well then followed him as he lead them out of the building where Sanderson had medical personnel come and check them over.

"What you got there, Feral?" T-Bone asked seeing the device in his paws.

"This is how I got my form back. I hope it will do the same for everyone else. Are we ready to go back? Or can we get back?" Feral asked in concern.

"Oh yes. Going back will be easy. Professor Hackle figured out how Dark Kat's device worked and with Razor's help we managed to enlarge it so that the jet could come through. So are you ready to leave here?" T-Bone said with a smile.

"Definitely!" Feral said with conviction and relief. He turned for a moment and shook Sanderson's hand. "Excellent work, Commander. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Safe trip home."

Feral nodded then turned to Captain Jersen and Detective Forman. "Thank you for taking a chance and believing me then sticking your neck out to help us." Feral said sincerely.

"You are welcome, Commander. I've now learned that the weird is possible and to keep my eyes, ears, and mind open because I might be presented with the strange yet again and I want to be ready. You take care and be safe." He said warmly to the tall Kat person he'd known for such a short time.

"You be careful too." Feral said warmly in return then turned and walked with the SWAT Kats to their jet. He climbed into the cargo hold with great relief, holding the device carefully in his paws. Sanderson's soldiers helped load Dark Kat and the creepling carcasses aboard then quickly departed as Razor began to close the doors.

The humans watched as the unusual jet VTOLed into the sky once more then rose high into clear air space before suddenly shooting off at such a high speed that it appeared they had vanished then there was a weird, brilliant light for a second before the night sky looked normal again.

"I hope that meant they are gone." Jersen said thoughtfully.

"Me too! My patrol will look around a bit to be sure." Sanderson said, bringing his radio up to give orders to do that.

When he was through, Jersen prepared to leave. "Well I guess I can leave this mess up to you since you have the proper procedures to take care of the loose ends." He said drily.

"Yes, we do. The workers from that business will be instructed to keep what they witnessed a secret which really won't be a problem since no one but the people with them will believe them. Though, I wouldn't put it past some of them to sell their story to one of the sensationalism rags but no one believes the stuff in those anyway." Sanderson said with a shrug.

"Well I'll leave it to you and thanks." Jersen said in relief that this strange adventure was finally over.

"You're welcome. Have a good night." Sanderson said and turned to take care of business.

Jersen and Forman left for their police station. The report they would write on this would be a nearly complete fabrication but they would never forget what had happened when some odd strangers had dropped in on their city.

Across time and space the Turbokat traveled in the blink of an eye and arrived through an odd looking tunnel and landed. Everyone was off loaded and the device Feral had guarded the whole trip was used on the first volunteer.

It wasn't pleasant getting shocked deliberately but it worked and soon everyone was back to normal, if a little addled for a bit. Very soon all the people involved had been debriefed and treated by the medical personnel before finally being allowed to go home.

Feral contacted his enforcers and had Dark Kat immediately taken to jail, his wounds would be treated there. The SWAT Kats had stayed to guard Dark Kat until the enforcers arrived to take him away.

Feral came to them after everyone had been changed back and Dark Kat was hauled away. "I still can't stand you two but thank you for coming to our rescue and getting us back here." He said sincerely, if reluctantly.

"Yeah, the feeling is mutual, Commander but I have to say that you did a great job keeping everyone safe until we could get there to help. You do good work when you try." T-Bone said in an off hand compliment.

Feral just snorted and they parted on that good note. The Commander could hardly wait to get home and take a hot shower, eat, and sleep in his own bed. It had been a weird adventure and he'd learned a few things he was anxious to turn over to his R&D Section. Maybe soon he would finally get the upper paw against those two vigilantes. One could hope.