Hell Kinda Sucks
(In More Eloquent Words)
by atrum infractus

I have earned every last one of these fiery kisses that you lay upon my skin.
I try to tell you this, tell you that I don't regret any of this- but the words die on my lips...
There really are flames in hell; they're burning away my sanity- my humanity-
Memories that once provided solace now torment me, reminding me of what used to be.

In this eternal darkness, I remember nothing but you.
Your name hovers on the edge of memory- I barely remember myself. But I know you.
I remember your soft laugh- I remember the warmth of your touch
Not nearly as hot as these flames; just warm enough...

I remember your tears when you finally realized just what I had done;
You were broken, and I had to fix you- for just one moment, you were all I could think of.
I hope that you're safe and warm, wherever you might be-
And even though there is no God in heaven to hear, I pray you haven't forgotten me.

A/N: This wasn't supposed to be a poem about Dean...but it kind of turned into it, and I like it. Let me know what you think- I appreciate any constructive crit, or- well, anything really! Thanks!