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Chapter one re-written: the vision that started it all

Alice Cullen's pov

It was just another boring afternoon in Port Angeles. It was one of the last days of Thanksgiving break and I was out shopping with Edward, Emmett, Rose, and Jasper.

"Alice, remind me why we're out shopping again." Emmett complained.

"Because." I said again. They keep complaining, it's getting rather annoying, especially when I'm trying to hide the-damn Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, get the hell out of my head! Why do you just try harder to get in when I'm trying so hard to keep you out!? Seriously!

"Sorry Alice."

It's okay I'm sorry, but I'll give you two options: one get the hell out of my head or two I will make you want to get out.

"How do you plan to do that sister dearest?"

"Me, Jasper, Valentines Day for the past twenty years, need I say more?"

"Right got it." I started to think about last Valentines Day as a precaution. As I was saying: I keep having visions of this vampire, her name is Bella. She has mahogany hair down to her waist, that's all I know. I keep getting glimpses of her, nothing too clear, it's very very annoying.

"Alice, if we all had to go shopping why couldn't we go somewhere, I don't know, bigger? Like Seattle, or even Paris, I'm open for anything." Rose guggested.

"Just trust me, in a less than twenty-four hours you'll understand." I assured them.

"Tell us!" Emmett begged.

"Nope!" I popped the 'p' at the end.

"Stupid irritating psychic pixie." He mumbled, I saw him do it earlier. Rose is going to smack him in…five, four, three, two, one-Oh, my vision disappeared for a second, then:

It took a minute for me to realize, we were all at our normal lunch table in the cafeteria at Forks High School, but something wasn't right. I just couldn't put my finger on it…Jasper was holding my hand under the table, Emmett was sitting next to Rose and Edward, as always, but Edward wasn't-Oh my God! We're sitting with another person!...Another vampire, it's her, the girl I keep having visions of, just never when Edward was in the room, that's what I've been hiding from him all day, but the way Edward stared at her! Like he was just seeing in color for the first time! It made me feel like I was intruding in a private moment. He's falling hard

."Bella?" Edward asked.

She shook her head as if she was clearing her mind. "Yeah?"

"What are you thinking?" That's just stupid why doesn't he just see for himself?

She wordlessly took his hand and closed her eyes deep in concentration. A smile grew slowly on Edward's face he chuckled then pushed a stray lock of Bella's hair back behind her ear.

The scene changed again and I was back in Port Angles. Jasper had his hands on my shoulders, and the others were crowed around us.

"Alice," Jasper asked staring into my eyes. "What did you see?"

Edward stared at me confused "Who the Hell is Bella?"

'I don't know Edward' I thought. I turned to Jasper and the others. "I just saw us at lunch, but we were sitting with another girl. Another vampire. I've seen her a few times before, just nothing as clear. She has long brown hair, and golden eyes." 'And you couldn't take your eyes off of her' I added for Edward's benefit.


'you like her.'

"No, I don't."

'You're right'

"Thank you."

'You love her.'

"No, I don't "

"Alice, what the hell are you two talking about?" Rose asked.

"Edward likes her!" I gushed. I was bouncing up and down in excitement now.

"I don't even know her!"

"Like who?" Emmett asked.


"Who is she?" Jasper asked.

"Um, excuse me?" I turned around

'That's her!'

"Can you tell me-oh my gosh you're…"

"Vampires?" I said too fast for any human to hear.

"Well, yeah, but your eyes are gold" even I struggled to hear her.

'What's she thinking? Did we scare her?' Edward shrugged his shoulders.

"So are yours" Emmett reminded her.

'Thank you captain obvious.' Edward chuckled.


"For lack of a better word Vegetarians" I said.


"Sorry I'm Alice, I kind of had a vision about meeting you"

"A what?"

"Alice can see the future." Edward Explained.

"Okay, I guess that make sense…"

"Oh, right, this is Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward" I explained.

"Alice, let her speak." Edward reminded me.

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